He Just RIPPED Joe Biden – White House Stunned…

Senator John Barrasso, a Republican from Wyoming, recently stopped by Fox News Channel.

While there, he had a lot of… suggestions for Joe Biden.

One thing that Joe Biden needs to do stood above the rest for Barrasso, however.

Showing “backbone.”

The reason?

China senses Dirty Joe’s weakness.

“When China or Putin or anyone sees weakness, they go at it. And that’s what’s happened right here. The president needs to show some backbone internationally, and it needs to be a couple of things. China’s watching. They’re watching really closely what’s happening with Russia and Ukraine. We need to make sure that Ukraine has all the weapons they need to defeat Russia. And then the next thing is they’re looking at what weapons Taiwan might have. The United States must make a commitment to make sure Taiwan has the weapons they need to defend themselves. I’m into all the classified briefings and know exactly what’s happening right there now. We need to make sure that we want to prevent, not provoke, war. And the way to do that is you make Taiwan into a porcupine. Make it painful if China goes after them.”

Barrasso concluded by saying what the world needs is very different from what Democrats are actually doing:

“The World is getting more and more dangerous. We need to make sure that Taiwan has what it needs in terms of anti-aircraft to prevent anything from China. That will take a while. What we have happening now on the floor of the United States Senate is massive taxing and spending by the Democrats.”

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9 Responses

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  2. Democrats all in on the green new deal with all their investments and ties to China. The United States of America is very, very weak!

    1. The sad thing is that brainless liberals will still vote for him and his failed policies because they can’t admit that they are wrong. They would rather see us in complete poverty and chaos instead of going against their radical ideas that are destroying our country. I don’t think we will have a country in a few more months especially after their new scam to reduce inflation goes into effect. With the new taxes and restrictions coming up in it, we will probably see more and more people plunging into the poverty level while our fearless leaders get richer. Good work libbies, you got what you wanted. The demise of our liberty and country.

  3. Hank, I am with you in regards to the ignorance of the Liberals, who can’t see their ideas are so impractical, but won’t admit to the delusion that they know better than anyone else!
    The Biden’s don’t give a hoot about the Americans, as long as they can rape us, and reap the dividends they haul in from foreign and enemy nations!!
    I remind all of the millions the Biden received from China, Russia, and Ukraine! Was it for their MASTERFUL, BRILLIANCE??? Come on!! No one is that blind or stupid! Father ad son are about as smart as a peanut, and not the lovable MR. PEANUT!!! And we all suffer for the dimwits who voted or lied these ignorant two into politics!!

    1. That is what I have never understood about politics – elections are NOT about the people – they are about deals with underhanded characters who line their own pockets instead of meeting the needs of the average American citizen. Everyone knows that Biden is brain dead, yet he was elected President of the United States by the people? No sir! The people were scammed by the Democrats who made sure that no Republican or citizen (who raised the issue) was actually heard. And we all sat around and let it happen! The best thing Americans can do for their country is to make their voices heard loudly and persistently until the lying Democrats are shoved out of power.

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