Jim Jordan Announces Investigations at Top of GOP List for Democrats

Republicans are very confident they are going to take back Congress in 2022.

That being the case, investigations are reportedly already being ramped up as soon as power changes hands.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is already putting Dems on notice as to whom is at the top of that list.

Get Ready for It

One of the biggest bombshells that hit during the pandemic was the gain of function research allegedly funded by our government and approved by Dr. Fauci.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) gave Fauci ample opportunities to own up to this, but he remained defiant.

It even went so far that his agency redefined gain-of-function to support his position… next exactly the way things are supposed to work.

Don’t worry, though, because it may not be long before Fauci is held accountable.

Jordan stated, “The top investigation — which I think will primarily be done on the Oversight Committee — is on Fauci and the gain of function and the lab leak, which is the most likely scenario how we got this virus.

“That’s kind of oversight you’re supposed to do, not this crazy January 6 political attack that they’re doing.

“If the Democrats go down this road of kicking Republicans off committees, trying to put a good man in prison, like Mark Meadows — they shouldn’t do this stuff — but if they’re going to, if they’re going to cross this bridge, if it’s good enough for one side, it should apply to the other as well.”

That is just the beginning, too.

Jordan also has the DOJ and Attorney General Merrick Garland on his radar, so nobody is safe here.

And you better believe this will go right up to Joe and Hunter Biden as well.

All we need to do is get through the following year, then the fun really starts!

You can hear Jordan’s full interview in the podcast below.

Are you excited about 2023 and finally getting some answers?

Tell us what you want investigated first in the comments section below.

Source: Breitbart

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35 Responses

  1. Who will keep track of how the RATs stuff ballots or sign up the illegals or every trick in the book will be done. Keep your eye open I’m sure the do have several crooked tricks up their sleeve. They are the dirtyest bunch in our history, and it has been going on for a long time.

  2. 2022 can not go by fast enough for any true American. One would hope that the people would be held accountable for their actions or lack there of.

  3. I just hope the Republicans have the backbone to do as they are now saying they will do. It is critical for our country to have the dems that have brought our country down held accountable and given the proper punishment for their crimes. And they have committed crimes against our country. I think it is called TREASON.

    1. That will NEVER HAPPEN !!!! They ALL are POLITICIANS !!! That means that they will ALL cover up for each other !! The ONLY WAY to finally put a stop to this criminal schitt is to put them SIX FEET UNDER !!! IT MUST BE DONE !!! YOU CAN’T ARREST AND CONVICT CANCER !!! F**K JOE BIDEN !!!

  4. It’s about fu***G time. First should be the ‘ol hag and the street sweeper. And next should be ‘bubble’ head, who falsified papers. With those bulging eyes, he needs to be on another space ship to Mars, on TV, for us to see how big they can really get. I’m sure there are others. But let’s start with three (3)’, and go down the list.

    OK Jim, lets go get them!


    1. So far all we have is a bunch of TALK !!!! WE SHALL SEE !!! I say that a “DIRT NAP” is the ONLY way !!!!
      F**K JOE BIDEN !!!

  5. It is a dirty shame that the people who were arrested for the 1-6 insurrections were put in prison with no bail hearing are still being held in horrible conditions when rapists and rioters are being let loose. Do something about this.

    1. The ever relentless gangs occupying cities in Oregon and Washington, need to be imprisoned as well as the rioters who decided , ahem’ white privilege is a free ticket to abandon all reasoning, destroying peoples property as well as their lively hood!!

  6. I’d like to see Eric Swalwell and the Fang Fang spy scenario as well as the illegal phone subpoena conducted by Adam Schiff besides the others already planned to be investigated by Rep. Jim Jordan.

  7. Oh don’t forget Maxine Walters she needs to be stripped of all her committees if not impeached! There are so many demorats to pay back let’s not forget them AOC needs to go by by too!!!

    1. Water’s attempting influence and intimidate the jury in the Chauvin case is clearly obstruction of Justice and warrants an active sentence. Her tirades about confronting people and “getting up in their faces” is incitement to riot, and warrants jail time. I would like an investigation into the federal funds she and her family received to start a bank.

  8. Clinton’s. FBI. DOj. AG. Poloski. Adam Scrimp. ( the liar ). Biden’s Etc etc. I mean where to you start. Let’s start locking them up. Bring balances and justices back to US. This is the only way to bring honor back to our systems any thing else won’t work.

  9. Start with Hitlary and all her evil deeds with all her compadres including their Megaphone parrot MSM pushing propaganda that kept lies in news on Trump for first 4 yrs of his presidency and stopping him at every step . Schitt and Swalwell as well .

    Also investigate Biden’s best voting fraud organization that he bragged about and how they were ones that had an insurrection on Nov 3, 2020 and put their Marxist regime in office without the votes . I know this prbly won’t be printed but people need to know Trump won by over 80% of the votes and the Marxists did a coup !

  10. It’s all talk until it’s done! We’ll just have to wait and see. Not much confidence going on past history

  11. The Afghanistan withdraw is a start , insider trading Piglosi, the squads defund the police, DOJ going after parents.

  12. All of the ones that he said, Obama, Bill Clinton, Mark Zukerberg, Kamala Harris, AOC, Tliaib, Omar and George Soros.

  13. We can only pray that Justice will prevail and these vicious democrats will pay their dues. Republicans must never forget the lies and conspiracy stories they and the liberal media ran with for 5 years

  14. So many democrats are choosing to retire or leave public service makes one wonder if the are afraid of pending investigations by republicans as the reason for leaving

  15. TALK IS CHEAP, ACTION speaks much louder than words !!! What makes you people think that suddenly the COWARDS are going to grow a pair, they haven’t for all these years and have allowed all this schitt to happen. MAYBE IT’S TIME FOR US DEPLORABLES TO RISE UP AND PUT A FEW THOUSAND OF THEM IN THE GROUND !!!

  16. Fire Fauci with no pension. Not one penny of our taxes should go to pay him! Then Investigate him last.
    First, Nancy & what she’s responsible for on January 6th & the death of a veteran who she purposely disgraced!
    Second & Third, Biden & Hunter!
    And a unified collaboration of investigations that swiftly fire all top officials in the pentagon, CIA, FBI, NSA & Homeland Security!!
    Build a special jail to house them all!

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  18. Yes I am very hopeful for the mid-term elections and if the GOP does well and can take back control of both houses then I would start at the tope of this administration and work my way down, it would be a long list

  19. Investigate Hunter and his old man, before they have an opportunity to destroy all the evidence, like Killary did!!

  20. With a liberal press that will not be honest in its reporting it is nearly impossible for the citizenry to be properly informed. There are so few neutral news outlets that much of the population is constantly exposed to news and opinion which is mis-leading at best and dishonest at worst.

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