Joe Biden Indicated Possible Strongarming for Medical Treatment of Friend

Hey, it is not what you know, it is who you know, right?

And, when you are a friend of Joe Biden, you get special treatment even when others have been waiting in the emergency room far longer than you.

When you are Joe Biden, you do not even try to hide the fact you may have put other lives in danger to help out a friend.

This is Joe Biden…

Joe Biden just confessed to abuse of power and strong-arm tactics, and he does not even realize it.

Biden was in Illinois on Thursday, giving a speech at a construction site of a major Democrat donor.

He was pushing business owners to enforce vaccine mandates, and, once again, he decided to interject a personal story that may or may not be true.

In the process, Biden confessed to using his influence as the sitting president to help a friend, which is 100 percent illegal and, technically, an abuse of power, which is an impeachable offense.

Biden said the wife of a close friend was at a crowded hospital waiting room, so he threw his weight around to have her seen before the others in line.

Biden stated, “Last night, I was on the telephone with a person at an emergency hospital ward in Pennsylvania because a good friend had called, and he had rushed his significant other to the emergency room because this woman was having trouble breathing, had a high fever, and could not catch her breath.

“They got her into the hospital. The waiting room was so crowded, things were so backed up they couldn’t even get her to be seen initially.

“So, because I knew this person, I called. I called the desk receiving nurse and asked what the situation was.

“To make long story short, it took a while because all of the – not all – the vast majority of the emergency rooms and docs were occupied taking care of COVID patients.

“I bet every one of you can name somebody who got sent to the hospital with something other than COVID and couldn’t get it taken care of.”

First, as stated, this is flat-out abuse of power.

Second, COVID hospitalizations are down across the country right now, with a nationwide average showing a decline of 12 percent, so this story may not even be true.

Third, if the story is true, I am just wondering how the people that had been waiting for hours felt when Joe’s buddy and his wife were escorted to the front of the line because Joe’s buddy’s wife was far more important, obviously, than the rest of the people waiting for care.

So, now we will wait to hear Jen Psaki tell us what Joe Biden really meant to say during today’s press briefing, as I am sure she will have some brilliant spin ready to go.

Source: Fox News

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40 Responses

  1. well what more would one expect from a low life cheater and thief. BIDEN CHEATED AND STOLE THE ELECTION !

    1. Abuse of power is an impeachable offense, YAWN, from washington, but make up lies about 45,Washington is all over it 24/7/365.

    2. Just a word of advice, I teach CPR and if you feel the need to go to the Emergency room call 911 and let an ambulance take you, you will get right in.

  2. Of course, if one of “us” did it we would be thrown in prison! What’s good for the gander should be good for the goose!

  3. GOVERNMENT butting into privacy of families AND schools is over-riding legality, and MOST REAL AMERICANS BELIEVE IT IS OBSCENE AND OVERFLOWING WITH HATRED BY LEFTISTS. I, among thousands of REAL AMERICANS despise this obscene rule. STOP IT, AND STOP IT NOW!

    1. Kathy – it takes INFORMED voters to stop these things…the ONLY WAY to straighten up this country is for conservative to over populate the blue states to turn them RED…THEN things can be fixed…in actuality, we must do the SAME thing liberals have done for decades…keep our children aware of conservativism is what will save our country then get them to become TEACHERS because that is what liberals did…overwhelmed the schools from pre-k to extended degrees full of liberal teachers & professors…conservatives MUST do the same —the ONLY way!!! Encourage kids to be the new heroes, become teachers and TURN THE COUNTRY AROUND!!!

  4. None of this endless talk really means anything at all, as long as we have a bunch of candy a$$ed panzies in the Republican Party, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will ever be done about anything the liberal Democrats do !!!! Thy KNOW that the GOP will NEVER grow a pair and actually do anything, no matter what they do. When are we going to get someone in office that actually will put US first and go after these Liberal Democrat criminals ??? I am getting so tired of seeing these little overpaid do nothing creeps telling us that they are “doing all they can” to protect OUR way of life and allowing US to have OUR rights slowly taken away, it’s time for US t throw these RINO COWARDS out of OUR PARTY !!!! It’s long past time for US to take OUR country back, by force if that’s what it takes !!!

    1. We already did put someone in office that was doing things about the corruption in politics and in America. He always put America and Americans first. He also won the 2020 election that was rife with fraud. Joe Biden is not the president; he is a usurper. Donald J. Trump won that election, and that by a landslide. History will prove it, and, by the way, politicians are not the only ones who need to grow a pair. Americans need to stand up to what is going on in our country and address it. Bad things happen when good men do nothing.

    2. There are only a hand full of people in the GOP that will stand up for what is right. The rest, as you say, just sit on their hands and do nothing. WHY IS THIS MAN STILL POTUS????? President Trump would have been impeached for doing just one illegal thing Biden has done. Wake Up. Our country is turning Communist.

    3. Just let us know when and where, will be there to defend and put an end to the leftist communist government. being that our congressman and senators are sleeping and not putting any action, all blah blah blah. Enough is enough. Overdue, if we don’t take action we won’t have a country .
      USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 💪

    4. I agree with you, Our Republican Party needs to grow a few and start acting like strong people about to change my side to Independent instead of Republican.

    5. The Problem is the GOP we have are ancient and too late to grow real balls, because they are already dried up and wrinkle. Let’s get men like 45 who besides being at age has them really big and strong. He never backed down

  5. Biden (BiDumb), The BULLY! He is like a three-year-old, playing in a Sandbox, who doesn’t get his own way!
    And he is SUPPOSEDLY “running” (or should I say), RUINING, this Great Country, by HIS lack of intelligent comments, and being led by HIS Handlers and those doing HIS Thinking, for Him.
    AND, HE remains in Office, while Those who are supposedly leading OUR Country, (how does one Spell CONGRESS???), DO NOTHING!!!

  6. As the new American slogan, f*** Biden is more important now, nothing is surprising about what this moron says or does.

  7. This is stupid as Biden should be impeached for several offenses to the Country: Aiding & Abetting the INVASION of the Country, Destroying America’s ENERGY INDEPENDENCE, taking Millions from the communists in CHINA—as well as Moscow’s Mayor’s Ex-Wife—as a pay to play scheme involving his son Hunter——-ALL IMPEACHABLE ACTS. The same crap was pulled by the MEDIA when Bill Clinton went down over an Intern going down when the real crime was selling (for private gain) ROCKET TECHNOLOGY TO CHINA—ChinaGate.

  8. Hey dumbo j.r. justice. With dumbo crats in power in D.C. ,Republicans do have the balls but can’t beat your commies. The dumbo crats won’t do anything to Biden but cry and protect this bumbling fool. So shut your dumbo mouth, you are just as stupid as biden.

  9. Secret – be taken in by the ambulance. You are gone then head of the line but may not be immediately seen when in ER but you have a bed and are in.

  10. Mafia Joe is so used to abusing his power and getting away with it, he just takes it for granted. When you believe yourself above the law, you don’t worry about petty little things like legality, you like Joe, just expect nothing to b e done about it, and, so far h is right.

    1. The Republicans do not have the numbers needed to Impeach Biden and Company, in either house of Congress, when Pelosi made up charges and tried to impeach President Trump, she had the numbers in the house. But they did not have the numbers in the Senate, thus Trump was acquitted. Hopefully things will change in 2022 if the country survives that long.

  11. If biden said he did it, he did it, and in doing so removed the 5th Amendment of self incrimination from his defence. Take him tocriminal court, get a felony conviction and out the door he goes as he is also in violation of the constitutional requirement of holding an office of trust and honor.

  12. GO VOTE THEM OUT! IF YOU CAN GO TO WALMART, THE GROCERY STORE ,Gas Station or anywhere else, YOU CAN GO VOTE !! Everyone use a PHOTO !D and A VOTER REGERSTRATION Card with YOUR NAME ON IT !! Make a CHANGE IN 2022.

  13. If the whole country Stop paying taxes ,you would see some QUICK changes in how the whole government is RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean EVERYONE. The only thing they understand and want is POWER and the Illegeal VOTE so they do nothing, forget them. THAT IS WHY THE BOARDER IS WIDE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking for their VOTES.

  14. OMG, this email says if you don’t want to receive emails from this place, you can unsubscribe at the bottom………….WHERE???? I can’t believe I got sent this information. I don’t subscribe to ignorant, racist, anti-democratic BS. Then, as I scroll down to the bottom to unsubscribe, I read all these absolutely IGNORANT posts from IGNORANT, UNDEREDUCATED people. Oh, people, please don’t put in writing things you don’t want the world to read!!!! You all flaunt your ignorance like you are proud of it. Get me OFF this email list. I can’t believe there are this many ignorant people in this country!!!

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