RBG 2016 Interview Heavily Edited to ‘Protect’ Supreme Court Justice

In 2016, Katie Couric interviewed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

It now appears as though Couric saved the best part of the interview for her book, “Going There.”

In her book, Couric admits to editing out several statements made by the late Justice to protect her.

Mainstream Media Censorship

If you recall, 2016 was when the whole anthem kneeling thing started with then-49er QB Colin Kaepernick.

During her interview with Ginsburg, Couric brought up the protests, but she apparently did not get the answer she expected.

When Ginsburg ridiculed the idea of protesting the anthem, even calling the behavior “stupid,” Couric decided to edit out even more inflammatory comments to “protect” the Supreme Court Justice from backlash.

Ginsburg also stated that she opposed the protesters who were showing “contempt for a government that has made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a decent life,” but she conceded she would support their right to do so.

Couric stated that she was “conflicted” about making the edits, but she was a “big RGB fan,” so the edits were made.

The news of the edits was not received well by journalists on both sides of the aisle.

New York Times’ Maggie Haberman stated, “This is toxic on a lot of levels.”

Reporter Ben Jacobs stated, “I too always like to omit the most newsworthy and interesting parts from all my interviews with important and powerful people.”

The Daily Mail’s Meghan McCain stated, “This is not the role of a journalist.”

She continued, “You can’t complain about distrust in the media when one of the most famous interviewers admits to rigging interviews to make liberals look good.

“I now have even more questions about her ethics in regards to interviewing conservatives.”

Media Research Center’s Jorge Bonilla stated, “The galaxy-level arrogance it must’ve taken to think that RBG needed protection from herself.”

Fox News breaks it all down in the video below…

I am not sure what Couric hoped to gain with this reveal.

Perhaps she thought the liberal horde would hold her up as a hero for protecting RBG.

If that was her intent, then why the big reveal now when it does nothing but tarnish the legacy of the Justice.

More importantly, as influential as RGB was with the left, could this have possibly changed the narrative the entire country faced at the time?

Let’s not forget many of the racist allegations against Trump came from this particular protest, yet it turns out the most prominent hero liberals had was on the same page as Trump.

Does that make her a racist too?

If this was hidden, we can only imagine what else was left on the editing room floor of major interviews by the leftist-oriented mainstream media in this country over the last five or six years.

Source: Fox News

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21 Responses

  1. Couric is just another lying personality that calls herself a “journalist”. These idiots believe their opinions are the “truth”. What a laugh. They are not worth 2 cents to stop and listen to them

    1. This site is no better than CBS and Katie Couric, it censors. Google recapcha is censoring software pure and simple. Time to push Congress to break up big tech and throw censoring decision makers in jail.

  2. Good Afternoon it just verified everything our President Donald J Trump had been saying and what I’ve been saying news media are liars and when the people of the United States start standing up for what’s the truth maybe will have a better world 🌎to live in I’m going to blame just the democrats we also have some republicans that swim 🏊🏊in the swamp right along side of the democrats remember United We Stand Divided We Fall Remember M A G A

    1. We need to get rid of the swamp gang and Republicans that don’t want to make America great again! Those people and evil democraps are derstroying our ! God bless America and her good people!country!

  3. Just more TALK !!!! When is somebody, ANYBODY, in a position of position of power to actually do something about this liberal criminal activity going to put a stop to it ???? I’m soooo tired of this constant talk talk talk without one second of action, DO SOMETHING ALREADY !!!!! # F**K JOE BIDEN !!!!

    1. You can’t see it, but I’m giving you a STANDING OVATION! I could not agree with you more.

  4. How did we get to to this sad state of affairs? It is impossible to force facts to fit a narrative based on lies, but too many people seem willing to ALWAYS leap into the world of lies and then ignore or ridicule the facts when they are exposed. Why? It is a sad state of affairs in a country as blessed and accomplished as ours….

  5. The media “protects” the person being interviewed by editing what they say, THEN “WHY THE HELL DO THE INTERVIEW?” They PROBABLY do it all the TIME without the VIEWERS KNOWLEDGE. SO WHY DO WE EVEN WATCH CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS NEWS when you only get WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO HEAR? That is why I watch only FOX!

  6. I am not surprised. For the many years she has been on air I always thought she was a phony and my instincts were correct. Not a person of integrity. The truth about her is finally coming out for all to see. For those of you who thought she could do no wrong well, I hope you changed your minds. Please don’t continue to live in denial about her. We’re all flawed including her and she is admitting it-partially. What else has she done I wonder????

  7. Unfortunately it will take we the sheeple to take whatever steps necessary to save our beloved country and become we the people again. Everyone with a brain knows the election was clearly stolen by the anti Americans in our congress and big tech multi billionaires and of course the illegal Clinton foundation and Soros himself , with Obamas being the masterminds our elections will continue to be compromised, they have gotten away with stealing the biggest election in the country so why would these evil power hungry non humans stop. Now they have millions of illegals voting and we know they will ,hence open borders.

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