Jill Biden Treated for Foot Puncture at Walter Reed

Jill Biden is apparently back from her little trip to Tokyo to see the Olympics.

However, her pitstop in Hawaii landed her a trip to the hospital to treat a foot injury.

The First Lady had to undergo a procedure at Walter Reed to have some type of object removed that had become lodged in her foot from a stroll along a Hawaiian beach.

Successful Procedure

While Biden was in Hawaii, she reportedly visited a pop-up vaccination spot, then headed over to a BBQ at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

Somewhere along the line, she must have stepped on something that became lodged in her foot.

Joe Biden joined his wife on a trip to Walter Reed to treat the puncture wound.

Biden’s spokesperson Michael LaRosa stated, “After inspection of the wound by medical staff, it is unclear what object caused the puncture.

“The wound is now clean, free of infection and it is anticipated that it will heal nicely.”

Source: New York Post

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56 Responses

  1. Who gives a crap. Dementia Joe has a foreign object stuck in his brain every day.

    Jill is guilty of elder abuse

    1. How is fat dony doing?. You could laugh all you want. The fact is JOE BIDEN WON.. CRAZY DONALD LOST… HAHAHAHAH

      1. It appears that you are in need of a deprogramming. I am waiting to see that the Arizona audit will de-certify the November 3rd election. It will also happen in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Then let’s see who actually won? According to the popular vote count Dementia Joe is a more popular President than his former boss. He also won fewer counties then his former boss. Biden won 477 counties, Obama won 689 counties. Here is another fact that you failed to realize, Biden won 477 counties, while Trump won 2,497 counties. So those 477 counties garnered 81,282,903 votes. If you do the math those counties have an average population of 178404 voters. That is very unlikely.

      2. Goes to show how you leftist are always derogatory get IVER IT they stole the election no matter how many times you say he didn’t THEY DID!!!!! And how FAT ARE YOU … CHUBS

      3. You know he did not win……..he stole it……..just like a criminal steals things!

        How many ballots did you fill in?

      4. Dony? Tell me, little leftist, are you doing better with Biden destroying every thing that makes this country work or were you doing better with DONALD TRUMP who made this country work. Think about, take your time. Dont want you to get a headache.

    2. Jill and the democrat party are all guilty of elder abuse and I can’t believe the agency for the elderly have not investigated this situation. They would if it were anyone else. Double standard ! Sad, sad exploiting an old man for greed and political gain. Jill you are so sorry and corrupt. We are the laughing stock of the world all because of your selfishness!

    3. agree with you janie. there both nuts biden and his idiot wife having her husband joe biden to run for presidency.

    1. Thank you for making me laugh!! Your comment made my day. Why is this news? Wish I had the benefit of going to Hawaii. I don’t give a damn about this woman or her senile, demented husband.

  2. If she hadn’t used taxpayer money to make this unnecessary stop, she wouldn’t have hurt her foot!

  3. She just want to make herself look good when she went to Hawaii, to bad she only puncture her foot and not her head.

  4. I really could care less about Dr…Biden.Joe Biden is a very sick man/ this Dr……Biden is a neglectful , money hungry bore. Her husband is sick. What wedding vows. She is a joke. Unfortunately Joe Biden doesn’t know where he is. He has dementia. Dr. Biden is having an affair.

  5. Did she get jabbed in the foot with a discarded unwanted vaccine she keeps pushing on everyone?

  6. She is not really a doctor she said her brainless husband save her that to make her look and feel good about herself. They are all crooks all the Biden

  7. Word is ,,, slut , street walking Jill imbedded an extra large butte plug that disappeared and it had to be surgically removed . Also , before she went under , she asked the doctors to fix her long flappy labias because they were getting stuck in Sniffer , CREEPY Joes nose !!!

  8. Gee to bad it was not a hypodermic needle that had a fatal infection on it. One less crook to worry about

  9. Have we in America stooped so low that all we can do is spew words of hate at anything and everything we disagree on. I’m not a Biden fan, but this woman has done NOTHING to deserve these filthy comments!

  10. ….hello!?!?
    Karma, ya?
    the US has a vp, right?!?!
    this woman is not an elected official or designated to represent the US.
    she wanted to be burdens paid caregiver, should’ve been home where she BELONGS!

    1. your right jojo?why is jill biden flying everywere without her husband? she is another nut job.we sure miss the trumps. especially melania she was the real first lady.just think we have to wait for a few more years until trump wins again in 2024. hope these demorats are out in 2022?boy do we miss president trump.god bless president trump and our first lady melania.

  11. She probably got her foot infected, pulling it out of her mouth and snagged it on a false tooth.

  12. She probably got her foot infection by pulling it out of her mouth and snagging it on a broken false tooth….

  13. Jill needs more then a treatment on her foot !
    Sick family
    I thought the Olympics said NO spectators?

  14. Foot injury? Are you kidding? He needs a brain transplant. The one he has was defective all along and now doesn’t work at all. A mule has more brains in his derriere than the former vice president has in his whole body.

    1. nancy pelosi needsto be fired now.running a corrupt committee january 6th, she is to blame.she knew trump was coming to speak to the people.she is the blame she didnt want any police that day. its her she has to be removed now with her disgraceful mob.pelosi stick your mask were the sunshines.liz cheney and zinginger stop kissing up to peosi.your both disgraceful also.kinzinger crying feeling sorry for the police officer for that day. grow up and be a man. i feel sorry for ashli babbet who shot and killed her,my heart goes out to the babbet family ashli didnt have a gun.and these two losers are crying over the policeman that shot her.cry for the babbet family.

  15. She thinks shes a doctor
    Joe thinks hes president
    Fauci thinks hes a scientist
    Harris thinks she has worth
    Man! What happens to peoples minds inside the DC pentagram that they go completely nuts?

  16. Woke people here is your new words you love closet fairy’s take that word stuff up your rectum


  18. I see there’re so many children posting here. I’m an ardent opposer of Pres. Biden, BUT, she’s a member of our leader’s family, even if we don’t think he became leader fairly. The Scriptures tell us to pray for our leaders, not to enjoy harm to them.

    So I pray that Mrs. Biden is healed and that He give Mr. Biden wisdom. I also pray that the election results be corrected.

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