Press Secretary Jen Psaki Embarrassed by Fox News’ Peter Doocy

Peter Doocy has been doing an above-average job in keeping the heat on this administration during press conferences.

I would give him an outstanding grade if he asked better follow-up questions and did not let Biden and Psaki off the hook when they give deflection answers, but at least he is hitting them.

He did it again this week, asking Psaki to justify guns being blamed when non-gun crime stats are going through the roof in blue states.

How Do You Explain…

The exchange itself is rather amusing when you consider the reaction from the left as well as the actual answers that were given by Psaki.

To me, the new modern standard for press secretary has to be Kayleigh McEnany.

Whether you loved her or hated her, there is simply no denying that the woman came prepared every day to answer the question that was asked.

Keep that in mind as you watch this exchange between Doocy and Psaki, specifically how Psaki deflects away from the specific crime categories Doocy was asking about…

Psaki had some interesting facts, although not a single one of them was relevant to the crimes or cities mentioned by Doocy in his question.

When it comes to cash bail, how does she not have an answer when Biden, just the other day, called for the ending of cash bail.

Again, she deflected away talking about things that have nothing to do with the actual question that was asked.

If Psaki is going to use these pressers as a pulpit rather than providing real answers to the American people, what exactly is the point of continuing to hold them?

Again, great questions from Doocy, but he needs to follow up hard and demand answers to the actual questions that were asked and not allow Psaki to wiggle out of a jam by going off on a tangent.

Source: The Blaze – Facebook

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  1. So a gun walks into a bar…says never mind the fool with me, give me your money! Lmao

  2. Has anyone else noticed that the right is better looking? Their parents must not have cared enough to tell them that scowl will grow on their face, so now look at them! Nasty rotten spoiled kids to this day 80 some years later in pelosis case eeewwww! Nasty hag!

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