Jim Jordan Slams Big Tech Over First Amendment Rights

Over the last two years, there has been a major crackdown on the conservative voice.

The Democrat narrative has allowed big tech to more or less paint every right-wing outlet as racist, regardless if it is an extreme faction or moderate.

The fact that the group is associated with conservatives is about all it takes to have it banned these days, which is what Rep. Jordan (R-OH) was so upset about.

First Amendment Rights

Even when it gets uncomfortable, we must respect the First Amendment.

Right now, the right makes Democrats uncomfortable, so they are trying to silence the conservative voice completely.

Jordan addressed this, stating in part, “And then, of course, the canceled culture issue, this idea that, you know, I always asked it this way, do you have a functioning First Amendment when only one side is allowed to talk?

“Do you have free speech when only the left can define what can be said?

“So that’s the situation Maria in the Judiciary Committee should be focused on those two issues.

“Instead, they pass radical things like defund the police, federal control of elections, and now an amnesty bill without having the kind of hearings you’re supposed to have on Capitol Hill in the United States Congress.”

You can see his full segment in the video below…

Source: Breitbart

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16 Responses

  1. It’s sorta what we get for relying on leftist (progressive? NO, why does that term have any relevance to them?) huge monopolies (Facebook, Twitter, etc,) that have gained a position to censor, edit or whatever they disapprove? When they can shut off the President it’s gone way too far and they need to be taken apart. When you post anything about yourself, opinions, etc. you play into their hands.

    1. Oh, does Jordan want to take away our guns, believe in abortions up until the birth date of babies; think there are 100,000 different genders, believe Biden is in his right mind, is happy about the election fraud, etc. etc.?

    2. Remember when you point a finger at anyone for what you think they are, you have three fingers pointing back at yourself!

  2. It’s illegal it even says it in the word illegal aliens so they are aiding and abetting illegal activity

  3. Something to ponder:
    The Amendmnts only apply to government, to keep the governent from becoming tyrannical, not to be used to suppress the free speach of citizens. Otherwise why would it be said; I may not agree with what you say, but will fight to the death your right to say it.

  4. This Country is at boiling point on libs. Biden on purpose is destroying America along with certain other communists. We won’t last till next election. President Trump has never conceded, just a few more rallies and Dems over with and The real President with Americans and Military backing take back America from these hateful scum.

  5. This is why we are a democracy, why all ideals are to be valued, all freedoms are to be protected as well as the veterans that have been left behind by self centered greedy presidents that start wars at our cost and leave the injured out in the cold !! This outrageous act of politics must be stamped out of our lives completely. Then enforced that it never gets this bad a gain !!! Military enforced policed politics !!! that will stop the Medea bull and give you the truth !!

  6. This is the man, Rep. Jordan (R-OH) Republicans need to support to win by any means necessary. If they lose him and Dr. Rand Paul of Kentucky, they ar finished. Finito. Done. The two people ar the warriors that make the American people still clued to the Republican party and that the Democrats ar much afraid of. They ar scared of these two gentlemen. They speak the truth and will go after the truth no matter what the situation. America loves you guys. Keep fighting for us..

  7. Mr. Jordan has my full admiration, I love when he takes hold of truth and beats the hell out of these corrupt pols. We have a tough road to hoe going forward to straighten out the corruption at the top. Sad, infuriating, frustrating, how much work we have to get ethics back in govt, federal and local. We need more Jordans. We support you Mr Jordan.

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