Harris Worried McAuliffe Loss Could Lead to Losses for Dems in 2022 and 2024

Kamala Harris has officially rung the bell… the panic bell.

In a last-minute plea of desperation, Harris is now urging voters to pull the handle for McAuliffe out of fear his loss could lead to much larger losses for the party.

While stumping for McAuliffe, Harris stated, “What happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on.”

Not About the Candidate

Terry McAuliffe was once the overwhelming favorite to win the Virginia gubernatorial race.

He has somehow managed to mess that up by taking extreme positions that are the complete opposite of what voters want to see.

For instance, he is entirely off base on education, and parents have made it be known, but now he is trying to tell them he knows better than they do on what their children should be doing.

His supporter staged a fake racist incident this weekend at Youngkin’s campaign stop.

Now, think about that… Youngkin is so racist, they had to bring fake racists in to make their point.

All of this has led to McAuliffe crashing in the polls and Youngkin, at worst, in a tie with McAuliffe.

Even after all the Democrat heavyweights were brought into town to campaign for McAuliffe, his slide continued.

Harris is no longer selling the candidate, which is pathetic.

Instead, she is fearmongering voters into pulling the handle for McAuliffe.

She stated, “You gonna bring this home, right? Yes, you are.

“Tuesday is a critical day that will determine whether we either turn back the clock or move it forward.”

The thing is, though, all the people at the rally are already voting for him and compared to Youngkin rallies, the turnout was pathetic, even with Harris there.

They should be knocking on doors, going to the people that are undecided, but they are too afraid to go outside of their comfort zone.

That, combined with McAuliffe’s extreme left positions and just blatant disregard for what the voters really want to see and hear, is what will probably cost him this election.

This will be a very tight race, but it is one that I now believe Youngkin will pull out, making every face in the Democrat Party drain of blood in the process.

Source: New York Post

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18 Responses

  1. Maybe harris should get on her knees (something she’s really good at) and beg the voters.What a miserable waste of a vice presidency,after all what the Hell has she even accomplished after being sworn in? NOTHING that’s it.And we should trust her advice-WHY?

    1. Amen.harris is only good at just one thing .and that is down on her knees.that is how she got where she is now.biden’s wife may need to be alert at all times.

    2. She flew somewhere and bought some kind of pastry, donut or bagel. Which probably brought the business 2 or 3 more customers. That is the only thing I can find that she has done.

  2. A Harris endorsement is a sure sign of a loser.

    BTW, where is McAuliffe’s good buddy Hillary?

  3. Looks like the FRAUD and cheating are already happening:

    Word coming from Virginia:

    “My wife and I went for early voting in Virginia today, and something very disturbing happened.

    “We were both told we couldn’t vote since we had requested and been sent absentee ballots. Since we had done nothing of the sort, we raised hell and they finally produced affidavits we could sign saying that we had lost the ballots we requested. We demanded affidavits saying that we had never requested absentee ballots and absentee ballots had never been received by us. We were told there was no such thing. We could either sign the affidavits saying we had lost the ballots we had requested or go home without voting. We signed.

    “During the time we were there and engaged in this dispute, a matter of about fifteen minutes, I overheard THREE other people going through exactly the same thing.

    “We live in a heavily Democrat-controlled precinct in a Democrat-controlled state in which the Republican candidate for governor is running even with the Democrat candidate. A not inconsiderable number of people in just one precinct during a very brief period of time were complaining that the voter rolls showed they had requested and received absentee ballots they did not request or receive.

    “Are you getting the picture here?

    “When the election process becomes an endemically corrupt process manipulated by the Democrat Party to retain power at all costs, we are finished as a free nation. It appears to me that has already happened.”

    1. I keep saying, “don’t count your chickens yet”. Remember when we went to bed Trump was winning big and when we got up Biden had won. Not possible, but don’t count the dems out…they will find a way to rig this election too.

    2. Thanks for you, you were so brave and all the other people too, who had the same experience. This shows you that they try to cheat again. In the 2020 election, I received an absentee vote for my dead husband, who never lived with me here in NC. And BTW he was dead for 16 years. All these little things point definitely to cheating. I moved to this country a long time ago, I never thought it would become like it is today. Again thanks for voting for Youngkin.

  4. There sould not be any democrat in power of anything .they favor crt, blm marxist groups and do nothing as biden goes after American and favor illegals flooding the country ,the whole taliban ties and leaving Americans behind..all of the lies they back..

  5. Ohhhhh Kammie …. everything you do is SO TOTALLY PHONY, including your lame attempt at cheerleading your boy in the Virginia election. Americans — and now the World — know that you are only in this FOR YOURSELF, girl !

  6. I do not listen to vice dictator harris or even the dictator himself as to the fact that they are not doing their jobs correctly under the Constitution of the United States and not abiding by the Oath Of Office when those two took office.

  7. K-toe the HH, you have done such a piss poor job that your campaigning for anyone is a detriment to them.

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