Biden Vaccine Mandate Headed to Supreme Court

Late Friday night, the Biden administration finally got a win on the vaccine front.

The 6th Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the OSHA mandate being put back in place.

The victory may be brief, however, as at least one state attorney general and dozens of businesses are now committed to taking this to the Supreme Court.

Game On

We did not expect it to take long for businesses and state AGs to react to the news Friday night, and they did not disappoint.

Not long after the decision was announced, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced that he had already applied for a stay with the Supreme Court.

Carr stated, “The federal government has no authority to force healthcare decisions on Georgia’s companies and its employees under the guise of workplace safety.”

He also shredded the circuit court’s decision and the Biden administration on Twitter…

More than two dozen businesses have also vowed to fight the bill.

The general belief is that if this mandate is permitted to continue, it will crush many small businesses that will lose dozens of employees or be forced to pay significant fines.

Either way, it will crush them.

More on this from Fox News…

What do you think? Will the Supreme Court overturn the lower court’s decision to allow the mandate to resume?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Sources: Fox News & 11 Alive

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24 Responses

  1. “What do you think? Will the Supreme Court overturn the lower court’s decision to allow the mandate to resume?”

    I thought two federal judges had already done an overturn on this….. a few weeks

    1. Decisions from one Circuit don’t necessarily affect other Circuits. When there’s a disagreement between Circuits, it’s the supreme Courts job to sort it out. Meanwhile, it makes for great confusion in running a railroad.

  2. I thought it was still up in the air as to whether Biden actually had the power to do this. It should be left up to the businesses to decide for themselves. I don’t think anyone should lose their jobs because of refusing the vaccine. As some businesses have done, just do a weekly covid test.
    Of course, Biden thinks he has the power to do anything.
    He is not very intelligent!! And, Harris is even worse. She thinks everything is funny!

    1. Until the Courts essentially the SCOTUS, decide a President, can use his executive powers in way they weren’t supposed to be used. Many Presidents have done so, sadly. Obama was one of the worst, even claiming a right to have US citizens killed without due process.

  3. The Biden-Harris Deranged Communist Administration is absolutely overreaching their power. This is still America and We The People are literally Fed Up with this Administration.
    Everyone of them should be Impeached and Court Marital in The People’s White House, Capitol and Pentagon. Their only Agenda is to see how fast they can Destroy America and it’s People. Enough is absolutely Enough.

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  5. We could set on our hands, but that’s what we have been doing. It’s time to act. The supreme court’s needs to act. The various strains have weakened and it time to treat adults as adults.

    Put a stop to the mask Mandated madness!!!

  6. I don’t have any faith in the Supreme Court helping us out they haven’t been willing to do anything but shove cases onto lower courts, if they do and rule in our favor that will be a huge win for America!

    1. A majority of the Judges seem to lack the courage to act in the peoples best interest. This was proven when they failed to even consider suits filed by several States who questioned the validity of the last Presidential Election. Because of pressure they took the easy way out by ignoring them. The result was a White House
      filled with incompetents hell bent in destroying our Country

  7. I have never understood why one judge can overrule a decision that affects the whole country. It seems that they should only be allowed to rule in their specific area.

  8. If the Federal government cannot enforce a mandate re Covid, why is it necessary for all the Courts to state you do not need to regard this mandate, save one, and now the Supreme Court. Nothing makes sense unless I don’t know the whole story.

  9. I think the Supreme Court is bought and paid for by the Biden administration. They will never rule in our favor because they love money more than America. I wish there was a way to get rid of all of them and fill the court with true Americans, who care for us and not for the government. WE NEED TRUMP BACK…….NOW, NOT LATER.


  11. No one, not even the faux president, can force someone to inject themselves with a vaccine they claim safe, but in actuality isn’t. We are not Nazi Germany and should not be repeating history with th IU s unlawful mandate.

  12. The question is whether or not the SCOTUS with take the case or let the lower court stand. If it does take it up, they should rule in favor of freedom!

  13. To mandate vaccinations that DO NOT keep you from getting Covid and are KNOWN to be dangerous AND the vaccinated are the persons responsible for carrying and spreading the variants, it appears this is just another of Fauci’s Nazi experiments with humans being used instead of puppies. It is time to say NO MORE!!!

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  16. Biden and his globalists want this to be upheld. Bill Gates has already let it leak they plan to unleash small pox to control the 2022 midterms. In other words it is a control tactic. People we need to stand strong, if the Supreme Court upholds Biden’s mandate (which by the way is not a law) then we will have to take a stand. I fought for this country and I will not be controlled by this fake administration. We need to find out who is pulling his puppet strings and go after them. Like we did Osama Bin Laden.

  17. Governments and Private Sector around the world have implemented strict controls and mandates trying to protect their citizens.
    Travel restrictions on airlines and public transportation, border crossing restrictions, etc., etc.
    Governments have made vaccine and shots available to their citizens for free.
    Now it might be time for governments to step aside and let people take responsibility for themselves, they live or die, up to them.

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