Heartland Crushed by Overnight Tornadoes

Today will be remembered as the morning we woke up to tragedy across our nation.

Tornadoes swept through the heartland of the country Friday night.

When all is said and done, there were more than likely be hundreds of people that have died.

Tragedy Strikes

In all, five states were impacted by the storms.

Arkansas, which regularly sees tornadoes this time of year, had a nursing home destroyed, with at least 20 people trapped inside.

So far, two deaths have been reported…

The scene in Illinois was even worse.

An Amazon building collapsed with as many or more than 100 workers believed to be trapped in the rubble.

At least two deaths have been confirmed, but that death will surely increase as the hours pass…

Kentucky saw a candle factory collapse.

At least 50 people have been reported dead so far, but authorities are expecting that number to surpass triple digits.

Fox News obtained audio of a desperate call for help by one of the workers who, thankfully, was rescued…

Storms also ripped through Missouri, with several major storm fronts hitting St. Charles County.

So far, three injuries have been reported…

Storms also swept through Tennessee, with two deaths already reported.

We are still waiting for more details on those storms and casualty numbers.

Rather than focus on the tragedy, it would not be surprising to see Joe Biden focus on blaming this on climate change as a way to push through his legislation.

Right now, we need to focus on rescue efforts to save anyone trapped but still alive in all of these catastrophes.

This is still a developing story, and we will update as needed when more reports arrive.

Sources: Fox News & New York Post

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12 Responses

  1. Biden is nothing but a fake ! Will always be a fake. Has disrespected the entire nation. Cares nothing more than to get his way. Will always be this way. Needs to be tried and hung!

    1. So true , he is a coward and a communist, also breed a mob run family. Yuk he is a nasty nasty human , sure not a respected man.

  2. BRANDON is a lying SOB and should be in a mental institution along with the laughing hyena-cackler

  3. Democrats are killing America !
    They are implementing a plan !
    America the newest Communist USA
    Democrats have no intentions of doing anything good for this Country !
    FJB and all commie sympathizers
    LETS GO BRANDON! Democrats suck !

  4. The death of America began in 2008
    When we elected our first POS for president. He got in and the deficit tripled, Today he looks to make the Supreme Court ! No way !
    Obama’s , Biden’s , Clinton’s
    No more of this garbage !
    Too much is plenty ! We’re good !
    The Toe is dirty , Joe said No !
    And Jill said she’s got to go !
    So LETS GO BRANDON ! The big guy !
    Hunter Crack rocks Daddy !

  5. Almost anyone is better than the elected officials on Capitol Hill right now!!!!!!!!!! The Democratic Party seems to have taken a radical change to the party I remember as a child!!!

  6. Joe Biden is a disgusting man. All he cares about is his pork filled agenda, not the loss of life of Americans.
    How many Americans are still in Afghanistan? How many illegal aliens snuck into our country this week.?

  7. When it became apparent that Nixon had to go, the powers that really rule this country made sure that the crook, Spiro Agnew, was removed to allow Gerald Ford to be the next president. History is repeating itself, Kamala Harris will be thrown under the bus as will Nancy Pelosi. Joe Biden will next be impeached Whether Donald Trump will be agreeable to being appointed House speaker is a question. Our next president will come out of the House

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Incredible video from my district in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Kudos to this young man for saving the life of this stranded cat despite the severe storm surge.

Now that you have the cat get back inside!! https://twitter.com/MeganScavo/status/1575156353865510912

Megan Cruz Scavo @MeganScavo

My boyfriend saving a cat from flood waters near Bonita Beach. #HurricaneIan #Naples #Bonita #FortMyers

#HurricaneIan has made landfall as a Cat 4 storm, expected to move over central Florida tonight & Thursday morning. We're standing by on the ground to support sheltering & provide relief efforts. ⛑

For local updates, follow:
🌀 @RedCrossCFL
🌀 @SFLRedCross
🌀 @RedCrossNorthFL

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