Jordan Turns Down Pelosi Select Committee Request to Appear

Last week, Pelosi’s January 6 Select Committee announced that it wanted Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to appear before the committee voluntarily.

Jordan has since turned down the invitation to cooperate, claiming he has “no relevant information” for the committee.

Now the committee is throwing a bit of a hissy fit, threatening legal action against Jordan.

No Thanks

None of us ever expected Jordan to cooperate, as he has been adamant from the outset that the committee is a complete farce.

In announcing his decision, he stated, “As you well know, I have no relevant information that would assist the Select Committee in advancing any legitimate legislative purpose.”

Jordan added, “I have no confidence that the Select Committee will fairly or accurately represent any information I could provide.”

The committee has responded, and they are not taking the snub well.

A spokesperson for the committee stated, “Mr. Jordan has previously said that he would cooperate with the committee’s investigation, but it now appears that the Trump team has persuaded him to try to hide the facts and circumstances of January 6th.

“The Select Committee will respond to this letter in more detail in the coming days and will consider appropriate next steps.”

The statement continued, “Mr. Jordan’s letter fails to address the principal bases for the Select Committee’s request for a meeting, including that he worked directly with President Trump and the Trump legal team to attempt to overturn the lawful results of the 2020 presidential election.

“Mr. Jordan has admitted that he spoke directly to President Trump on January 6th and is thus a material witness.”

Jordan is not alone in being an active member of Congress to tell the committee to go pound sand.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) has also declined to appear before the committee.

My best guess is that we are about to have a war, as some very interesting reports are starting to surface on what is truly guiding this committee and its investigation.

Do you think Jordan should have agreed to appear or are you glad he is refusing?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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56 Responses

  1. Good if he dose not want to appear then so be it, this committee Is just another witch hunt anyway

    1. I agree with you. They want to stop any Republican that stands up to them from being able to ever run for office again. They are liars and cheats.

    2. This committee is another vile trial to break Trump. Piglosi is a has been she should have been booted out of the country years ago. All the impeachment’s and vile tricks have been done by her and her vile ilk. Let’s bring her to her knees before she retires.

  2. Im glad he is refusing, this Jan 6th committee is a farst just to keep the truth from coming out. The election was stolen and they know it. I stand for the true elected President of the US, Donald Trump.

    1. All of these efforts caste a dark shadow over the election itself. If this election was ligitimite, if Biden won, why are they so concerned about the future? Their quest for votes for people who are not citizens, their insistance on mail-in votes which can be tampered with, their fear of voter IDs all point to concern about their ability to win again. So why is that? Just one question which should create a good deal of doubt about the election of 2020. And, let’s go back to 2016. Hilary Clinton won the popular vote, yet the claims that Trump was aided by some Russian entity are still out there. If they aided Trump, why didn’t he win the popular vote? Since Hilary did, perhaps they were aiding her. Or, Russians are just not good at influencing American votes. Logical, yes?

    2. It’s a farce because NOT ONE PERSON has been charged with ” INSURRECTION.” Now how could it be an INSURRECTION & nobody is being charged with that crime.
      It’s like you being charged with a parking ticket BUT you don’t have a car or a drivers licence or legs.

  3. I think once again that our government is wasting money and ignoring real problems facing our country.
    How much do they get paid to hold grudges!

  4. I’M glad Jordan pretty much told the committee to stick where the sun doesn’t shine——this is nothing but another “witch hunt”. They are doing everything in Gods-Green -Earth to keep Trump from running again and they are. scared sh–less cause they know he’ll win and then start to kick a few a–es into the abyss ! GO GETTUM JIM !!!!!!!

  5. What is the “legal” status of “Nancy’s Nuisance” committee?? The FBI has investigated,as has other organizations and found nothing.
    I think that it is about time that the legal authorities looked at Nancy, and all she does, including stock trades. I think that this would make an interesting book to read.

    1. It would be an interesting book. But this is our country. Our future. We are damaged by all the aborted lives lost. We are crippled by sending our manufacturing to China. We are scorned by our failures in the Middle East. We need to take our country back, stand up to career politicians! Term limits would make a much better ‘book’ and should be required reading.

  6. Jim Jordan should tell them to go pound sand! You want to do something right for this country, PROSECUTE all rioters that burbed and , stole, and destroyed communities throughout the country last year. It’s not hoping to happen. Our country is failing quickly

  7. Tell them take their committee and shove it where the sun does not shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am glad Jim Jordan is not appearing before this sham committee. They are up to no good and will not be honest in anything they do. Just look who is on the committee. That tells you everything you need to know.


  10. This committee has nothing to do with finding any truth. They are looking for anything to try and charge Trump so he can’t run again. They are covering for Pelosi and the 3 letter people who agitated and were instrumental in what occurred that day. They are the ones committing treason. The public knows it and the world knows it.

  11. I am glad he is refusing to go before this fake, biased committee. I hope everybody followes suit. It is a bunch of crap and the people see it. Hold on until 2022 election, then we can take them out. Then in 2024 hopefully finish the job. Drain the deep swamp! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Want my Country back.


  13. way to go, Rep. J.J. ! ! – more of us, all of us, as many of us who are able, need to stand up now, fearlessly; be brave, patriotic, steadfast, honorable as J.J. ! ! – these anti-freedom thugs are evil/relentless , so it’s up to all of us to be “the good guys”; to do all we can to protect & save our beloved America ! ! ! ! God bless America, land that we love, stand beside her, & guide her, – – – – forever & always ! ! !

  14. I love Jim Jordan! That hoax of a committee is nothing more than another attempt to go after President Trump. These morons really fear him. I would love to see Pelosi investigated for at least insider trading. Don’t even get me started on shifty shiff. He has lied through his teeth on the Russia hoax. So where is this whistleblower? Where Is all the concrete proof against the President. Zero, zilch, nada! He should be brought up on charges. How do these morons get away with this garbage costing us taxpayers millions? There needs to be some accountability for the fraud. Maxine needs to be charged with inciting riots. The list goes on and nothing ever gets resolved.

  15. They need to investigate all of Biden and Hunters illegal dealings. They need to investigate all of those that participated in the false Russian collusion farce. Investigate the Pelosi’s making millions in the stock market with insider trading. How about Kamala posting bond for rioters. Some of these rioters attacked police, stormed government buildings, took over areas and shot and killed people. What she did is treason. Adam Schiff lied daily on how much proof he had that Trump colluded with the Russians and won his election illegally. Biden’s job is to protect the American people which he has failed at miserably with our open borders. That’s illegal. We have the most corrupt government we’ve ever had. They should all have to pay for their crimes and be removed from their various offices.

  16. Congressman Jim Jordan did the right thing. The January 6th Committee is a sham. The two individuals that need to appear before the committee is Comrade Pelosi and Comrade Bowser and answer why they refused 20,000 National Guard troops for security. If I were Jim Jordan, I would have told the committee to stick their request where the sun does not shine. This investigation is nothing but political witch hunt to keep Donald J. Trump from ever serving as the POTUS again.

  17. It appears that Nancy Pelosi has formed this committee for a two pronged purpose. (1) To stop Trump from running for the Presidency in 2024. (2) To cover her own tracks of her actions and involvement prior to and during the January 6th riot. Pelosi has been asked to release documents and Emails between herself and the House Sergeant at Arms. To date she has refused. The Speaker of the House is not co-operating why should anyone else. My opinion is that Nancy Pelosi is involved with the January 6th riot and should be investigated. There are questionable members of this committee. Adam Schiff who not only lied to the American people numerous times. He also lied to Congress with his opening statement during the first public hearing to impeach Trump. Jamie Raskins during the second impeachment of Trump not only lied bu he also tampered with witnesses.Both should have been disbarred and possibly arrested.This whole committee is self apointed by Pelosi who did not allow the House minority leader to make any appointments. I believe this is the first time in the history of Congress. On Pelosi’s part this appears to be self serving..

  18. Ohio is so very proud to have Jim Jordan represent we the people and refuse to play the anti-American democrat game. Thank you, Jim. The true Americans in Ohio who love our country support you 100%. It’s so very refreshing to see people’s representatives like Jim Jordan have a backbone and stand up for what is right and good.

  19. Why should anyone even recognize this sham “committee”, as it violates Congress’ own rules on committees…there are no Republicans on it. Every Republican should tell them to “shove it!”

  20. David your right. We won’t know until we get rid of Biden and Camel Harris. We need to push Pelosi out of this Govt. She has been in there for 40 years and now she wants to be President. No way

  21. I can’t wait for the Republicans to take over and go after the Demon Democrats and impeach all of them…. Bring every criminal activity that they have conducted to light and prosecute them to the fullest!!! This is why they know if they loose, it is over for them…. They are scared because they know they have been corrupt and the Republicans are going to make them pay!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

  22. When you jump into fight a pig, aka Pelosi, you both get dirty and the pig loves it.
    The pigs will do anything to take the attention away from a president that is so dumb he can’t even remember what his handlers told him to say. Some may refer to this as lying, but that would be giving him too much credit.
    Thank God we have Joe Manchin and the American people on our side.
    Give em hell

  23. No one should be forced to comply with this committee if they don’t want to. This committee for one does not have all the power it thinks it has. Everyone knows why this committee was put together. These democrats including Republicans Cheney and Kinzinger are so afraid that Trump will run again. They are afraid he would win. As the saying goes, they have opened up pandoras box. Now they are failing one by one. What goes around comes around. Every one of these people in this committee will have nowhere to turn when the axe hits come November.
    If there is any one element creating chaos, division and racism in the country, it is the democrats and their no commonsense followers, etc………

  24. The Democrats & Liberals are going to be in for a Rude Awakening when the GOP takes control of Congress. They should start preparing the paperwork now for lying to Public and Falsifying information. Pelosi, Schiff, Nader, Schumer, etc all need to be brought up on charges! Jim Jordan should lead the charge! Good for him telling them to go pound sand on another Scam by the Dummycrats!!

  25. Jordan is right in refusing to testify. The Dems are preparing a Potemkin trial for him, full of made up “evidence”. attested to by carefully coached Dems. Whether Jordan is there or not, you might want to watch the charades that will be presented. You will be able to see master liars plying their trade. It will be a great tutorial lesson on how to deliver out and out lies to any audience. You might learn how to talk like a politician. You might also learn how to wash your mouth out with soap.

  26. Rep. Jordan is right. He knows that this “select committee” is extremely biased and is not conducting a legitimate investigation. Their only purpose is to try to find some excuse they can use to block Trump from running for office again in 2024. Swamp Queen Pelosi’s only motivation for this committee is her profound hatred of Trump. With her connections to organized crime, don’t put anything past her. She will do anything she can to stop Trump.

  27. So glad two congressmen have declined invitations to the sham committee and not to legitimize it!
    Shameful what Pelosi is covering up! Her evil plan may have backfired on her; we’ll see, when and if we can all see all the video/audio tapes’ footage!
    Meanwhile, also so awful, there are ordinary patriots citizens of America jailed in DC with no bail and just sitting in isolation. Some in bad health! They will be there till Pelosi’s scam becomes the truth-news. Then she will also have blood on her hands!
    Seems like this particular Biden administration has no regard for human life! Are we still in America?

  28. The Select Committee made it perfectly clear when Rep. Jordan’s nomination to serve on the committee was rejected that they are not interested in either the truth or the inputs of any person capable of independent, rational thought. I would have stated that since they are not interested in the truth I am not interested in partaking in their show hearing. It has no claim to fairness or impartiality!

  29. Stand strong they didn’t want you on the committee so why would they want you to come and testify sound like a bunch of B/S

  30. Screw all of them, I would have appeared just to tell them in person on national TV. and than sat with my mouth closed and laugh at them and take a nap.

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