Joe Biden: ‘Winter of severe illness and death’

Joe Biden the comforter is now Joe Biden the fear-monger.

Biden continues to push vaccines and boosters with the threat of death for those that do not want to take the jab.

As Biden heads into his first full winter in the Oval Office, he is offering a message that is far from hope and promise.

Doom and Gloom Biden

The messaging from Joe Biden… take the jab or die.

On Thursday, Biden stated, “It’s here now and it’s spreading and it’s going to increase.

“For unvaccinated we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death if you’re unvaccinated for themselves, their families, and the hospitals they will soon overwhelm.”

He continued, “But, there’s good news.

“If you’re vaccinated and have your booster shot you’re protected from severe illness and death.”

The thing is, though, that is not necessarily the truth, and that is where Joe Biden runs into problems.

We have seen breakthrough cases of those fully vaccinated that have become severely ill and died, so why lie about the vaccine?

Listen, I am not saying the vaccine does not work, far from it, but Biden cannot continue to give absolutes like this and not expect there to be pushback.

And this fear-mongering over a variant that has proven to be less lethal is just idiotic.

We fully expected cases to go back up this winter, and as a matter of fact, we have been predicting just that since the spring.

This is the new flu cycle, only now it’s the COVID cycle.

This is all a result of Democrats using positive cases to pump up the pandemic to have Trump removed from office, and now it is a number that will follow them around for the remainder of this presidency.

This is also Joe Biden looking to place blame over the fact that COVID is still here and he promised to eradicate it during the campaign.

That was never possible, and now Biden is facing a reality we always knew he would.

Are you worried about Omicron? Will you let it impact your holiday plans?

Do you believe Joe Biden’s gloom and doom outlook?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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33 Responses

  1. Covid will never go away. Just like the flu. I have my 3 vaccines and flu vaccine and I do believe it helps, however some are afraid of it. We are America and have our rights. What about all the illegal aliens he is letting in our country and no vaccines? What are they bringing with them?

    1. That is why I think there is more to the ” Vaccine ” than he is telling us. So many lies and deceit and omissions, it is very difficult to believe anything this admin tells us. I do not trust his vaccine. I took Trumps vaccine because I trusted him. Biden, I wonder what they are putting into the vaccine that could potentially make us develop some kind of disease in the future! I know about the Tuskegee Alabama Survey of 1932-1972 ! That is the sort of thing I wonder. Why are they pushing this vaccine so much but not for the Illegals, USPS, and Congress or their staff ? something does not seem right! I do not trust Biden or any of his administration. They lie, cheat, deceive and omit, when it serves their purpose.

  2. His administration is using psychological warfare against the people of the United States. His moronic followers go right along with him blindly. This is not Nazi Germany

  3. Remove ALL communist democrat pedophile racist woke cult party Kool-Aid drinking scum bags from all offices and exile them to Afghanistan!


  4. And locust and frogs and meteors and wild fires and blizzards and and and…………
    Without doom and gloom these tools have nothing. Americans are smart enough to not listen this blowhard and his gang and they will focus on the important things like family, job and their faith in God. Yes I said it, because no matter how the evil ones in this administration and the media spin it, we are truly a faith based, believe and trust in God country.

  5. All Covid 19 viruses are viruses. This virus may have been man made, however it is still a virus. Viruses can kill people. Other things can also kill people. – Murderers, Accidents, Other illnesses, etc. If you catch a virus, you should take whatever is available to mitigate the symptoms and hope for the best. You should also avoid going out until the illness is over. In other words, learn the risks, manage the risks appropriately, continue to live your life on your terms. If you allow the virus to shut down your life or other people’s lives out of fear, the virus has won.

    1. They are just fearmongering. It is not attacking illegals, the USPS and members of congress and their staff. Give me a break. This is just like the flu, and they say that the obese and overweight are getting it the worst. So you fat people, you need to get some exercise and eat right. We have heard it for 60 years……..

  6. Joe needs to go I know when he is lying when he opens his mouth!! Shut him up and get president Trump back where he belongs and impeach all the communist democrats and leave the American. People alone on this vaccine bit and shut the media up and quit forcing a vaccination on the military and the workers of America and get joe blow out of Amey he doesn’t care and we Amp aren’t stupid !! We know that communist obama is the puppeteer pulling bidens string and that is communism’n

  7. I expect to hear slo joe make the statement that on Jan 01, 2022 he will stand on the steps of the SCOTUS building and throw down a stick and it will turn into a snake to prove his “annointed” position.

  8. No I do not believe one word that comes out of his lifeless mouth!! He needs to go and Harris with him! It’s time for the American People to do what Congress is refusing to do; remove this nitwit, using any means possibly! Is time to look at the real list of those that are destroying this country and start the True America Justice Mandate and remove all those that helped in the desertion of the American Values, and Pride that built this Nation we call the UNITED STATE of AMERICA!!

  9. If these radical elitist (Biden’s) puppet masters would not have released this man made (engineered) virus.. We (the world) would not have to be enduring all these troubles. The truth be known these elitist just want most of us dead. It really is a shame that greed, selfishness, pride and arrogance (all feeding satan and his efforts) are the root cause of all this suffering. Let the light of Christ shine in this dark world.

    Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, soul and strength!

    AND love your neighbor as your self!

    We are all created in the image of God and ALL of us are in this travel through live together. Why do some think they should be in power and control others?

  10. This is how I look at it…. the “TRANSGENDERED” can “IDENTIFY” however they wish…”I “IDENTIFY” AS TRANS-VAXXED!”

  11. FACT: Joe Biden is a LIAR. Vaccines prevent new cases of the disease from occurring. These so-called vaccines do not do that. The polio and smallpox vaccines prevented any new cases in people who had been vaxxed. What we have now is nothing more than an over-hyped flu shot. It does not prevent vaxxed people from getting new cases of the disease nor does it prevent the spread of the disease. This is nothing more than another huge, king-sized government mandated screwup.

  12. Brandon sat there in a debate with Trump saying Trump was lying about having a vaccine ready to come out. Well it was true and Trump got it out soon after the debate. Brandon said he’d beat Covid etc and even though he had the vaccine handed to him he is a failure. Using dictatorship to force people to take it is not the way to get people to feel safe or comfortable to take it. I am vaccinated but know many unvaccinated people and it is their choice to chose. I had both shots and a booster and still caught Covid at the same time my niece and her husband got it. They were unvaccinated and recovered faster than I did. If you isolate people from certain things they will catch stuff because no antibodies to fight it. Plus we have thousands of UNVACCINATED ILLEGALS in the country being flown into different states in the United States by Brandon. think Covid came from China laboratory . funded by Fauci and Im probably getting a kick back since Brandon and Hunter have business dealings in China. Just like Garland making money through his family suppling CRT supplies to schools. Isn’t that a conflict of interests? No wonder he has the FBI against concerned parents attending school board meetings. Brandon and his communist administration is Anti- American and don’t care about our health( this is about controlling us and taking our rights away) safety and security of our country has been lowered. So many issues because of this administration and nothing good for Americans and legal immigrants. Everything for illegals,unlawfulness, leaving Americans in Afghanistan, flying Afghanistan’s here but not many that helped the Americans and our allies they didn’t vet them and a lot are not allies and have no connections to us and our anti terrorist people just let them in because thats what Brandon and his flunkies want for future voting. They will probably change voting laws so they can get the votes they will defiantly need.

  13. Obribem should be wearing a Dunce cap! This person is going through life being led by the hand, he is absolutely CLUELESS!! How on earth did this TOTALLY ignorant CLOWN 🤡 get elected? Oh yeah, I forgot, the dems cheated and now we have this incredibly STUPID MORON as sniffer in chief!!!
    Any of you that voted for this IDIOT having buyers remorse yet?
    China Joe Obribem is corrupt and should be investigated immediately!!

  14. No I’m not afraid of Omicron and I no longer wear masks! Americans have been fear-mongered and we no longer believe in masks, vaccines & lockdowns.
    That’s political tyranny!
    Joe doesn’t know anything and he spews out rhetoric he’s told to and poorly at that. He lies because he can’t remember what he’s done and said previously.
    He’s the most incompetent, clueless, dangerous, and destructive President we’ve ever had in history.
    Impeach Joe & Kamala in 2022 when Nancy’s gone.
    We’ll all carry on from there very nicely!

  15. NOW I ask you, what is the emergency. If all the illegals can come in without being checked or given a shot. Then what is the Emergency. The only people spreading the virus is the people who are taking the shots and illegals. The sheep crowd.

  16. I certainly do not go along with Joe Biden’s doom and gloom attitude. I am fully vaccinated, but I realize that I could still get the latest virus. I will deal with that if and when it happens. No doom or gloom for me!

  17. Joe Brandon will be a COVID victim himself ! Every immigrant that crosses the border may be my killer or his !
    Joe Brandon think s he is immortal but time will tell he is not .!
    Joe Brandon has no interest in discovering the origins of COVID !
    Joe already knows CHINA JOE !
    Democrats work better with Chinese !
    Birds of a feather flock together !
    Let’s go Brandon ! Joblowz !

  18. The communist have taken over America and trying to kill and eradicate millions of good people meaning Patriots and the weak that easily influenced by evil that that is ruling America and this craziness has to be stopped immediately! Bring president trump back and save America before it’s to late communist doom succeeds it’s task of total domination!

  19. The illegal immigrants will inevitably be the ultimate victims in this scenario !
    Democrats give them free reign now , only to shift blame for the new variants and higher case numbers to Mexicans
    Got Food ? High gas prices ?
    Listen to the media try to make soup out of crap !! LETS GO BRANDON !!
    China is getting their rewards from JB !
    Donald Trump is primarily responsible for exposing the Democrat Swamp !
    Not some fake insurrection !

  20. To me it was alway’s a last ditch effort to get rid of Trump !! and besides the number of congressmen that bought stock in the vaccine companies with there insider trade information and are getting rich off it and that Dr.F sits on the board of one of the companies ya I really don’t believe much in covid and that the Flue, colds have gone away witch is funny but no one says anything about that is also funny !!

  21. I would like to know out of all the people that refuse the covid vaccines do they get the flu shot every year, just curious.

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