Joe Biden Seems to Think it is 2020

We just figured out what the problem is for Joe Biden.

He is caught in a time machine!

Biden sent out a hopeful message on Tuesday to try to get people upbeat for the outlook of the upcoming year, “2020.”

Mentally Fried

Joe Biden’s gaffes continue to paint a picture of a man that is simply not all there mentally.

Biden stated, “There’s a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020.

“But for God’s sake, please take advantage of what is available.”

This comes at a time when the majority thinks that Biden is unfit to be president.

A recent Politico/Morning Consult poll found that 48 percent agree that Biden is mentally unfit to hold the office.

There were 46 percent that thinks he is unfit, and six percent with no opinion, which officially puts Joe Biden underwater in the eyes of the American people.

Social media is blowing up right now with accusations about Biden being mentally fried.

This is just not a good look, especially when you consider the numerous other gaffes that anyone that was halfway together would have caught.

For instance, how many times has Joe Biden now referred to Kamala Harris as the president?

How many times as he just stared blankly into the camera, not even being able to read off the teleprompter.

The man needs to undergo a cognitive test and we need to have access to those results.

That is the only way Biden will ever be able to put these reports to rest.

Do you think Joe Biden is mentally fit to be president?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: New York Post

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53 Responses

    1. Joe Biden hasen’t been fit for anything in years. When you get a majority in congress that is so crooked it only makes sense they would find a way to get him in as President because he will say anything he is told to say by his handlers. NO Joe OBiden is not fit to wash dishes, he would break them too.

  1. Biden should have the 25th Amendment pushed on him. He will never resign his family and puppeteers won’t let him.

    1. Be prepared. Swamp Queen Pelosi just might do that as a last move before retiring. 2022 could be the year this happens. She had talked about appointing a bipartisan committee of members of the House for that purpose. When she talked about it, Trump raised questions about whether this was another of her schemes to remove him from office. She told him it was not intended to work against him. This was a couple months before the election. She knew that the fix was in and Biden would be elected. She was talking about using her select committee to evaluate Biden to remove him from office using the 25th Amendment. Evidently, she didn’t trust the future Biden appointed cabinet.

  2. I have taken note of the number of times Mr. Biden has said “I’m gonna be in trouble” if he answers questions or goes off script. He obviously has the mind and tolerance of a child. The only reason he is in the Oval Office is because his handlers want him there so they can run the country behind closed doors and behind the black curtain. They know the American people would not stand for the Marxist way of life they are advocating. They, whoever they are, want us to be a new Venezuela, Cuba. Russia or China. If the people would only wake up, take off their masks and become the strong, brave Americans they have been raised to be, these folks would get absolutely nowhere.

  3. Joe is clearly well into the the process of dementia. Allowing his presidency to continue presents a clear threat to America and her national security

  4. If had all the brain cramps Biden has – my family would put me away. The people around Biden are guilty of Senior abuse. I pray that he doesn’t do something that we won’t be able to repair.

  5. I am a retired RN and have felt since Biden has been in office that he has dementia. It is very frightening that he is “supposedly” running the country. Kamala Harris is unfit also!

  6. Biden was unfit for the job of Presidency the day he announced he was running. Wake up all you that voted for this man, he was unfit than and is really unfit now. His wife is running the country, not Biden himself.

  7. In 2022 Biden stated, “There’s a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020 and Hillary recently stated, “There’s a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2016… and neither of them can remember anything when Officially questioned! Anyone see a trend here?

  8. Comrade Joe is an IMBACILE! He never did anything in 47 years as a senator or vp but rip off taxpayers and make his family wealthy. He has always been an IDIOT and will continue to be one.

  9. People say that Harris is the worst VP and i disagree she is the 2nd worst VP Biden is the worst when he was VP and he sure as H!!! is the worst PRESIDENT this Country ever had He makes Carter Look Good

  10. Biden is beyond correcting or improving, he is done and cannot be our leader. We the people need to impeach him and let him rest the life he has left! He cannot do a good job of leading this great nation!

  11. This is what I think of our supposed president. I have never referred to him by his name or called him the President. I only refer to him as BDB, (Brain Dead Biden)

  12. Biden was not fit to be president before he became president. It is a pity that the mainstream media refused to report honestly before the election, between the time of the election until the inauguration, and after the election. It is also a pity that democrat operatives managed to put enough fraudulent votes to make him president. There is proof of enough in just one county in Arizona to decertify the results of Arizona. Other areas where audits occurred also show many irregularities including dead people voting and a person who registered to vote after the person died.

  13. Why does this government allow Joe Biden to continue to be president? It is clear that he is not mentally fit to be president.

  14. He is a very sick man and he needs to go back to his basement. Impeach him and send him home so he can rest in peace.

  15. He needs to step down and Kamala can step up and 2022 elections are over start impeachment on her for not doing her damn job at the boarder. Time it is over Trump will be back in 2024 and get america back on track for the f#$% Up Biden policies.

  16. I posted a more detailed statement about Joe, surprise, it was not allowed. If I had commented in such a way about President Trump, it certainly would have been allowed and printed.

  17. Joe Biden was NOT elected president. The election was rigged and susequently stolen. I don’t think that as many as “supposedly” voted for him are even aware of it. Now when new laws to prevent this from happening again are promoted, the Democrats IMMEDIATELY say this will prevent honest American people from voting. Just because the law is enforced? That is what the dDemocrats are working towards in the upcoming election: blocking any attempts to make voter laws more honest, and get everyone who can’t legally vote, registered. If they succeed, we will have another Biden in office!

  18. wake up see joe is really not there
    the villiage idiot and group of morons have not clue
    and they let anyone with enough money tell what to say
    just more money
    that is true judas
    cfr, tlc, un are in control of the idiot and his morons

  19. If only 46% of Americans think old Joe is unfit to be the leader of this great country, what does that say about the other 54% ? They either have their heads in the sand or just believe what their told by CNN. Doesn’t matter witch way we go, it doesn’t get any better. You take out Joe, we get Harris, take out Harris, we Nasty Nancy, we can’t win. The American people needs to wake up and in a hurry or this country will be lost forever.

  20. This is not Joe Biden fault I blame this all on the Democrat Progressive they know they can take advantage of an old man with dementia to get what they want. Don’t blame our situation on poor old Joe. He is just a pawn for a corrupt Democrat government that is he’ll bent on destroying this country. Why I don’t know but they have to be getting something out of it. None of what is going on right now makes any sense. So if all u moderates both rep and dem and u independents want this crap to keep going on then vote democratic this year but I think we need a huge change and we need to get back to what was working before the pandemic

  21. I dont believe any of the polls. The Democrats only count polls who favor our brain dead President Joe Biden. Our country needs to be saved now from the Corrupt Democrats.

  22. Majority know the evil being pushed on America but no one does anything about it. The election was crooked….put the correct party back in! That is our only hope for America.

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