Justice Sotomayor Dismisses Infant Pain in Abortions

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding the Mississippi abortion law.

Justice Sotomayor made a statement that completely dismissed science and outraged conservatives during the arguments.

The liberal Justice completely dismissed the idea that fetuses, prior to the 24-week viability mark, could feel any pain.

What Science?

This case is considered to be the biggest threat against Roe v. Wade we have seen.

If passed, the law would back up the acceptable time for an abortion to 15 weeks.

As part of oral arguments, Mississippi Attorney General Scott Stewart contended that fetuses could feel pain before the 24-week gestation period.

Sotomayor immediately dismissed the “fringe” idea that was even possible.

She stated, “I don’t see how that really adds anything to the discussion, that a small fringe of doctors believe that pain could be experienced before a cortex is formed.”

She added, “I don’t think that a response by a fetus necessarily proves there’s a sensation of pain or that there’s consciousness.”

Dr. David Prentice immediately struck back to set the record straight.

He stated, “Modern research is revealing that unborn babies do feel pain at an early stage, and we see that science in action, and regularly during fetal surgery, in which doctors apply analgesia in utero to prevent the suffering of the unborn child.”

Prentice, an expert in stem cell research, continued, “Respectfully, we suggest that Justice Sotomayor follow the science, which has not stood still since Roe was decided in 1973.”

Live-Action president Lila Rose added, “Justice Sotomayor’s calloused disregard for the preborn is matched with stunning disinformation as she denies the fact that babies in their mother’s womb can feel pain.”

It is somewhat baffling how the left will riot over criminals and defend them to no end, yet when it comes to a defenseless child, they continue to dehumanize them to justify killing an unborn child out of convenience.

What do you think? Do you believe the studies that say a fetus can feel pain before it has reached the 24-week gestation period?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Daily Caller

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44 Responses

    1. Sotomayor is a demo-communist shill. Placed on the SCOTUS by Obozo and the demo-communists not to interpret law, but to invent it, bend it or ignore it. Twist laws so the demo-communists can further destroy this country to it’s very soul.

  1. I know women want total control over their body & I do agree with that until it comes to abortion. The beginning of life is the minute the egg is fertilized by the sperm. From that point on this is the beginning of life & as long as it is inside a live human being, it is also live. Women, to you, you do have choices. Choose not to get pregnant, there a many forms of birth control, USE THEM. Prevent the pregnancy so you are not faced with killing a baby. Baby’s DO FEEL PAIN. STOP ABORTIONS, MAKE THE RESPONSIBLE DECISION & PREVENT PREGNANCY.

    1. I believe that babies in the womb do feel pain! Therefore not a good idea to abort!!

      1. I agree with you Mary Alice Whetzel! We are all created by our Creator, God as it includes babies!

    2. I agree totally with this statement. Women do have a choice! Not to get pregnant!! Don’t need abortions and killing babies! This is murder as sure as taking a gun and shooting someone.

  2. Yes I believe a fetus can feel pain even before 15 weeks. Just stop with this inhumane garbage. Who are we humans to decide when a baby lives or dies. We are not God….if you do not want a baby… keep your dam legs crossed. Abortion is not a form of birth control.

    1. Absolutely. Abstinence is legal, murdering for stupidity and greed are not legal, unless you’re on SC

  3. She should have been aborted early on …. But, GOD IS WAITING FOR HER…. She’ll spend in hell with the rest of the fools that think abortion is okay!!! That was NEVER IN GOD’S PLAN!!!! It is an abomination to him…. Godless nations do those things….

  4. If an unborn baby is considered human, abortion is murder. Why should society think it wrong to kill someone who is a rioter, thief, murder, etc then think it OK to kill a human who is completely innocent ? Abortionists should pray there is no God and eternal punishment. I would think He would be very angry with someone who intentionally destroys one of his creations ? The Bible states God is aware when a little sparrow falls. Shouldn’t a baby rate a little higher than a little bird with God ?

  5. Judge Sotomayor is behaving in a totally unprofessional manner for a supreme court judge. She should recuse herself from sitting in on any case having to do with abortion as she has shown herself to be totally biased before even hearing any evidence. She obviously CANNOT act in an impartial manner as a supreme court judge should. WHERE ARE THE CRIES FOR HER TO RECUSE HERSELF FOR HER BLATANTLY BIASED BEHAVIOR????

    1. I totally agree with you. ABORTION should never be used as an excuse to get rid of a precious baby.

  6. A beautiful baby is a gift from God to love and care for. It is a mortal sin to murder a child. There are ways to prevent getting pregnant or put the child up for adoption. There are loving couples who can’t have babies.

  7. Shameful that our highest court would allow and approve the killing of babies at any stage of life. Who are they to play God

  8. All of God’s creations must be protected from conception to natural death. A baby can feel pain and Sotomayor represents the devil. How can any person justify genocide of their own children, more babies have been aborted than all of deaths caused by Hitler and Stalin, this should make you sick. The simple solution is don’t get pregnant and if you do step up and accept the responsibility.

  9. The left will pay for their callous disregard for the lives of unborn children, when they stand before God to account for their actions in this life. God will bring the appropriate judgment that they deserve. There is no “good-ol’-boys” network or cabal, as they enjoyed here on earth, that can save them from the eternal punishment they so deserve. God is the perfect judge and jury. He cannot be bribed or intimidated. His judgment is final. There is no appeal.

  10. All I can say is Sotomayer is a left wing radical. How does she know if a baby feels pain at 15 weeks? She definitely is not a doctor and should not be discounting what high quality doctors say. She probably agrees with the Biden administration on depopulation thereby refusing to acknowledge that infants in the womb can feel pain.

  11. Fetuses move whether these movements are voluntary or not, this requires a nervous system. Nervous systems not only are required for movement but to convey pain to the organism. Case closed, and the nervous system developes extremely early. The heart beats At approx. 6 weeks gestation if I recall correctly. What causes the heart to beat? Electrical impluses and the nervous system. What doesn’t this judge NOT understand about the human body? A judge who will be JUDGED!

  12. “FOLLOW THE SCIENCE”….isnt that what you have been saying now for the covid…even though we KNOW THAT YOUR NOTGFYS!!

  13. Judge (so called), you have taken leave of your senses, now don’t go away mad, just go away!! Now, there is a judge waiting for you and you will not enjoy the verdict!!

  14. WOW!!! How did she ever get on the Supreme Court? She is about as out of touch with America as anyone.

  15. There Is A Special Place In Hell For This Poor Excuse Of a Judge . Your A Disgrace To The Human Race !!! To Bad You Weren’t Aborted . How You Can Even Say Such A Thing That The Baby Does Not Feel Pain Shows Your Mentality Level, I Guess Your Not To Blame As It Must Be A Hereditary Trait You Got From Your Parents !!!!


  17. Murdering babies is an insult to all who believe in God . There will be a very huge price for it

  18. People who feel it is acceptable to abort a baby probably have never had the love of a child. I believe God will bless that child to live with him in heaven and condemn the abortionist. Where would we all be if our parents had aborted us. People use abortion as a way of birth control instead of being responsible for their laziness to use other forms of birth control.

  19. I guess the only time we should follow the science is when it agrees with the left, she will answer for her actions when she meets God, abortion on demand is wrong

  20. Sotomayer should be taken off the Supreme Court, remember when Kavanaugh, and other new members were drilled by the senate panel about their thoughts on abortion? This liberal dimwit is a murderer and needs to be removed. These court hearings where presented to present all sides for discussion, this biased piglet is a piece of dung

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