Harris Heads to Europe for Five Days to Clean Up After Biden

Kamala Harris is back on Air Force Two, only, once again, she is not headed to the border.

Harris left DC on Monday and flew overseas in an effort to repair the damage done after the United States undermined a defense deal that France had in place with Australia.

Even though it now appears as though French President Macron may have played Biden, the White House is still sending Harris over there to make nice.

Another Opportunity

Kamala Harris has failed on every front as Joe Biden’s Number One.

She has dropped the ball on every task given to the point the only person in politics with a lower approval rating than Biden right now may be Kamala Harris.

Other than immigration, at the top of the list for Harris’ failures has been her foreign policy skills.

This will be her chance to right the ship, but hopes are not strong, as she simply does not seem to have the skills to carry this off.

Regardless, Harris is now headed over to beg for forgiveness, with one official stating, “The key message for this meeting is the importance of this relationship and the fact that U.S.-French partnership matters to the world.

“It also matters to the American people because what we do together is really critical for both of our nations as well as the entire international community.”

Charles Kupchan, who served as senior director for European affairs on former President Obama’s National Security Council, added, “I think the Biden administration realized that it mishandled the rollout of the submarine deal with Australia.

“I think you’re seeing a re-engagement plan unfold over a series of weeks aimed at putting relations between Washington and Paris back on a solid footing.

“I think the Biden team is doing the right thing.

“There has been a steady drumbeat of phone calls and face-to-face meetings and that’s precisely what you do when you feel you’ve made a misstep.”

Expect a lot of photo ops as well as Harris continuing to make the push of racial inequality.

Harris is expected to give the opening remarks at the Paris Peace Forum, and I am sure her speech will be ever-so-flattering for the United States.

Source: The Hill

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20 Responses

  1. “Harris Heads to Europe for Five Days to Clean Up After Biden” Is the beyotch going to retrieve his soiled pants? This entire “administration” is full of sh!t.

    1. I agree 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %
      How in the hell did AMERICANS elect this piece of crap. I know….they cheated in the DUMPACRAPS VOTES !

      1. we , you did not , she slept her way in , chosen by satan to fulfil his will

        satan only gets a limited time to do what he will

        God has said in his word the bible , wholly and true what will happen

        He , God Knows , NO one can pull a fast one on God , Satan has been given reighn to rule over those who belong to him , she is his , and biden is his and many in the biden camp are of satan and will pay for thier crime , by God who is and always has been , from the beginning to the end he will always be

    2. she is not going to do anything but what the Council on Foreign Relations has told her to do
      Look it up , UN , CFR , check out the videos from thier beginnings , you will see as you seek out Truth or LIE

      the Evil in the Dark house which they right from the start of his entrance prayed to his and her evil fake , false gods

      now they the evil house in dc , because they chose to lie, cheat, steal , take from God his house and desecrate the white house with evil , They are setting up judgement for themselves , God who is True, Holy , Just will step in and their deeds will be exposed for what they are , EVIL

  2. LMFAO!! This BIMBO harris WTF??? how is this pea brain is going to fixed this shet of a MESS. LOL!! this is really FUNNY!!! bend over harris they’ll fixed your ARSE good.

  3. MORE lies
    She is Heading out to do work for the CFR as biden cannot even think, act or do anything

    NO pres at anywhere

    the us is dooomed

    Just wait as God , who is REALLY the true God , who judges the heart of every person , JUSTLY , not your way , not my way , but true and just

    Judgement is from God , He uses the Evil like her to accomplish his prophecy , yes this is not about you or me

    it is totally about fulfilling his prophecy’s , not religious , but TRUE , HOLY God

    Jesus Died on a cross at calvary for all the sin of the world , past , present , future

    you must decide who you will follow , choose, obey , believe , NOT me , but YOU

    I choose Jesus Christ to be my savior , today and forever

    one way to heaven , only one , thru jesus christ John 3:16 , John 14:1-12 , Romans 1: thru 3 Read whole chapter

    God is Still in charge , using this to accomplish his will

  4. A big screw up like Harris going to clean up after a screw up Like Biden??? She must be going to get his s**t filled diapers.

  5. I wonder how much money she will offer with her apology and how many illegals she will bring back. (She is not Constitutionally eligible to be president or v-president, her parents were not American citizens, just another fraud, like obama.)

  6. Thanks David. I agree about Obama. I still think that Obama is running the White House. This is his 3rd Term.
    The Bushes, the Clintons and the Obama’s are all helping out Dementia Joe. Hilary would really love to be in the know. Why hasn’t Hilary and Obummer been indicted for having people die at the Border. That should have happened a long time ago. Well Trump should have made it happen, so there is no doubt about what the Dems have done. I keep seeing where someone is putting together a Trial for Clinton. Should have happened a long time ago. I keep Praying that God is going to set this straight.

  7. Maybe Harris will stay in France, if they will let her, I wonder what kind of mess she will make in Paris, she still hasn’t done anything about the border crisis maybe the administration is hoping we will forget about it

  8. Just remember, Joe goes, Knees refuses the job. WOW!!!!! Look who is the POTUS. Piglosi finally achieved her goal. Now we have only a president with the beginnings of dementia but may have a alcohol problem as well. We have all seen her when she sure wasen’t sober. She needs tested at least once a day on no notice.Just my opinion.

    1. RAY…………I AGREE ! 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %

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