Israel Supplied Biden with ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence for Bombing AP Building

This week, some dramatic video showed up of Israel taking out a building that housed the AP, among other media agencies.  

There was immediate outrage on the left over the bombing, as though Israel targeted journalists instead of terrorists.  

The Biden administration has been relatively quiet on this front, and it now appears that is because Israel provided the administration with “smoking gun” evidence to support the bombing. 

Hamas HQ Targeted 

The video was an astounding demonstration of the pinpoint accuracy of Israeli missiles. 

Netanyahu targeted the Gaza tower, which housed several media outlets, including AP and Al Jazeera.  

However, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu also stated that it houses Hamas operatives and has for some time.  

Members of Congress on the left and numerous media outlets were outraged over the strike, but Biden has been hiding in his cellar all weekend, barely saying a word about it. 

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi may have provided the reason for Biden’s silence.  

He stated, “We showed them the smoking gun proving Hamas worked out of that building. 

“I understand they found the explanation satisfactory.” 

While the left was outraged, most other countries seemed to know the “other” occupants of the building. 

One ministry official stated, “From an analysis the Foreign Ministry did [Sunday], 80 percent of the 90 countries we spoke to in recent days released official statements supporting Israel’s right to defend itself. They aren’t calling to stop the operation.” 

Prime Minister Netanyahu also defended the strike and explained the report that surfaced that he allegedly refused a peace deal that Egypt was trying to broker… 

For the record, before the attack, Israel Defense Forces had ordered the building evacuated of all residents, stating that Hamas was using both the journalist and residents as a “human shield.” 

It added, “The terror organization Hamas deliberately places its military assets in the heart of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.  

“Prior to the attack, the IDF warned the civilians who were in the building and gave them sufficient time to evacuate.” 

Shockingly, the majority of outlets reporting this right now are alternative media, with most mainstream media outlets continuing to feed the narrative of the left in Congress.  

Sources: New York Post & Breitbart 

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