Harris Widely Mocked After Science Video Debut

For most of this presidency, Kamala Harris has been MIA.

Even though vice presidents take a back seat to the Oval Office occupant, Harris’ lack of public appearances is fairly unusual, to say the last.

Well, now we may know why… she was apparently swamped putting together a science video for kids.

Oh, That’s What You Were Doing

Follow the science… Democrats have said it so much it has become their new calling card.

The only problem, of course, is that they dismiss the science when it does not support their narrative.

We have seen this with mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and even booster shots.

Why I mention “science” is because this is apparently what had Kamala’s attention.

Harris has been missing from the public eye until this weekend, when she finally made a splash.

It was not for one of her many “tasks” given to her by Joe Biden, however.

While the adults were discussing the border crisis with Mexican officials, Kamala was literally sitting at the kids’ table at a daycare center.

Prior to that appearance, Harris also released a new video as the Chair of the National Space Council…

The combination of the two events led to widespread mocking of Harris…

Harris also took a shot from former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for offering no updates on her many assignments…

It is safe to say, Harris has not quite worked out the way the Democrat Party had hoped when they forced her onto Joe Biden’s ticket.

Source: Fox News

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24 Responses

    1. Look, she has no time at all to go to the border. She spends every waking moment in her office closet, on her knees, with a microphone calling out the next number of service she provides. By the way, she also has a box for tips.

  1. Such a deadbeat. Can’t handle even one thing responsibly. A total waste. Not sure which is worse her boss Joe or just the whole DNC. You can laugh inappropriately now Kamala.

  2. She’s a DISGRACE to her office. Not capable of doing anything of importance. Waste of time…money…and breath!!!

  3. Put her and Joe on a space x rocket with one way ticket out to all you idiots that voted for them maybe you should follow them out

  4. And she wanted to run for the PREIDENCY. My GOD she cannot HANDLE the BODER. To CRRECT it is SO SIMPLE. THRUMP SHOWED THE WAY, JUCT REINSTATE HIS POLICES. PROLEM SOLVED. SO SIMPLE, SO SAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Snake Harris has been shattered since she was caught accepting liberal spew behind a dumpster !!! LIBERAL WENCH !!!

  6. I wonder who she’s going to sleep with now to keep her job! THAT is the only area she has shown expertise and THAT is where she will make her mark in history…the first whore that was ever elected vice-president of the USA.

  7. I agree lets give one way tickets to all in the white house and congress .senate and anyone else that goes along with this group of fools. They are wrecking the whole world. They wreck the US there goes the world

  8. I’m so disappointed in everything that is going on in our Country. Always believed we were the greatest in the greatest laughing stock of the whole Universe. Get them out of Washington, especially the White house and Congress. If not, what’s going to be left and who will pick up the pieces ?? God help us all from idiots.

  9. What is just one thing that this woman has done as the VP? She is the most do nothing politician yet,.

  10. What a useless piece of sh-t. Can’t imagine anything that she could do right except maybe a BJ in the oval office. But would sleepy Joe even know he was getting one.

  11. just tie harris and biden to a missle pointed at china and fire away, harris likes talking about the moon and craters ,what about the creaters in her head !let they the chinese have them both ,harris likes traveling ,send her by missle !since biden likes beating himself off on his basement send him to afganistan he can join the terrorist there !they used to live in caves !

  12. Guess she wants to see the border from space. She will never go the the border as it will make her and Joe look bad.

  13. Maybe Piglosi is telling her what not to do because Piglosi really wants to be president. Or maybe Piglisi will try to get Clinton.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡What a piece of garbage she is.

  14. Space is a real appropriate destination for the space cadets running our country right now. Send them all, and don’t bring them back!

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