Ilhan Omar Plays Death Threat Message

Well, we all knew this was going to happen.

Some whacko threatens the life of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and it goes right back to comments made by Rep. Boebert (R-CO).

It is the perfect set-up for House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) to strip Boebert of her committee assignments.

Threatened My Life

Boebert came under significant fire after video of a local appearance made its way around social media.

In addition to having called Omar a member of the “Jihad squad,” Boebert characterized Omar as a terrorist.

Boebert and Omar got into it again when Boebert called Omar and Omar reportedly hung up on her.

Boebert then posted about the call on her social media accounts.

Omar claims this call was a direct result of that video…

Whether this call was staged or not is irrelevant because it is the perfect weapon to use against Boebert to have her committee assignments stripped.

However, I would say that call needs to be traced and the caller identified as soon as possible to make sure the call was legitimate and that whacko gets prosecuted and tossed into jail.

If the call is found to be a set-up, which I am not discounting at this point, Omar should immediately be censured, stripped of her assignments, and removed from office as quickly as possible.

This is one we will keep an eye out on over the next few days to see if that caller is actually tracked down and prosecuted.

Source: The Hill

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34 Responses

    1. Absolutely, when haters of America are voted to serve our government and they announce to the world how much they hate us it is time to cut all ties with that employee. By the way this person also gave 1+m of our tax money to her husbands business.

    1. I agree 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %

  1. How do we really know this was for real or a set up by Pelosi to give Republicans are black eye. I don’t trust these Communists.

    1. If the death threat is real, and I doubt it, the terrorist omar should expect no less!

  2. The only congress person that has been seriously attacked and physically hurt was a GOP representative and it was by a Bernie Sanders follower. So why is Bernie still in the Senate? I am from Colorado and I think Boebart has every right to criticize the Islamic idiot from MN, the voters there should be ashamed at all the hatred she has spewed from her Arabic lips, but she is still in congress. The democratic belief that all of the evils in the world came from the white Europeans is just wrong and the biggest racist lie ever. We all know every race and creed has good and bad members, yet Islamic people refuse to address the bad ones, they continue to let extremists dominate their society. That is the problem. The worst of them become their leaders rather than their jail cell occupiers.

  3. Omar is a Jihadi Terrorist and should be removed from Congress but, the Spineless House Speaker Nancy “the b***h” Pelosi is afraid of the Squad. Tlaib is another Terrorist in Congress and both should not be allowed to sit in the United States of America Congress… I say, both should be stripped of their citizenships and immediately DEPORTED to the Countries they came from, again immediately….

    1. I do not understand how persons of her political beliefs are ever allowed to hold an office in our form of government. It is obvious she does not hold the political beliefs our Constitution and Bill of Rights was created for our protection and safety.

  4. I say blame the people who voted them into office. I wonder if they even thought about who they were voting for. We will never know if the phone call was made and by who as once again swept under the rug

  5. The Democrats are the one’s that should be investigated first. All the way from Maxcine Waters, AOC, the whole squad, and Bernie among others. If you know History the real Nazi , terrorist, white supremacist and slave owners were and are Democrats.

  6. When are voters going to wake up and realize the crap person they put in office. How stupid do you have to be? Perhaps you people should not be able to vote or maybe even drive……

  7. Another FAKE for that rag top …..I hope someboby takes care of business……She is a muslin, American HATER and should be gone at all costs…She lies repeatedly about most everything she says……..VOTE HER OUT or whatever……I know she is responsible herself for that call…another politition would not be so stupid as to leave that message on rag tops phone….REALLY….


  9. It is the Demorats that decided to let forgeiners into our government, that should of never happened. As far as Omar goes I hope who ever threatened her follows through with it. I think the whole dam squard should be thrown out of our country, even Biden and Harris!

  10. I hope that is “death threat” is not true, I don’t like Omar but this is going to far if she faked tis then she needs to be removed plain and simple but I guess we will just have to wait and see

  11. Duh what’s the problem? She is definitely a enemy of America 🇺🇸 she gets what she deserves

  12. How can any LAW AND ORDER American disagree. Trace the call. If it is a fake, Ilhan has to go. I have a dollar that says the democrats will do it just as fast as the republicans.

    But. And that but is as big as Boebert’s………

    If that call is because of Loren Boebert……I hope she is charged with a felony. And kicked out of congress.

  13. My guess is a dummy call because they got it all right, everything in the message was spot on, too bad it isn’t real.

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