Administration Could Hit Navy Vets with Heavy Fines for Not Taking Vaccine

New guidelines have reportedly been handed out regarding Navy personnel refusing to take the vaccine.

In addition to being discharged, they could possibly face heavy fines.

That’s right… the Navy may require those refusing to take the jab to repay any bonuses given as well as repayment for training.


Many have been waiting on guidance, at least for the Navy, which has finally been released.

Punishment will be severe, to say the least.

The hammer is even being dropped on personnel that have filed exemptions.

The new guidelines state, “In order to maximize readiness, it is the policy goal of the U.S. Navy to achieve a fully vaccinated force against the persistent and lethal threat of COVID-19.

“As directed by the Secretary of the Navy’s lawful order, the Navy has commenced a mandatory vaccination campaign.”

Sailors who have filed for an exemption will not be promoted or given other orders.

The same stipulation is in place for those filing objections while that objection is being considered.

The Navy “may seek recoupment of applicable bonuses, special and incentive pays, and the cost of training and education for service members refusing the vaccine.”

Senior officers that do not comply will face “detachment for cause” upon the deadline.

The guidance states, “An unvaccinated senior leader without a pending or approved exemption calls into question the Navy’s trust and confidence regarding their ability to ensure unit readiness or to maintain good order and discipline.”

How do you feel about Joe Biden now?

Source: Just the News

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34 Responses

    1. Amen excuse the language but the guy in the white house SUCKS, My husband put in 30 1/2 yrs in the Navy attached to the Marines as a Corpsman in the Nam era he is devastated to what is happening to our Country God bless The USA.

    2. It makes you wonder, just why are they trying so hard to force the vaccines upon everyone. It is certainly not because they care about the health and welfare of American citizens, because everything else that they do, proves that they care nothing for us. So, just why do they want us to get these shots so badly, while they let hundreds of thousands of immigrants pour into our country and do not require them to either get or have them? Why do we have to have them, while they do not? It makes one wonder about this, does it not?

      1. I really hate to say it like this, but God, please give these people (DemonRats) their KARMA now. Save the rest of us from this EVIL so called President and his administration. Amen

      2. You are right. I guess they want the US to be another type of country that they think they will be allowed to control. Extension of Mexico, or China maybe Russia?? But if they kill us all what will they have? Those people coming illegally will be looking for FREE and who will be there to pay for Free? The elite? Soros? Maybe he wants his own country and will support all them. The US will no longer exist. But the elite may also loose their status. This is a scary time and not sure we can survive next 3 years. As a senior I am worried about my younger relatives and their children will not have a country.

  1. Can you leave people alone? You have money and power but you do not have right to torture people of our country. You invented this virus to eliminate population and you will pay price. Leave us alone!

    1. Oh I so agree. Leave us alone. It is an obvious fact that it’s not about health. It’s about power and control of everything we think, say and do. Honestly, We the People need to start setting up control of our own cities, towns, townships, and local businesses. We need to establish trading posts and our young men need to start quietly policing the neighborhoods. Spend your cash as it will be outlawed or recalled to force us to use digital so they can track everything we buy. Refuse to open your door to anyone you don’t know, especially health care people. Don’t step outside and don’t invite them in. Buy non perishables. Boxed and canned goods. Canned meats. Can you cook without electricity? Learn how. What’s your water supply. Start stashing. They are coming for us.

  2. This country has gone to hell. The Democrats are Crazy. Whomever is calling for the Punishment of the US Navy personnel should be run out of town and over to Gitmo.

  3. This illegal faux president has dementia. He does not know what he’s doing. It’s almost as tho Soros wants to destroy our country and Biden is doing what he is told.

    1. By any chance did you see his speech in Scranton PA [his old birth place they left when he was 10 yrs old never came back] His speech was a good 30 min long all about his life as a child nothing about the devastation in our COUNTRY.

    2. Soros does want to destroy this country, that’s what he is all about Search and Destroy everything he disagrees with.

    3. It’s not almost Bunny, it’s happening. Has been planned a long time and it’s in full swing. We have to stop whining and complaining and start getting ourselves ready. Start spending your cash as payment. They can’t track that. And they are going to get rid of it soon anyhow. Likely will offer you $.50 on the dollar to turn what you have in.

  4. This guy is a S..t Head and the sec of the Navy should be removed and take all of his left minded people. Biden said the he was not for defunding the police but the mandates are doing that by the back door. He is doing that with the military also I will bet it is the strong minded right leaning who are not taking the jab we will have a weak minded bunch of men defending the country.

    1. People need to realize there is no law, EO, or anything else that is legal to make people take the jab. It was a Press Release at best. The evil media is greatly to blame in this whole mess. I have a good friend who thinks people are dying because they won’t get the jab. No sense talking to her, she’s been mind programmed. The Navy knows what’s going on. I hope when the good Navy men leave they come home and stand guard in their own towns and protect the innocent citizens.

  5. REALLY????? I cannot fathom that our military “leaders”, Pentagon officials are backing this mandate. In the day, we would ask “Are you high? What you smoke n?” But even when “we” were high, we weren’t this dysfunctional or stupid. Mandates are not constitutional amendments. They are little more than instructional guidelines and not very good ones, at that. Even the simpletons of the world can see the foolishness we are being subjected to. The scary part is the degree of infection that has occurred in not only government, but our military as well. Castrate the military, defund the police, indoctrinate our children, shut down the work force, disallow religion, cut the food supply lines, disarm the public, throw open the borders…….GIVE YOUR COUNTRY AWAY!!!!!

  6. Pentagon you need to really look at what your doing. The FDA has not approved the vaccine that your trying to put into our Military arms. The FDA has approved one that start with the C and is not sold in the United States. So what happen when you start losing people because of a vaccine shot. Are you going to pay out for their death. What if they are flying or commanding a sub or ship and that plane drop out of the sky, the sub runs into something killing all a board, or a ship runs into another ship and kills all aboard. Or are you going to take care of the people that received this shot, that has a adverse reaction for the rest of their life. You are fixing to payout to American family allot if money. We have taken all the shot you have put forth for us to take. Because we where told to. But this shot is experimental, not approved. Read it they will not give you what’s in the vaccine. That would be a red 🚩 to me. If you are so sure of this shot let’s see everyone in the Pentagon line up like you do in basic take the vaccine. See what they did to the Tuskegee Airman used them as experimental subject. Not telling them what they were doing. Most dying of the experiment. The American military is not a experimental subjects. This is what this vaccine is about, they don’t tell you what is in it. FDA, Who, DOD, Gates, Soros, Fauci Rothchild and a bunch of others are in on this to depopulatation are earth, so you all really need to look what your doing. It’s a mandate and isn’t legal, until it become a law, then it goes against the Constitution.

    1. CLB You are so right. Pretty sad the CDC changed it’s definition of “vaccine” to cover this shot. It does not prevent catching covid like smallpox or polio. It is merely a “shot”, much like the regular flu shot that has been around for years. Our country is in serious trouble. They want to weaken our military. Soros is old when will he die and will that take away some of this crap? He is behind so much of this evil with his money buying and controlling politicians. The others you mention Gates uses his billions for evil works he covers by saying helping poor countries. Maybe they are the experimental subjects also. Fauci helped create this virus and plan the whole pandemic to see how fast people could be controlled. Hopefully God will take care of these evils soon.

  7. It is hard to believe that so many “LEADERS” in this country are SO corrupt and, or SPINELESS that they will go along with this crap !!!!!!! BUT, I guess that’s how you get ahead in politics !!!!!!!!!!!! The destruction of this country will not be from the invading hoards, but from the ROT from within !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The whole damn administration should be fined and sued for trying to force this crap on anyone of us!!!!

  9. Biden is pathetic and the boot licking admirals are right there with him kissing up! The vaccine is not worth the effort. Leave the first responders and the military alone before you sink us all!

  10. There has to be a way to rid this country of Soros and his negative influence! Maybe I am off base, but he seems to be the one pulling all the strings with unlimited money. We all know that Biden is a creepy old man but he no longer has any brain capacity so he is not doing this right now. My opinion only. I just don’t understand why there is nothing done to stop anything. There is clear corruption which has all been shown to be illegal!

  11. What would that idiot in the White House do if everyone in the Navy quit and walked away? American people better get a backbone and bring this country back. We need to bodily throw this idiot out of the White House.

  12. another example of the village idiots clearing out the competent and those who can think
    now you will have lackeys’ who just
    more WOKE stupid

    Just follow , like mindless Americans’ who have no clue

    put the worst in charge , let them change to the WEAK and Foolish , STupid as can be

    The they will fail easily , fall to the gangs, rioters, invaders

  13. Maybe the U.S. Military (all branches) should walk out?
    Let the generals in the Pentagon building get their own coffee.
    Will the last person leaving please turn off the lights? ; )

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