Justice Roberts Warns Against Political Influence in Judiciary

Chief Justice Roberts has put the political world on notice.

On Friday, Roberts issued his year-end report.

He warned against the dire consequences of too much political influence penetrating the Judiciary in that report.

Back Off

Over the last few years, all you needed to tell was tell me who appointed the judge, and I could predict the outcome of the case about 90 percent of the time.

That is truly scary.

Our Judiciary is moving away from the rule of law and justice to become completely politicized.

If you look at every case that came before judges during Trump’s presidency, every case with a Democrat-appointed judge went against him.

Trump won more than he lost with conservative justices, but he lost his fair share of cases before Republican-appointed judges.

On the fact that politics is seeping into our Judiciary, Roberts stated, “The Judiciary’s power to manage its internal affairs insulates courts from inappropriate political influence and is crucial to preserving public trust in its work as a separate and co-equal branch of government.

“Decisional independence is essential to due process, promoting impartial decision-making, free from political or other extraneous influence.”

He added, “Let me be crystal clear: the Judiciary takes this matter seriously.

“We expect judges to adhere to the highest standards, and those judges violated an ethics rule.”

Everything Roberts said is true, but the Supreme Court has been very guilty of this over the last few years.

We have seen the court fold to public and political pressure in several cases, be it an unexpected verdict that appears to be to avoid rioting or kicking the can down the road and not taking the case.

Additionally, our politicians, including the current and future residents of the White House, need to keep their noses out of these cases.

Whether they admit it or not, their words play a significant role in the public pressure applied to the Judiciary.

Commenting on the case after the outcome is different, but mum should be the word while the cases are being tried.

This is one of the more significant issues in this country for me, as the Judiciary is far too tainted and saturated by politics right now, and this is at all levels.

Do you think our Judiciary is tainted?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: New York Post


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30 Responses

  1. Our judiciary is truly biased with strong urge from polical pushing and Tainted influence.

    1. They are more crooked than the people that they are “JUDGING” !! ESPECIALLY ROBERTS, remember the ACA ruling and ILLEGAL wording change !!! ROBERTS is a DISGUSTING, CROOKED, HYPOCRITE that should be in prison !!!

    2. We the people have been seeing the Srpreme Judges following the evil ways of the administration and neglecting our Constitution of America snd we want that changed. We the people need to know if they are being brain washed, blackmailed or bought. Follow the constitution, that is what you are there for.

  2. SCOTUS and all other courts must abide by law under the Constitution, not emotion, not personnal likes, and not political, this is why there are three distinct branchesof government, one makes law, one administers law and one sees that the law is Constitutional…. Pretty simple if you ask me!

  3. You think? Let’s see the most horrible thing that’s happened in my life time is the Democrats steeling the 2020 election and the fact that the supreme court’s did not give our president his day in court and the fact that all of those states tried to help because of cheating I really don’t know if they watched the television or not those votes that they ran over and over again threw the machines were mail in ballets they were not folded dead give away they were fake votes everyone who saw it was outraged except our highest court they literally inserted millions of votes all over the country and still the highest court in the land turned there heads away they really didn’t care about us or our president they should have given him his day in court this is the most outrageous thing that has ever happened to our country and now look where we are at over 3 too 4 million illegal aliens now in our city’s and how many of them are terrorist ? This is the biggest question everyone should be asking and let’s not forget the 5 to 6 thousand Americans left in Afghanistan and 85 billion dollars worth of new equipment that’s an impeachable offense!!!

    1. What the us superme court did was wrong they should of taken the lawsuits and overturned the 2020 election trump won 49 states Joe Biden cheated and stolen the election from Trump This must never ever ever happen again

    2. Totally agree. It’s like the court just put a bag over their head and tossed a coin. Terrible, terrible! And then a lot of time wasted on cases that are simple just stupid.

    3. Excellent post!!! Feel same way… so frustrating to watch our country going down …. it will not end , until people unite , while there is still time. 👍🙏Thank you, Darrel

  4. When Judges use their Political Party affiliation to determine a decision in a case, THEN THEY ARE NOT A JUDGE BUT AN EXCUTIONER! That judge needs impeachment! Remove the Judges law license and forfeit his total pension, ban forever future involvement in legal matters or work any sort in any legal office.

    1. TEXX,
      I read yesterday that Biden went to the Supreme Court and begged the court to rule his way in the Texas case. Maybe that’s why Roberts came out with this warning today!!

  5. SCOTUS & other courts are to be independent and adhere to the Constitution and render justice appropriately and impartially. I don’t care how the vote or what party that they support as long as they do their job and uphold the law of the land according to the Constitution.

  6. Tainted. Not addressing the voting issue in 2020 saying it was not presented to them in a fashionable manner led me to believe the lawyers doing so were incompetent. This is hard to believe. I believe the court did exactly what you are preaching, don’t do anything that might upset the norm for fear of a backlash. The court should have done their duty and listened to the arguments. Shame on you.

  7. These judges are all going to fold under the pressure of the politicians. If they do not stand up for us and the constitution, we need to voice our opinions as Americans. Speak to your representatives and replace them if they don’t stick to the legal rights under the constitution! Things are going to change in November, feel and embrace the RED WAVE!

  8. It seems that EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE is now political. It is disheartening to see our judicial system poisoned by politics. It is a blight on their profession.

  9. What is needed to get Biden brought up for Treason for what he has done to this country? It’s inexcusable for what the the Democratic Party has let or had him do! Enough said.

  10. The Supreme Court put the knife Donald Trumps back for allowing votes to be counted after election had closed The three scummy Justices he appointed it turned him -Et Brute

  11. As Roberts hinted at, we know the courts are tainted. Why else would some states’ attorneys general go “court shopping” to find one favorable to their position. This happened numerous times during the Trump administration. Beginning with the ban on people coming from the known terrorist nations, the case was taken to a court that would favorably rule in the Democrats’ favor. This practice still continues. There are many more cases that could be used as examples. These are based on the bias of the judge. This has to be stopped

  12. Our courts are, and have been, politicized for far too long, and this warning will be construed by liberals as being prompted by undue pressure brought by “conservatives”. (Now, simply supporting the Constitution is an act of “insurrection” in our press!) Understand that the fact that 21 states have filed against BIDEN’S MANDATES have yet to make it through the lower courts where the decisions ARE DEFINETLY POLITICAL! SCIENCE is no longer being used to direct the fight against the virus, as BIDEN has politicized EVERY FEDERAL AGENCY; THE CDC, OSHA, FDA, AND OUR MILITARY AGAINST THOSE WHO OPPOSE HIM! NOTHING IS BEING DONE TO STOP THE PURGE OF OUR MILITARY! MEANWHILE A WARNING FROM THE INSPECTOR GENERAL ABOUT THE POLITICIZATION OF THE DOJ AND FBI HAS BEEN IGNORED BY THE PRESS! NOT EVEN SCOTUS HAS THE POWER TO CHANGE OR BAN IT, BUT THEY SERIOUSLY ERODED IT OVER THE YEARS. JFK’S “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION” PROGRAM WAS REJECTED BY ALL OTHER DEMOCRACIES OF THE WORLD, WITH ENGLAND ACTUALLY LABELING IT “RACIST”, YET IT HAS TWICE GONE BEOFRE SCOTUS AND BOTH TIMES ALLOWED TO STAND! IT WAS PUT IN PLACE IN AN ATTEMPT TO STOP BLACK RIOTS! IF YOU NOTICE, NOT A WORD ABOUT “PACKING THE COURT.” This is just political CYA by the Chief Justice who has always had a liberal record, and it is he who decides what the court will hear! I am sure he hopes the MSM will ignore this, and unfortunately he is probably right!

  13. Someone needs to tell him to look in the mirror. He is a luny as the rest of those “blue people”.

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