BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Sickest Deception Was Just Exposed – It’s All a Lie…

Hillary Clinton is such a crooked woman, that even when she has time to plot out her responses without a camera or microphone in her face, she can’t do it.

Instead, she’d rather lie.

Hillary Clinton has been caught spreading deceptive information on Twitter.

The reason? She was trying to prove a liberal point.

You’ll notice that almost all of them have a VERY hard time pulling that off while sticking to the truth.

Their wicked witch of a leader is no different.

Her tweet consisted of this:

“It’s the guns” causing crimes.

Really? And not the mentally unstable wackos you’ve created by destroying the idea of God, family, and morals in America?

No, let’s blame the things that literally allowed us to create this great country.

If it weren’t for our guns to protect us against British tyranny, you’d be drinking disgusting tea right now.

Tea isn’t good, and I am very suspicious of anyone who claims that hot tea floats their boat. You should drink something more American, like coffee. Or motor oil.

Uh, okay. She just left off any country America is better than.

Where’s Mexico?

Despite having stricter gun laws and a homicide rate over five times America’s, Hillary’s chart didn’t include them.

Don’t stress out wondering why, the answer is simple: it would have ruined her fearmongering.

Source: Breitbart

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4 Responses

  1. Maybe she is talking about her husband in other ways. Her husband has cheated on her more than most American married women. Is that her point? Then she is truthful.

  2. Hillary Clinton is corrupt…”CROOKED HILLARY” from President Trump was being kind. When is Hillary going to be charged for her crimes?? Her husband is NO SAINT either!

    1. Hillary Clinton is more than corrupts, Hillary is vile, hateful, unkind, a person who should never in her life be trusted. To think of the things she has done and gotten away with is astonishing. Hillary is as low as a slithering ground worm.

  3. Haven’t you idiots learned nobody gives two hoots in hell how much money you’ve earned, anyway all your trying to do is scam people. So take all your earnings and shove them up your butt 🖕

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The fact that the White House Press team won’t admit that Biden became confused and made a mistake here is really crazy.

Then again, Kamala says the border is secure and Biden says inflation is 0%. The Democrats lie about everything because the truth is so bad for them

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