Judge Jeanine: Press is Like Willy Wonka Sugarcoating Biden Administration

When Donald Trump was in office, virtually every story in the media about the administration was negative, and nobody on the left said a word.

For most of Biden’s first term, the media sugar-coated everything he did.

So much so, Judge Jeanine likened them to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Get Real

The media was so desperate to get Trump out of office, it made Biden out to be a national hero, often overlooking his failures.

This administration has accomplished nothing, yet when Joe Biden appeared on Kimmel this week, he talked about the great things it has accomplished.

Kimmel could only bobble his head up and down like a dashboard toy.

Some media, however, are finally starting to call Biden out, and he does not like it.

Judge Jeanine discusses further…

Do you think the media is finally waking up to Joe Biden and covering him honestly?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

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  1. Joe Biden is clueless. Poor guy is experessing dementia or alzheimer’s.

  2. The stories were always there.
    Now, that JOEY BOY is no longer the
    “EXALTED ONE”, it’s fashionable to “dig UP this time or dig UP that”.
    Same journalism…

  3. I do not consider Biden as a poor guy! He cheated his way through college, and lied all of his life! His entire family have along with him committed Treason and Corruption. The Govt is ran by Soros, Obama, and Bill Gates! Everyone of the Dems have all committed Treason and corruption, including all of the RHINOS!

  4. The mainstream media is so infested with marixt democrats they will not tell a truth about a fellow marixt its not in their marching orders, only when they lose sponsors will they even consider telling a truth. FJB AND THE ENTIRE MARXIST DEMOCRAT PARTY.

  5. Unfortunately this last 7 June 2022 Election in California was riddled with Fraud. Newsom actually lost by a landslide! They had this election fixed. The Dems have forced vote in elections down our throats so they have the opportunity to cheat on all of the elections. The Dems have fixed the elction by providing the illegals to vote.

  6. We always knew Biden was merely a puppet whose strings are indeed pulled by Soros, Obama, Gates, Pelosi & Schumer. I used to vote Independent but now despise the DEMS. Can’t impeach Biden, our Veep is another do-nothing. This party is willing do what it takes which will be a disaster for the ‘little guy’. America will be no longer The Land of the Free if they succeed in their dirty work!! All the current signs point to that, there’s no doubt. As the warning comments say, the rich are getting richer while we are getting poorer, maybe poverty-stricken! May God be welcomed back in our government!

  7. “When you lose your integrity, everything else is a piece of cake!”, like J.R. Ewing said in TV series “Dallas, long time ago. But now it applied perfectly to MSM and heartless Dems!

  8. What HAS Biden done for this country?? I sense a new awakening(wok) culture emerging!! Go America spirit; there’s still hope and we have to fight for it!!! One step at a time. Let’s get America back!!

  9. IF the media is waking up, they are only rolling over and trying to go back to sleep. I don’t see any real evidence that they are trying to change. Biden might be complaining because they are not treating him as he wants them to. But I need to see some real major issues revealed by the media before I will believe they are changing.

  10. The Main Street media is a joke. Biden is literally KILLING this country. WE THE PEOPLE ARE PISSED OFF! Can’t afford gas and food is ridiculous in cost. Does this make the main street media happy? Can’t possible. They have lives and families. I know they are feeling the pinch. The Kimmels, and elite don’t feel it yet. That day will soon be here. Stocks crashing, interest rising in true recession form. Billionaires, millionaires will lose some, but regular folks are drowning.

  11. Joe biden has been mentally incompetent since before the election. Staying in his basement the entire time, not making any sense every time he was shown on tv. This is what the media and the democrat party wanted , a puppet . This is the only thing that makes sense they wanted a puppet and they got one. Biden is a pedifile, lying in every speech he makes. this proves that people only vote for the party not the person. No one is that blind, so they ignored his stupidity and voted for a party they trusted. the corrupt party also cheated and everyone has ignored the facts of the cheating and will do nothing about it. Putin is doing what he wants, the chinese are doing what they want and the United States is falling apart. the democrat voters don’t want to look at the truth. The party is spreading lies about all GOP candidates, hoping enough people will believe them. But I think november will show how much people want out of this mess and vote republican.

  12. The salvation of this country won’t happen till it becomes republican again. The democrat party is a lost cause.

  13. We need a 2 party system but the Dems are so bad it’s impossible to vote for them. Who will keep the Republicans honest. Democrats have been going to hell every since John Kennedy died. The bottom of the barrel of human behavior is littered with Democrats.

  14. Yeah I hate to tell ya Joe but there are no special pumps or grocery lines for dumbocrats, That being said, I’m not convinced there are many supporters of you! The election was false and feloniously rigged against America!

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