Judge Jeanine: Don’t Chalk Up Shooting to Mental Health Just Yet

Immediately after the Texas school shooting massacre, the shooter’s mental health was brought into question.

This kid obviously had some issues going on, but Judge Jeanine Pirro is telling everyone to pump the brakes for a minute.

When you hear her reasoning, it makes perfect sense.

Manipulating the System

There is little doubt that anyone that would decide to walk into a school, mall, or any other facility for the purpose of killing multiple people has some screws loose.

Pirro believes that may not always be the case, however.

With mental health often used to excuse the behavior, this could be a calculated move for someone that is just flat-out evil.

In many cases, a psychiatric evaluation is ordered, with the individual then being sentenced to an institution.

Well, what happens when they recover from their mental break?

You can see her full segment in the video below…

What do you think? Is Pirro off-base or did she nail it?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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10 Responses

  1. Democrats want less police !
    And more protection for themselves.!
    Imagine if they applied their own fear to the children in danger.
    Instead of crying for their selves they might insist on putting the kids first .
    Protect the children like they all vote Democrat. ….C’MON MAN !
    LET’S GO BRANDON ! 2000 mules !
    Illegitimate and dirty .! BIG GUY !

  2. It’s the drugs………drugs make these thugs do evil things they normally wouldn’t do…….Mental issues are a defense these thugs use as a defense…….90% of ALL crimes are linked cause of drugs……..Thank Biden for open borders and the drugs flooding the USA…….

  3. We won’t know anything about what, who, and why this person did this because he is dead and now it is a blame and defense situation between the two parties. What we know is that the Republicans can prevent his type of craziness more than the Democrats. Let things cool down then we can sort it out.

  4. Children play video games all day and night now. Games are killing of cops and whoever this gets in the heads of young people. They don’t have to work and have to much spare time to think up bad things to do. They get bullied at school all the time and it builds up over time and then they react to shooting. Kids are raised with no morals and it’s going to get worse as time goes on.

  5. No excuses for these terrible actions but as a close friend and colleague who is a psychiatrist, the whole chaotic situation in the economy, dangerous criminals being released with little or no bail, demonizing the police, dividing the population has not only caused a serious and unstable environment in our nation but also it has resulted in mentally unstable people who are acting without remorse and fearing no threat to their actions whatsoever. He is seeing it more and more in this past year and a half. This could be the result of a lack of direction due to the lack of leadership. It will only get worse since so-called experts don’t want to or can’t recognize what’s going on. Ignoring it will not make it disappear.

  6. I think there is different levels of mental illness. The question would be if the mental illness impairs the person to the point to where they don’t know what they’re doing. I believe this person exhibited psychotic behavior but he was fully aware of what he was doing.

  7. Pirro is 100%
    at the same time, why do people have to sell jobs on these platforms unless they are fraud?

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