Jen Psaki Gender Shames Reporter

With the Supreme Court upholding the Texas abortion law, everyone in the White House is a little testy.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been under considerable stress spinning the Afghanistan debacle, so it was not surprising to see her completely lose her cool.

The question that set her off was regarding Biden’s faith and his hypocritical stance on abortion.

Psaki Snaps

To set the stage for this, you have to remember that Joe Biden tries to sell himself as a devout Catholic.

However, now he fully supports all abortions, all the time.

This is no longer a matter of health care, but just making abortions available for anyone at any time.

Owen Jensen, a DC reporter for Eternal Word Television Network, which airs Catholic-focused programming, asked, “Following up on the Texas law, why does the president support abortion when his own Catholic faith teaches abortion is morally wrong?”

That sent Psaki right over the edge, gender shaming the man, which again, I find rather ironic considering liberals are now working out gender-neutral terms for breastfeeding and giving birth.

Watch Psaki’s reaction to the question in the video below…

Her gender shaming did not go unnoticed by conservatives…

With the Supreme Court allowing the law to stand, albeit conceding the law can still be challenged, numerous red states are already looking at putting like legislation in place.

The question now remains if this law energizes Democrats to come out during mid-terms to keep enough Democrats in office that would allow for more challenges and the possible packing of the Supreme Court.

Source: New York Post

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13 Responses

  1. What si totally and completely lost in this narrative is the fact that a woman, since Roe v. Wade, in most states in the USA can “choose” to abort a living human being that is half the father’s DNA, contribution to his or her humanity, and HE HAS NO RIGHT TO TELL HER NOT TO! While many abortions are done at the urging of the father, ignorantly, self-serving enough, those who are heartbroken (and they are more than we know) have no recourse. Too often the deed is done and he only hears about it thereafter. Someone should tell Ms. Psaki that there is much more involved in abortion than just the death of a human child (which should certainly be quite enough) but the rights of the child’s father, even their grandparents as well. A woman “chooses” to bear child when she spreads her legs, 99.999999% to nth degree of the time, NOT any other reason….

    1. You are so right. What gets me, how many of these aborted babies could had grown to make GREAT discoveries or been another Albert Einstein?? NOW, let me get off topic a little. PRO abortion groups and Politicians say, “ITS A WOMAN’S BODY, ITS HER CHOICE!!” We all will die and many will come down with devastating health conditions that will cause pain, financially distroy the person and their families and much more. If “MY BODY, MY CHOICE” is ok for a woman to use that excuse to kill a pre-born baby why can’t a person, lets say 65 or older walk into a clinic, sign a few forms and get what they need to end THEIR life in a painless, peaceful and dignified manner?? Why must we have to wait for an illness that will totally turn your world upside down and bring suffering to not only you but your love ones?? MY BODY, MY CHOICE” RIGHT??? Give me your thoughts on this.

      1. I have wondered why “death with dignity” is only something for the wealthy! Euthanasia no longer has anything to do with the Hippocratic Oath. Most Drs are not Christian, and are in it for the money! That is why we don’t have Euthanasia! For the rich, just fly to Switzerland and take a jab! The AMA will never allow this and will fight it, and since US doctors are ALL MILLIONAIRES, they donate heavily to the DEM party! You can’t even get a “do not revive” order unless you pay a fortune to a lawyer, so that may as well be illegal for average people. After seeing my father die a long, panful death, I certainly support Euthanasia. Some deeply religious people may disagree, but I think our technology has exceeded our ability to use it in a truly moral fashion. There will be no law to kill a suffering person, but that person, or his/her family should have the right to end the suffering of a loved one.

        1. Thank you for your thoughts. I think that there are a couple of states that if you have 6 months or less too live you can get something that will end your life. Why do we have to wait for death?? I am 70, in good health and I even have women hitting on me at the Senior Center BUT, I do know that day will come within 10, 15 year and I don’t want too suffer.

      2. Your body. Your choice. It was your choice from the time you CHOSE to remove your underpants and spread your legs, KNOWING that the CONSEQUENCE of your freedom of choice IS GETTING PREGNANT. MY QUESTION is: WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY for the CONSEQUENCE of YOU EXERCISING YOUR freedom of choice?

  2. I dont know, seeing pissaki, bitem and piglisi makes me think that maybe there is a place for post birth abortion! Whats the difference in killing at 6 weeks or 80 years old? Does chicago have abortions every weekend on the streets?

  3. So you can kill a baby thats ok but when it comes to taking a biological agent which is still experimental and has adversely effected over six hundred thousand people from death and permanent damage to there body’s from taking this shot and you have a 13 to one better advantage if you had COVID-19 to not catching it again over the shot look at the Israelis they did a study with 2.5 million people about this very fact look it up they are feeding all of us garbage!

  4. America is in trouble, because God’s commandments have been pushed out! thou shalt not kill.. However most of Washington, law makers..may be atheist.! and DOC baby killers, only see money. Has America..BECOME the new Sodom and Gomorrah, or the new Babylon?..just wondering..let us pray and know God shall not be mocked.. read REV 19;17-27

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