Hundreds of Flights Canceled or Delayed by American Airlines Over Weekend

As we fully expected, staffing shortages in the airline industry are starting to impact air travel significantly.

American Airlines is one of the airlines that has been struggling throughout the pandemic, and this weekend everything came to a head.

If reports are accurate, roughly 1,400 flights were canceled or delayed this weekend, stranding weekend travelers.

Big Shortages

Staffing issues were not the only problem, but they clearly played a significant role.

Friday, the airline had to cancel or delay 376 flights.

That number grew to 551 on Saturday and 480 flights on Sunday.

David Seymour, American’s chief operating officer, stated, “With additional weather throughout the system, our staffing begins to run tight as crew members end up out of their regular flight sequence.”

According to Flight Aware, 617 of those flights were outright canceled.

On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal reported that most of the cancelations were due to staffing issues.

Most major airlines are still far below normal staffing levels and if vaccine mandates are put in place by OSHA, as is expected, this will only get worse.

While the majority of airline employees have been vaccinated, the number of unvaccinated staff is enough, especially among pilots, that it will create more problems for this industry.

Source: Fox Business

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15 Responses

    1. I agree with you totally – this is not law but a mandate! And stop blaming those who are unvaccinated! Put the blame where it belongs, this senile old pervert put this in place!

    2. Only there is no legal mandate. Like BLM they stooped to what they think is politically correct and their industries will suffer for years to come!!

  1. Stop flying jets sense the fights have been cancelled the hail storms have been very few Jet fuel is the problem i don’t care if they ever fly again the government is hiding the effects of jet fuel changing weather patterns. Somebody needs to study the effects of jet fuel

  2. the leftist elite gets around in their private jets burning more fuel in a single flight than your family will use this month. then they tell you that you “little people” should either ride a bike or get a covered wagon. i am very tired of the sociopaths in washington (mostly leeches) and their hypocrisy.

    1. More like using all year. What do they need 4 or 5 homes for? The gas in a/c is a lot and who needs all of those places not to mention the fuel it takes to get there? They also heat and cool those homes even while they are not living there. Wasting water in the pools and everything about those homes

  3. I believe that these manadates are government overreach. They are illgeal! Nobody has the right to tell anyone what to put in their bodies. They are testing to see how far they can push us. We have known for years that every government in the world is trying to control the weather that is the problem, but nobody will stop it or face the facts.

  4. isn’t this result what the left wanted ? no flights unless the left wing bloviators gotta get there .they must be unhappy there is no one to wind the rubber band for energy to run the plane

  5. The mandates will probably not be dropped because Soros, Clintons, Obama, Pelsoi, Biden and the remainder of the corrupt Democrats wants to see our country go down the tube. G. Soros has said for years he wants the U.S. to fail and he is putting his money and mouth in it to see this happens. We need to stand up against these corrupt people, big time. Why do you think Obama stayed in D.C., this has been planned for many years.

  6. Plan , Prepare, get ready for the collapse , just the beginning of Sorrows for the world due to lack of Truth, transparency , Evil , Sin set free to teach other s to sin , to do evil with no consequence , to get a way with sin .

    God is at the Door , open arms , Jesus Christ want to forgive your sin
    give you life abundtly , but you must decide who is god , YOU , YOUR stuff, YOUR job, YOUR possetions

    there can only ever be one master , you or God,

    When YOU ask Jesus christ to come into your heart , forgive you your sin , confess all you can remember about your sin, your past , your life , then Begin to PRAY , SEEK , Ask God to give direction , and believe in the only one who can forgive sin , then your start a new life ( your born again at that moment )

    life begins when you start your relationship with jesus christ

  7. Well Biden is doing a great job, not of building back the nation, but of destroying it, not only will more problems be created by firing flight crews but don’t forget the people who service them and the mechanics who work on them, WELL DONE BIDEN

  8. I haven’t seen any reports about the delays of Southwest flights on Sunday. Our flight was delayed 3 times on Sunday. Finally, ending up scheduled to leave on Monday after 4 p.m. I called to reschedule leaving out of a different airport. It was very inconvenient causing us to miss work, school and trick or treating. We never have heard a reason. Finally, got an email apologizing, but no reason.

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