Hillary Says Trump Winning in 2024 Would Be ‘end of our democracy’

What could be funnier than one of the most corrupt politicians of our time issuing a warning about someone?

Well, that is exactly what Hillary Clinton is doing to try to stay relevant.

According to Hillary, if Trump wins the election in 2024, it “could be the end of our democracy.”

Fearmongering 101

One of the reasons even Trump supporters are hesitant about Trump running again is because of what it will mean in terms of political temperature in this country.

If you thought the last four years were bad, wait until round two.

Democrats are already throwing around rhetoric, and it will only get much worse if Trump wins office again.

Democrats will stir the pot and blame the divisiveness and discourse of the nation on conservatives.

They will poke and poke and poke until they get the desired response, then say it was Trump that started it all.

To that point, Hillary offered her useless two cents on what a Trump nomination and win would mean in 2024.

She stated, “If I were a betting person right now, I’d say Trump is going to run again. He seems to be setting himself up to do that, and if he’s not held accountable, then he gets to do it again.

“I think that could be the end of our democracy. Not to be too pointed about it, but I want people to understand that this is a make-or-break point. If he or someone of his ilk were once again to be elected president, and if especially if he had a Congress that would do his bidding, you will not recognize our country.

“I tried to warn people. I tried to make the case that this was really dangerous — the people he was allied with, what they were saying, what he might do.

“I do think, but for Jim Comey and the stunt he pulled 10 days before the election, I would have won.

“I feel terrible about not stopping him and the people around him, but I feel like now everybody can see for themselves what kind of leader he is.”

“Clearly, there were people who liked what they saw, despite what I see as the real dangers to our country. They turned out and voted for him.

“And he’s trying to get it set up so that will happen again for him, even as he loses, as he did twice the popular vote.”

This is a narcissistic woman that simply cannot get over the fact that she lost.

Hillary and her fellow elites are terrified of Trump blowing up the system, so they are already going back to the 2016 game plan to try to stop him from winning.

Knowing Democrats will go back into crazy mode if Trump wins the election, do you still want to see Trump elected, or would you prefer it to be someone else?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Breitbart

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50 Responses

    1. Hey Bev, as usual this idiot has it actually backwards. President Donald J. Trump, (still my President) s the only person who can save our Republic. The current bunch of thieves should resign and ask President Trump to take over the Country tonight.

      1. Hillary is already crazy! We want her out of our lives! She’s an idiot and a traitor and she hates America!

    2. It’s not going to matter who in the republican party runs and wins in their eyes this country will end. Now of course that’s if it’s still a free country then.

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    4. i agree, the only thing wrong with donald j trump running again is he can only have one term, i don’t think he can get two in a row now. i think donald trump jr. would make a great president maybe even better than dad!

  1. Does she not see what the current bunch in Washington is doing?
    She only cares about the ones willing to rape this country like her & her kind do.🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. Poor Hill ! Can’t you just stay home and enjoy your family with full of $. thanks to your “achievements (!)” during your prime time!

  3. This 3 time loser, Benghazi murderer and FBI LIAR is OUT OF HER MIND! My, ANYONE BUT HILLARY, STANCE IN FULLY INTACT THESE MANY YEARS LATER. I can not imagine the DNC WASTING their money on this dead horse. Just GO AWAY, HILL.

  4. Only one person can save the USA and rhe mess he would inherit from the

    There’s only one person capable of running the USA and cleaning up the mess the Democrats have made, and continue making, and that is ex President Donald Trump.
    Mrs. clinton, once a loser, always a loser! Haven;t you done enough damage to your party & this great country already.

  5. That Washed up BEOTCH has truly lost her mind. Why does she think that American citizens are so stupid to think she can force her demented views on us!!!!! Sleepy Joe is wrecking the USA and there are NO DAMNACRATS Trying to help US.
    I pray daily that GOD will remove the blindness from the present government and let them see what is happening to America and do the only way to go forward is to remove Biden, Harris and the likes of Clinton from all government
    GO TRUMP 1n 2024!!!!!

  6. They will go into crazy mode no matter which GOP wins. They will through a temper tantrum just like last time.

  7. No wonder you lost your bid for pres.slit…TWICE “IT IS ALREADY THE END OF democracy brought on by the likes of people like yourself!!

  8. I would love to see Trump run again. I’m sure he would win. He was good for the country; no inflation under him and no shutting down our pipe lines so that the cost of gas skyrocketed. Biden is the worst President we have ever had, even worse than Obama. I just pray that the country will survive 4 years of the corrupt Biden.

  9. For Trump to win in 2024 will require an honest election. That is something Hillary and the Democrats could never do. They haven’t run an honest election in many years. That’s how many Democrats have stayed in office for so long. I would like to see Trump win, but the odds are that the Democrats will rig the election just as they did in 2020.

    1. You can bank on it. We wouldn’t be going through this hell right now if the courts would have acted on the evidence brought before them that proved voter fraud.

  10. No matter who the Republican is, Hillary and her crazy democrats will still lie, cheat and steal. Hillary is the one who would ruin this country. She is evil. People voted for Trump. We know he won the election. Our country needs Trump to keep us on the right path. The democrats don’t want Trump around because he exposes them for what they are.

  11. When Hillary accuses someone else of something, that inevitably is a deflection that shows what she is doing/going to do. If she says Trump is running in 2024, that inevitably means she is going to be running in 2024. After all, who else could better run for the dem nomination?

  12. The GOP is the only solution for our country. This Democrat administration has and is ruining the hard working people in our country. And Trump can pull us out of this crisis. And needs to start now. ASAP. An if you don’t like Trump we have others in our party that do the same thing.

  13. Is she stupid or what? These people are so stuck on themselves!!! They don’t care about us…I think they are a bunch of lunatics…they are destroying America and got their heads in the sand while doing it…they are a bunch of devils!!! They think we are stupid…

  14. The only solution to get rid of Hillary, is to take her to the closest firing range and get rid of her miserable life! Maybe she would be happy being President of the Underworld Populatio!

  15. We won’t need to survive 4 years of Obribem, he will become a lame duck in 2022!! After the Republicans take back BOTH the house and senate in 2022, Obribem won’t even be able to blow his nose without legislation!!


  17. I used to be Democrat, I had to switch, I can’t lie, cheat, etc. & be as deluded as they are!!! They all need to be done to as they’ve done to us! Hopefully their “sheeple” can be rehabilitated!!!

  18. Hillary Clinton is worried if Trump gets elected, she will go to prison.
    Folks, remember, what the democrats accuse others of doing, they are doing. The democrats have a way of addressing the people, it is in this manner: Deny, Blame, Emotion and if these do not get them what they want they go to the “it’s for the children”, and the democrat followers fall for it…. especially those who live on the democrat plantation.

  19. Trump will/ must/ can win again, it’s even more relevant, more necessary, more imperative now than ever before!
    We, his, irretrievably, immovably, stoically, deplorably supporters must stand firmly in our convictions to support, elect him into office with unwaverably progress to that goal! Our forefathers, our citizens, our progeny, America is relying on such loyalty to victory! Keep focused on that ‘aim to win’ then all else will grow surprisingly dim as victory becomes once again placed in its proper perspective! ‘Good’ will win over ‘evil’! Just as Trump will win over any opposition as he represents ‘Good vs Evil! Without question, he has my vote! Go Trump!!!!!May God Bless him and GodBlessAmerica!

  20. H. Clinton is a FOOL…she can’t see that the people WANT HER GOOOONE out of their lives!
    You just have to pity her..she’s delusional!!
    God bless this old woman!!!

  21. Hillary is a dried up old gas bag. She’s scared to death that if ANY Republican gets elected she will be toast. Very long list of crimes she needs to be held accountable for. Statue of limitations can’t save her pathetic rear end for ever. She deserves a new one piece wardrobe.

  22. Not only he should run and win, on the first day he should call for the investigation of all Clintons, Biden’s, Pelosi, Schifft, Schumer, the squad and all democrats and RINOS who are trying to put this country down, with harsh sentences, what they did and keep doing is treason to our country, and indoctrinate and intimidate people.

  23. Scary she’s talking about the Radical Dems & their “ilk.”

    She might honestly believe what she says-sad for her!
    Or, she’s cunning enough to start another fire storm that hurts everyone in our country.

    She needs to evaporate and never be seen again!

  24. Simple solution is Americans will vote out every Dem and RINO who ever even tried to lie about Trump. This time he will have the backing of the House and the Senate to undo everything Biden has done to destroy our country. Getting rid of Pelosi, Chucky, Worthless Waters and the entire Squad along with a huge list of others will allow Trump to Make America Better again.

  25. Clinton has not been paying attention to what is going on, the left is out to destroy this nation

  26. Sour Grapes from Hillary Clinton herself a killer and a criminal. Why she is not in jail is ridiculous and because she comes from a long trail of Clinton criminals. They only know how to be greedy and dishonest. They went into politics because they wanted to get rich without being caught and jailed. Errrrrrrrrrr If Trump was in charge now we would have the mask mandates, the Covid patient would have the correct medical care, the inflation would not be at a 13 year high, the police would be supported and there would not be all these riots. The CRT would not be in our schools, parents would not be termed domestic terrorists, the border crises would not exist, and the pull out from Afganistan would have been done correctly and we would not have left our service people, equipment and Afgan friends behind — we would not have left the service dogs. Biden, Harris, Clinton should all be charged with treason.

  27. I think DiSantis should run…He is a younger Trump….and does what he says! If people would only think of Trump as a Business man…who “knows” how to run a business etc. and FORGET his personality…(he is now older and wiser) Trump would be our man…but the Biden’ers won’t/can’t let you forget…Remember…the immigrants are beholden to Biden…He is a millionaire (!!!) he does not care about the poor…it is all an “act!”…but….he brought them here and they will vote…whether registered or not…and with the “crooked” voting that goes on, “they” will win again…Our American downfall…Biden and his V.P.Kamala…the Ruination of our Nation! Dear Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do!

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