Kamala Harris Makes Pivot on Cash Bail from Time as DA

This wave of Democrats now promoting no cash policies has permeated the party.

Included in that new stance is Kamala Harris.

However, as a DA in California, Harris was a major advocate of leaving cash bail restrictions in place.

The Big Pivot

When Harris was a prosecutor, she was notably for requiring cash bail.

As a prosecutor defending the policy, she wrote, “The bail system at issue here does not categorically deny bail to any group of individuals.”

Not only that, but Harris had openly called for much higher bail for those arrested on gun-related charges, all of which is well-documented.

Harris has since pivoted with this new socialist movement that is permeating the party.

Bail has suddenly become racist, so Harris has done a complete 180 regarding this policy.

What is really ironic here is that nobody in the media even dared to challenge Harris on this issue.

For instance, after the Rittenhouse verdict was announced, she stated, “As many of you know, I’ve spent the majority of my career working to make the criminal justice system more equitable, and clearly there’s a lot more to do,” but that is just a bald-faced lie.

Harris also commented on this during the election season…

But, again, nobody challenged her on it.

The media cannot allow Harris to play this card as though she has been fighting for this her entire career when, as recently as 2017 as California’s AG, she was advocating for higher bail to be set.

In reality, Harris’ time as DA was a crackdown on common criminals and walking papers for the elite that were friends, family, clients of her husband, or major donors.

This too, is well documented, most notably in Peter Schweizer’s “Profiles in Corruption.”

This woman is a fraud and she needs to be exposed as such, only our mainstream media is too cowardly to do so.

Source: Fox News

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7 Responses

  1. I saw a interview from a woman who worked at the same place with Kamala in California- she said Kamala never procured anyone – she said she went to them and told them they were going to serve long time ( even for pot). So they eventually took the deal.
    The woman who spoke about her time with Kamala was so discussed with with her. She also said he knows how she got the position. She new the right men.

    This was interview was on the TV – I hope others saw this. How could you be a prosecutor and never take anyone to court. ( We now know why –

  2. It’s Very Pathetic To See Our News Outlets Allow Themselves To Be Bought Out And Bought In To Communist Style Reporting. We’ve All Read The Book And Know How The Story Ends , But It’s Just Dissapointing Watching It Unfold.

    1. No doubt the demons will all ignore her past. They already have when they put her on the biden ticket. She is a prime example of her color getting her a job not her brains.

  3. Harris needs to get fired and Piglosi and Biden they all need to go and schumer and all the Republican Rhinos too they all need to be put on about in the middle of the ocean and the boat sinks and they become shark bait

  4. The guy who drove the suv into the
    Christmas parade got out of jail on a low bail and look at what he did, Harris is so two faced and it shows

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