Kamala Harris Will Hit Campaign Trail Upon Return from Asia

On Friday, Kamala Harris departed for a trip that will have her in Vietnam and Singapore.

That alone is fairly ironic since Afghanistan is being dubbed this administration’s Saigon moment.

Many were already mad she was leaving with multiple crises underway, but that outrage will grow when they find out her plans once she returns to the country.

Great Time to Campaign

The crisis at the border continues to rage out of control.

This weekend, reports started to surface that not only are numbers continuing to rise, but morale at Border Patrol is hitting all-time lows.

Of course, then there is the debacle in Afghanistan.

Joe should have Kamala working overtime to help get Americans out of the country, but that is not happening, and it will not be happening anytime soon.

Reports surfaced on Saturday that once Harris returns, her first piece of business will not be the border or Afghanistan.

Instead, Harris will hit the campaign trail to try to prevent California Governor Newsom from getting bumped out of office in the recall election.

With the recall election scheduled for September 14 and polling showing there is actually a chance Newsom could lose his seat, possibly to a Republican, everyone is panicking.

Even so, we would think these other crises merit more than a handshaking tour, but Biden apparently sees things differently.

Source: Fox News

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46 Responses

  1. Harris isn’t going to do anything to help the USA. She knows she’s never going to be elected as President. The only way she’ll be President will be if they pull Biden out. Even then she’ll be done by the time elections role around!

    1. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that Harris caught the coronavirus, had a good heart attack or stroke, plane crash, drunk driver collision, etc.

    2. She should NEVER be allowed to be President. Like Ovama, she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen as required by our Constitution!

      1. I’m told she was born in Oakland, CA. But her parents were not yet citizens (that happened later). So does that make her an anchor baby. One of my Uncles, (now deceased) was born coming over to the USA back in the twenties. They let him be a citizen because he was born on an American ship. The “law” can be twisted to fit any scenario, so don’t count on heehaw not being president. Nevertheless, I have never heard of her doing ANYTHING worth while so if it did happen it would really be a clusterf**k.

        1. Harris just like Biden will do exactly what she is told by those pulling the strings and giving the orders.

      2. Who cares about the Constitution .. NOT Democrats..?? It’s obvious that Democrats are trying to get rid of it.

  2. FINISH THE WALL And secure our Southern border and stop all of this illegal immigration into our country. Screw Newsome. He has already made his bed and now he must lie in it.

  3. It’s amazing to see the priorities that this administration has. If not for the fact that it’s true, it would make a great comedy series.

    Come election time, it’s time to make the democrat party disappear – at least the part that is up for re-election.

    1. It is equally amazing as to how many unsuspecting mental dwarfs religiously watch AND believe the main stream media- all bought & paid for by the lefts billionaires (Soros, big tech, etc.). That & the amazing amount of censorship occurring, at a level never before seen in this country. The left has to be stopped- sooner than later!!

    1. They will if we cant takt back The house and senate. Our strong hold republicans have got to get stronger

  4. Yea the Jon Ol camel toe Kammie & Bidy are doing that should be the focus! Keep Slimey Newsom in to perpetuate His and their failed policies and let the residents of S Cali pay the price ensuing for Newsoms slimey illegal criminal sanctuary policies!!! Yup thats the priority! Everyone but Americans first except when it comes to taxes

    1. Jane…go to the drug store and buy a pack of gauze, bandages, etc. All made in china. Buy masks, made in china. Everything made in china. Bastard biden and other politicians sold the USA to china years ago! Pres. Trump was trying to turn things around and china imported the coronavirus to the USA. China started and “won” WW 3 using germ warfare and our leaders too stupid to cut off chinese imports cold turkey.

      1. I can see it now…. if this ‘Crap’ keeps up.. ‘1776’ all over again.. “There will be Blood”

    2. It’s starting to look like our whole government is Corrupt as HELL.. We need something NEW. !! A good start would be ………….TERM LIMITS…….. !!!!!!!

  5. Biden and Harris will be remembered as the WORST President and VP in American history. It’s VERY SAD that the Democrat politicians no longer care about the American people. Close the Southern border or they will turn America into a 3rd world country!

    1. They will be the first “schizophrenics “ to be president and Vice President of this country!!!🥵🥵

  6. She is as bad as Biden & the rest of the lib tards! We need to protest this administration I don’t believe there has ever been an administration so mindless! What the hell is doing in Saigon in she doesn’t know history that war has been over for many years! You need to focus on this Afghan debacles! Those Americans & Soldiers need to be brought home NOW! If you don’t know how to handle it ask President to show you MORINS how it is DONE

    1. You can’t ask the President anything because he is in Lala Land already. He hasn’t a clue what is doing on. Someone in the Republican Party has apparently been busy at least trying to manage to get planes to fly there and
      get the rest of the People out and taken to Germany or where ever they need to go in order to not be targets of the Taliban. I would just like to know if the People that Voted for Joe Biden as President feel that they now have a totally in Dementia President and I don’t even know what about Harris. Pelosi is next in Line and that Ding Bat will really throw a Wrench in things. You have to go down the Protocol and Fancy Nancy with her dyed hair is next in line and she is chomping at the Bit to be President. Lord help us if she gets in there. She will have us all under the firing Squad and dead.

  7. she was there maybe to cut a deal, who in their right mind would go to another country or want to go to home state(biden) with a so called pandenic surge or mid east crisis.. realize one world government and anti Christ.

  8. These people we have now ar a mess. Crooked Hillary might be laughing hard at them. As we all know that woman doesn`t care about anyone except herself.

  9. Kamalais not a naturalized citizen like Obama so how can she be President! 2924 Can’t come fast enough!! Trump will have to save this Country a second time and he is definitely up to the job! 🙏pray for 2024 and Trump! But Biden cannot be allowed to hold on to his reign of terror! Enough is Enough!!!

    1. Kamala’s parents were both communists, studying and marching against our country in California. They dropped 2 Anchor babies in Calif and raised them as communists and to lie. That’s why our Anchor baby law needs to be be changed-no citizenship automatically. Her parents never became US citizens!

  10. To quote Tony Blair on Biden “he is an imbecile” and that’s one of the kinder things that can be said about Biden!! In just 7 short months (less time it is to give birth) Biden has sold America and Americans to the highest bidder(China & Russia) which is no surprise The Biden’s have made most of their money thru them! I was glad to see Marjorie Taylor Greene has filed impeachment articles I hope that More Republicans join her! Or use the 25th Amendment! Biden is Not running this Country he is just the jester put forward by the Democrats but the funny thing is is that Biden believes he is the leader of the free world the jokes on him! 2022 and 2024 can’t come soon enough! We can get our pipe line reopened the Southern Border will be walled off and deportations can start! May God Help our Citizens and our Afghanistan partners be brought home safely and we need to destroy the billions of dollars spent on equipment so that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands as it’s too late to get the equipment out!

    1. You are right on spot with all you say. With all the mess the current administration has caused and allowed in less than a year in office, I hate to see what will happen over the rest of the presidential term!

  11. Kamala is NOT being paid by the Americans to go campaigning for some governor! Biden is at home more than he is in the Oval Office so he is not earning his salary either! I, like you, am sick todeath with what is going on in this country as well as overseas. How long are we going to put up with all this? Isn’t there anything that can be done to stop all this chicanery??? If we wait for the ‘22 election to get rid of the culprits, there won’t be any America left to save!!!

  12. If Biden is impeached and Kamala can’t serve it comes down to Pelosi who is next in line! Please Please Pelosi thinks she’s the darling of the squad! At least that’s what she thinks but they are just tolerating this sad sad 80 yr old woman long enough to get her out! She thinks that they (the squad) love her in that position but if truth be told they want young blood to take her place! I have never seen so many delusional people who just happen to be Democrats in my life time and I’m 74 and have seen many Presidents come and go but NONE as pitiful and just plain stupid as Biden nor as power hungry as Pelosi and the squad & I think I’ll tack on Maxine Waters to the group!!!

  13. Has anyone noticed? CNN couldn’t even cover for Biden and the way he screwed up getting the Americans out of Afghanistan!! Maybe they’re Finally catching on! Ya think?? But they will always have Hunter to protect!! Nah, they’re not Really catching on! As soon as this dibacle ends they’ll go right back to fake news!!!

  14. If I had to depend on this Bimbo Veep to get me out of Afghanistan, I would grab my Bible and go find the nearest company of Taliban extremist and begin preaching the word of God to them.
    My guess is I wouldn’t last 5 seconds before they gunned me down.
    While she is in SEA, I hope she doesn’t reignite the Vietnam War.
    Let her campaign for Newsom….two losers on the trail together. Maybe she will have some time to meet up with Willie Brown, you know, for old times sake.

  15. The crisis in Afghanistan is a hot potato and she wants no part of it just like at the border Biden has messed up. I think the GOP is going to wait until they win the House, invoke the 25th amendment and do the same for Harris. That way a Republican can be brought in as the President since that person would be third in line. It’s a long shot but it could happen.


  17. Speaking as a Republican, I am thrilled that Ms. Harris will be campaigning for Gov. Newsom.

  18. She HAS to campaign for “ newscum”, he is piglosi’s nephew! The demonrats think he needs to be governor of Cali so nasty NaN can stay in power! The need to vote both of them out! If the California demonrats had a brain, they would kick Nancy, newscum and Kamala out of the demonrat party!

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