ISIS Leader Told CNN About Possible Attack Two Weeks Prior

Could the attack at the Kabul airport been prevented?

That is the question everyone is now asking after a CNN interview with an ISIS-K leader aired on Friday.

In the interview, the leader told CNN journalist Clarissa Ward the group was lying in waiting to attack, yet the interview did not air until AFTER the attack, even though it had been conducted two weeks prior.

We Need Answers

The ISIS operative had informed Ward that their operatives were working within the Taliban.

Considering the Biden administration has been very open about the fact it was working with the Taliban and entrusting the safety of Americans and allies in their hands, this is information that could have used.

When you also consider that our generals openly admitted that it was sharing intelligence with the Taliban, we now have to start asking some very hard questions.

The interview below was conducted a full two weeks before the attack at Kabul.

Shockingly, CNN’s Anderson Cooper was touting the eerie nature of the words spoken by the leader, but those words should have anyone associated with this story sitting before a congressional committee…

Did CNN really keep this story on ice until after an attack for ratings?

Was this information not shared with our government and military to protect Ward’s reputation to preserve the possibility of future interviews with more terrorists?

If this interview was shared with our military leaders, why did it continue to work with the Taliban and share information knowing full well the organization had been infiltrated by ISIS-K?

Part two of that equation would be to ask why the perimeter around the airport was not extended beyond the gates if an attack such as this was imminent?

We need accountability and transparency on this, but I fear we will never get it.

Source: The Hill

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20 Responses

    1. CNN is now responsible for this attack. WHY, WHY would they interview a Terrorist?? CNN needs to be taken off the air IMMEDIATELY!!

  1. I think CNN felt they could recover viewership by airing this exclusive interview. Another stupid action by someone asleep at the wheel. Remember when Geraldo Rivera got censored for airing what he understood to be US troop movements? CNN should be banned from any more on air reports of enemy or terrorists until they start worrying more about the potential tragedies their backward priorities cause, and less about their loss of ratings which they bring upon themselves.

  2. REALLY !!!
    The Blame for all of this falls on Biden. PERIOD
    Biden is not mentally and physically fit to be in charge of
    the Greatest Country in the World.

  3. This is something that probably has more than one angle. Telling the general public may not have been too smart. Not telling our government would be really stupid. Did they tell the government? If yes, what did the government do.

  4. I have said for over 10 years that cnn is a treasonous organization and many of their employees should be in prison! cnn is not to be believed on any of their views and should be shut down because of their lies and treasonous activities!
    Nobody listens!

  5. Cooper is a traitor and nothing more than human scum. May he soon get what is coming to him.

  6. I`ll call anyone who listens to CNN insane. The leader in false information and money first before the facts. Do u sit to listen to Anderson Cooper? Well, that’s what u get.

  7. Be interesting to see if any members of the CNN survive the first day of the 2nd American civil war

  8. A civil war is what is required and necessary…and remember …TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!!

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