Hunter Biden Loses It on Art Critics

If you have seen Hunter Biden’s artwork, you know it is not overly impressive.

That is not really the issue here.

What is the issue is how much this art is selling for considering the quality of the art.

Hunter Goes Off

For a first-time artist, the amount of money that Hunter is asking for this art is ridiculous.

Art critics have come forward, and I have yet to see any rave reviews on the art.

Another issue here is that the bidding was supposed to be blind, but now Hunter is meeting with possible buyers, which opens the door to all types of possible corruption.

During a recent podcast, the subject of the criticism of Hunter’s art came up, and Hunter responded, “f— ’em.”

This is the current resident of the White House’s son, mind you, dropping F-bombs on a national podcast.

I seem to recall some major outrage when this happened with people with the last name of Trump.

Fox News also discussed Hunter’s art during a recent segment…

This is a bribe, a payoff; I really don’t care what you call it as long as it falls under corruption, which is exactly what it is.

Source: Fox News

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27 Responses

    1. Congress will just ignore it. Biden won’t bother. Jill won’t bother.
      Doesn’t matter if its corruption or not. He is under the wings of his Father.
      Nothing will ever happen. Just let us do something like he has done and as Pelosi says. We all have to pay for the wrongs we have done, except if your Father is the President, then it gets swept under the biggest rug in the White House.

      1. Correction: except if your Father is the President and a democrat, then it gets swept under the biggest rug in the White House.

  1. You know, several years ago on a TV Program, there was a monkey who dabbled in art.
    I think a monkey can paint abstract paintings better than the Dope-Head Hunter Biden.

  2. When you sell your soul to the devil, he will protect you !!!!!
    Your will prosper, but there’s not enough money in the world for me to spend my eternity in HELL !!!!!!!

  3. He is a typical entitled do nothing! If his last name wasn’t Biden, he would be in prison where he belongs! He is areal “credit to his father” in as much as he is following in dad’s footsteps, a crook all the way! Will anything be done? Not likely!

  4. It is corruption, so what! My Daddy can fix all my crimes. Stick in your face!

  5. Need the public and the democrat’s in particular be reminded that BOTH the President and his family members worked for the American people WITHOUT pay for four years. Biden and his ilk wouldn’t work for a second without pay AND political graft !!!

  6. My family were all Democrats in the 50s/60s. By the time “slick Willy” left office, there were only a few! After Obama, there were none! To a person, they look at the Democratic Party of today are are all United in their shame for ever being a part of it. Today, we are all true Independent, unlike Bernie! We hope/pray 2022 will stop the DNC’s destruction of America!

  7. The damage done to the country by the current democrats is permanent. The guilty party in promoting this destruction is a dishonest news media. Can anyone visualize something like this happening under Nixon or D. Trump. A day of reckoning is coming and everyone will pay.

  8. Biden, has enough pull TO HAVE gotten the most corrupt, people in power to have gotten him the oval office,
    This man has not doubt made other crooked politicians rich..he is the big guy, is one man/ and son that have no no scruples, and known by reputation. THEY WERE ABLE TO USE HIM AND WILLING HUNTER TO TO FISH FOR DIRTY MONEY. this man was more than wiling to sell out, America.. the crooks got a cut of the dirty pie… HE LOVES HIS TITLE..” the big guy” because he and his son are nothing but rats! THIS IS MY OPINION….

  9. Take a tip from Hunter Biden: After you have failed at everything you have ever done in your life, thros some paint on a canvas and call it art.

  10. Finger painting is also what one of my great granddaughters is good at doing. At 10 years of age I should get her an art dealer.

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