POLL: Joe Biden Finally Underwater in Approval Rating

A mere seven months after taking office, we have seen one of the worst turnarounds in presidential history.

Joe Biden and his undeserved and utterly ridiculous approval rating after first taking office has done a massive flip.

Biden is now underwater for the first time.

Quick Turnaround

Depending upon which poll you saw, Biden has an approval rating after taking oath far above 60 percent, with some polls tickling 70 percent.

Oddly enough, his highest ratings were on the pandemic, something he had yet to do anything for at that point.

Now, seven months after taking his oath of office, Biden has an approval rating of 45 percent, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey.

That means most Republicans and Independents, as well as a shocking number of Democrats, are no longer behind Biden.

A mere 77 percent of Democrats approve of the man residing in the White House, down significantly from previous polls.

In fact, Joe Biden’s disapproval rating, 54 percent, is higher than his last approval rating.

Even worse for Biden is that of those that disapprove of his presidency, 45 percent strongly disapprove.

Also of concern is the fact that 63 percent now see the country as heading in the wrong direction.

It’s official… Biden’s boat is taking on water and sinking.

Source: Washington Examiner

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35 Responses

    1. Impeaching him sounds good, but if you impeach him, then you are stuck with Kamel Toe Harris, who, is also incompetent (witness her handling of the invasion of the Southern border for proof). If you impeach her, which should be done, you wind up with El Prezidente Nasty Nancy Pelosi! This is totally a no-win situation.

  1. All of the stupid idiots that voted for Biden because they wanted some thing else should realize what has resulted from their action. We are the laughingstock of the world our country is going to hell and every voters that voted for him is responsible

    1. I replied to your comment that you are right and put my own comments about the idiots and they would not publish my comment. Free speech is no longer available with the media and FB.

  2. Yep! Just changed my ring tone to Phil Colin’s “In the air tonight”, just seems appropriate….🙄
    If you haven’t heard it take a listen. It won’t take long

  3. Okay, let’s talk about the 25th Amendment now. This guy has screwed up everything he has touched and it’s time to seriously consider getting him out of there before he starts a nuclear war and the earth is scrubbed clean of life. This is serious and this is going to the line pretty fast.

    1. Yes, with Barry Obama sitting in the background pulling Joe’s strings. HE’S the one we should be afraid of because HE’S the one that wants to destroy our country. A nuclear war would be exactly what Barry Obama wants. We have to end this NOW!

      1. You are correct!! The Deep State is in control. They are the ones who rigged the elections, and who put these 2 morons in office. Kamala Harris couldn’t run a hot dog kiosk, she is so inept. I believe there are ways around her becoming VP. I need to read up on it again, in the constitution, and find out from the constitution experts, what would be done, depending on what the impeachment is based on. Both of them are to protect the American people, and neither one cares about that at all.

  4. Yes the 25 th would work .. if…. There was a brain in Congress to make it work !! But they are covering their paychecks, forget about the American people!!! Bunch of commie losers… 🥺

  5. Biden will go down as the WORST President in American history. It’s very sad that everything he does is completely wrong for America and we’re paying a heavy price for his mistakes.

    1. Not only our country……ask those in Afghanistan how they feel as well, he brought that country down and was not even trying too……mercy me, someone evoke the 25 th Amendment Quick, we don’t have TIME it takes to impeach him and have it drag on for months at a great cost to our coffers…….

  6. Don’t take me wrong; I’m all for doing the article 25 to Biden. The problem I see is that will make Harris the President. She’s not any better than Biden. She giggles like a nervous high schooler when she’s in over her head. Which is all the time it seems. Then if she can’t hold the office it goes to The Speaker if the house. This is a Total Nightmare!!!!

    1. WE “HAVE TO” IMPEACH ALL 3, Biden, Harris, and Pelosi, and while we are at it Schummer, Waters, AOC, Swalwell, Shifless, Omar, Talibe, Pressley and a few others!!!!!

    2. But then the senate will lose her vote and it will be tied 50-50. This will be the ONLY reason they won’t do it. Evil idiots. ALL OF THEM!!

    3. Barb, gotcha , agree, we are in a pickle for sure, ONE at a time tho, impeachment for the latter, the 25th for Biden ?? Might work,there has to be enought Rats who are as fed up with their master on the strings as we are ?

    1. He is not sinking fast enough, give him some cement blocks…lord help us is he devalues the dollar before he is actually in the hot seat ?

  7. Biden has delivered america into disaster just as we all knew that he would, It’s time for impeachment; but wait, his replacements are even more incompetent, thanks democrats your elitist, inferior idealogue minds have once again proved to be useless in obtaining or continuing rational thought needed for realizing the obvious; the need for rational thinking instead of drinking the CNN,ABC,CBS,NBC,NYT koolaid,and continually voting these over educated idiots into office !

  8. Problem with 25th Ammendment action is who is next…from the frying pan into the fire. she is also dumb like a rock….we are in deed in deep dodo

    1. Give em? They would not take them off our hands……..drop them off in the middle of the night like they are doing to the illegals out in the middle of no where……….but give them to the Taliban ? smirk…see how it feels……

  9. IF Biden is gone, then we have the 2nd village idiot to listen too. We are doomed. The Democrats had better wake up and do something if they are wanting to get reelected as far as I see it. They are also doomed. Good.

  10. If Biden is removed by the 25th Amendment, then not only does Harris go into the Presidency ; but she ALSO gets to choose a new Vice President !!! And, pray tell, WHICH VILLAGE IDIOT is THAT likely to be ? It might not be Pelosi, but maybe someone even worse. If you remember when Spiro Agnew was removed from the Vice Presidency, Gerald Ford was put into office by Richard Nixon, NOT the Speaker Of The House !!! Only the rapid death or removal of the VP would result in installing the Speaker as the new President. A sitting President gets to choose a replacement VP !!!

    1. Shhhhhooot a monkey, thinkin Bernie Sanders ole Harris was big pals with him……….or worse yet, Pelosi !!! Two vain and self important has to have the lime light gals, they would fight to the death…Harris vs Pelosi…….would pay to see that …….almost.

  11. How did the nitwit in OUR house get a 45% approval rating? It should be 0% and that also goes for the ho. If the Americans don’t get their sh t together we may be in a real shooting was and spineless and his “woke” generals will not know what to do. Our allies have seen first hand how weak we are and are banding together to fight without us because they know the US cannot be trusted.

  12. Biden still holding an approval rating of 45 % is what is wrong with the country. The voters are not capable of electing competent people. They are brain washed by an ultra liberal news media.

  13. Get rid of Piglosi, then impeach Biden, the ho, Schumer and the entire Obama cabinet! Yes, they are all obama’s People! Arrest Obama for treason along with Biden and the rest, then put the REAL legal president, President Trump back in office!

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