Former Intelligence Officer Says Biden May Have Emboldened China

The Joe Biden show during the G7 summit and Putin meeting was not exactly stellar.

Many have questioned just how much Biden hurt the United States with his performance.

Among the intelligence and security experts ringing the alarm is Rebekah Koffler, who stated that China was “elated” at its position after seeing Biden’s performance.

Emboldening Our Enemies

Joe Biden did not want to do a joint press conference with Putin after their meeting.

The consensus is that Joe Biden did not want to look foolish with Putin standing next to him, but the fact Putin was then able to trash the United States in a solo press conference afterward has many shaking their head at the strategy.

Koffler was among them, stating, “Allowing Putin to berate and discredit us in a solo press conference is quite a mistake for the Biden administration.

“To give them that ability, China comes out on top.”

Former CIA Moscow station chief Daniel Hoffman agreed, stating, “Putin got what we wanted, which was a big summit before his parliamentary elections.

“I think China’s happy that Russia is such a thorn in our side. We take so much of our time and our energy and our resources to deal with Russia we have less to deal with China.”

Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute Hal Brands added, “The United States would like its relationship with Russia to be more stable and quieter so it can focus on China – Putin knows that.

“That gives Putin an incentive to be disruptive so he can try and raise the price the United States has to pay for calm in its relationship with Russia.”

No matter how you slice it, this was a complete disaster for both Biden and this country, with both China and Russia getting a significant boost.

Source: Fox News

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11 Responses

  1. Joe Biden is a traitor. Impeachment for him and his administration. Enough. Military needs to arrest the defense Secretary, he a traitor destroying our military with his transgender crap.

  2. The Biden family has been in bed with China for along time now. So the idiots and cheaters who helped him get in office need to get their copy of Chinese for dummies cause they are not patriots for America.

  3. All Demon Rats are guilty of Treason against the United States and it’s citizens and it aint accidental it’s premeditated !They have been doing this for a very long time and I’m sure just like the Fascist Nazis that they are..they’re monitoring all of us and will make conservatives disapear…just like in Russia and China! They will never take me Alive!!!!

  4. I am surprised that China Joe Crow Biteme didn’t give Putin our Nuclear Codes.
    He is a sad excuse for a man, let alone a President. You could see the fear that he may have to meet Putin face to face in a debate.

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