Joe Biden Support Collapsing Within Party Factions

With every passing day, Joe Biden is losing more and more support.

He upset the far left in his party when he put his stamp of approval on the $1.2 trillion bipartisan package.

Now he is losing the support of moderates for helping to block its passage.

At this point, it will be very tough for Biden to recover and win enough support to help Dems in the 2022 and 2024 election cycles.

The Collapse Has Begun

Joe Biden was supposed to be a moderate.

I can remember him ranting at the media, “Do I look like a socialist,” or something to that effect.

Then, after taking office, virtually every move made by this administration has been to pacify the far left.

Joe Biden helped negotiate a bipartisan bill, but he caved when the far left objected and said that bill would not pass without a reconciliation package.

So, to pacify the far left, he upset the moderates, of which there are far more members of Congress and voters in this country.

Biden continues to pander to the far left, recently calling for meetings with Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) regarding the reconciliation package.

Notice he has NOT been calling AOC and her fellow Squad members to the principal’s office for a talking to.

Now Joe Biden is going on a barnstorming tour, but his approval ratings are at all-time lows.

When you take into account chants of “F— Joe Biden” have been breaking out at sporting events around the country, more importantly throughout the south (where Biden has almost no support on these bills), this could do more harm than good.

Joe Biden is sliding down a hill and he just may be moving far too fast for anyone to help him at this point.

Source: Fox News

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28 Responses

  1. Americans I’m asking why we are letting a proven criminal and criminals stay in our Whitehouse??? We know for a fact ! That Biden has ties to China ! We know for a fact they stole the election by committing fraud ! We know for a fact they planned Jan .6th. ! We know for a fact they committed Treason ! WTF !!! AND THEY ARE STILL WALKING FREE !!! They must be CHARGED!!!!!!!

    1. I agree with you Shelly – WTF IS GOING ON?? You Liberals that still support this moron and the rest of the morons in the WH need to WAKE UP. America is being destroyed and it is a plan by the far Left. They want to control every aspect of our lives. This whole administration SUCKS!!!

      1. Katie, I totally agree with your comment. What the HELL is wrong with the American people? Very upsetting. We need Donald Trump back in office.

      1. We lack the funds to do anything through the court system. We even on a local level have to Sue our drainage board of our parish because we are flooding because they are not doing their job. That takes 40,000. Imagine during the federal government because their unconstitutional mandates have caused you to close your business.

      2. Americans are not cowards, I figure Joe Biden is going to end up in a Sanitarium with his Dementia. Harris can’t run the Country, some one is going to bounce her out. Then there is Nancy Pelosi, who wants to be President more than Life Itself. We will end up without a President and then it will be up to the Nation as a Whole to Elect a President that needs to be done. The Democratic Party is going to eat their own– that’s right they are going to feud and fight until the Obama’s the Clintons and the Bushes say well — We are happy to become President Again. Obama is just biding his time and then he will come in and take over the Country. So we do need a Leader, I think there is someone in the Republican Party that will be willing to take over, It should not be a Democrat. America needs a strong willed person to take over the Presidency. Put the US on the Track to Jobs and to curtail all these many factions aka people trying to make us into something we are not. Yes this Administration Sucks. Everyone wants to be important and no Peons to back them up.

      3. And what do YOU suggest?? Americans are not cowards but what can we do in YOUR BRAVE LITTLE EYES so that we are not cowards?? Come on, SAY SOMETHING!!

    2. I doubt Biden really has any idea what is really going on, just does what he is told. Find out just who is actually telling him what to do and they are the problem. Biden should not be running this country by all means, his mental state at its best was never good enough and the condition he is in now is dangerous. Harris taking over is just as bad. Americans need to let our current government know we want them OUT. 2022 elections cannot get here fast enough and we still have to worry about Dems cheating again next election. California is already screwed thanks to Newsome and his new voter laws protecting his position. Mail in ballots have destroyed our voting system.

    3. agree, 110%, the commies took control of our country, letting in terrorist, supporting terrorist in our own Government, the squad, nothing but anti American terrorist.

    4. Ok Shelly, you stated, “AMERICANS, I’M ASKING WHY WE ARE LETTING A PROVEN CRIMINAL AND CRIMINALS STAY IN OUR WHITE HOUSE??” NOW, what is your suggestion that WE should do?? Start another civil war?? Wait to vote in 2022?? March on the WHITE HOUSE?? What, if anything at all can we really do??

  2. Time for Biden and the( squad) to be put down or their wont be a America it will be CCP territory

  3. Things are going according to their plan. They want to destroy America, how else can they rush in the New World Order

  4. I have ALWAYS wondered WHY the democrats ever elected Biden, but I suspect numerous leftists who could tell him what to do when. Biden has never done much UNTIL HE BECAME President, but those numerous leftists INSISTED HE RUN FOR THE PRESIDENCY so that they could demand what he WILL do. Biden was NOT ELECTED. He was put in office illegally, totally incapable of helping America. I have always been a conservative Republican and I have never detested ANY TRUE PRESIDENT, BUT THIS PERSON IS NOT A TRUE PRESIDENT, AND I WANT HIM OUT OF . I want ALL UNAMERICANS REMOVED FROM White House and I want to see SOON a decent and honorable President leading a ONCE FANTISTIC USA GOVERNMENT.

  5. as an incompetent Biden unravels our democracy the member of Congress do nothing. they should know that the days of kissing babies, opening shopping centers and walking in parades are gone. I hope they all end up making burgers.

  6. we are in for a civil war, there outside sources involved in our white house and Obama I think is up to his eye brows, did you know there is a city under washington and area 51? there making us think what goes on there is space ships from outer space, thats just a smoke screen, we are going to sit and watch all our country go to hell and no ones doing anything to stop it all , what in hell is the left doing, there letting/ biden Harris look like they are pro american, that is just not true, think about it!!!

  7. NOW DO ALL YOU AMERICANS SEE WHY WE NEED TERM LIMITS? Too much time in politics causes corruption. Let more talented people share in politics. Let more talented people share in controlling government. Keep the corrupt out of politics by curbing time involved.

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