President-elect of Iran Says He Won’t Meet with Biden

The Biden administration’s effort to coddle up to Iran just took another blow.

The president-elect of Iran, Judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi, has stated he will not meet with Joe Biden under current conditions.

Ironically, the man also portrayed himself as a “defender of human rights.”

Just Say No

Biden wants to play nice with Iran, but the next president of the terrorist nation says he will not meet with Biden until the pressure from the United States has been removed.

Raisi demanded, “The U.S. is obliged to lift all oppressive sanctions against Iran.”

He has further stated that Iran’s ballistic missile program is “non-negotiable.”

It can safely be said that Raisi is a radical, having played parts in mass executions in Iran dating back to 1988, when 5,000 people were slaughtered.

Yet, somehow, the media accepted his answer that he is an advocate for human rights.

The Election

How the Biden administration will handle the results of an election that was far from honest remains to be seen.

According to reports, millions of Iranians boycotted an election that they thought was fraudulent from the outset.

Of the 32.6 million ballots that were cast, 3.7 million were voided.

Of the remaining 28.9 million, Raisi was credited with winning 17.9 million of them.

His win now places hardliners in control of the government, which means the nuclear program will receive a significant push.

This puts Biden’s desire to re-enter Obama’s nuclear deal at risk and significantly heightens the tension in the Middle East.

Source: Politico

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15 Responses

  1. It’s not if joe will muck it up, it’s HOW BAD he will muck it up !!!!
    Knowing the DEMENTIA in chief, he will probably remove all sanctions, give them $$$and they will still not negotiate !!!!! You can’t expect a dummy to do something intelligent !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Two peas in a pod – guess America will still go downhill as long as the present administration stays in power !!!

  3. The US News Media is full of yellow belly cowards just like the Biden/Harris administration if full of Communistic pile of the most ROTTED MANURE

  4. The PUPPETEERS behind King O’Biden need to wake up and realize that they chose a DEAD HORSE to be the pretend president !!!!!!!!! And Kammal-Toe is NO better !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The DemonRat Criminals are in bed with these terroristic hate mongers…they really just want to lock us conservatives up…for good!

  6. We will keep seeing things like that as long as voters elect spineless politicians with no leadership skills.

  7. If Biden makes any deal with Iran or relaxes any sanctions he should be impeached and put before a military tribunal for treason. Iran’s development of ICBMs and nuclear weapons is meant to target the United States. Iran is America’s enemy as sure as it is Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s. How about a sanction from Congress or a declaration of war against Iran. That will stop this crazy old man from Delaware. Somebody, get him away from where he can do America harm.

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