Senator Tim Kaine Challenges Biden Official on Afghanistan Narrative

Throughout this withdrawal, Joe Biden and company have acted as though nobody knew Afghan forces would fold so quickly.

From intelligence reports we have seen, we know that is simply a false statement.

Shockingly, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), a staunch Biden ally to this point, is now challenging the narrative of the Biden administration.

Biden Betrayed

If you watched any Blinken testimony this week, especially in the House, you saw Democrats gushing over Secretary Blinken.

It was disgraceful, really, that they would try to justify the actions of this administration and help push their talking points rather than truly get to the bottom of what had happened in Afghanistan.

The Senate was a different story for Blinken, however, as at least one Democrat was willing to challenge the narrative.

Kaine added a bit more fuel to the fire this week regarding the attacks against this administration and the lies it has been telling when he had his time with Blinken.

Kaine told Blinken, “The notion that General Milley said that ‘nothing I or anyone else saw indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days.’

“I just don’t think that’s true.”

Kaine did give the concession that it may not have been the majority opinion, but the reports have been out for weeks now regarding the pushback from intelligence agencies on this.

Regarding the opinion that Afghanistan would fall, Kaine stated, “And it wasn’t 1%, and it probably wasn’t 10%.

“It was probably, based on what we’ve been hearing in this committee and others have too,… it was a possibility that had to be grappled with.”

This is a major blow for Biden, but we still have to wonder if we are ever going to get to the bottom of this or these hearings, as usual, are nothing more than lip service.

General Milley is also due to testify, yet Defense Secretary Austin has declined, which is rather astonishing considering the magnitude of failure regarding this withdrawal.

Source: Fox News

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27 Responses

  1. So why aren’t they starting an impeachment on Biden
    Because they all want this country to fail and if things don’t change soon we might as well start making sure that our government works for the American people not for themselves and when it is election time we need to change what is going on


    1. you are so right donna. were tired of all these corrupt demorats. they all need to be in prision.biden hates our country rather help illegals he must be impeached. the supreme court has to get involved. how many more people will be coming to our country.they keep coming in our country we will not have a american country no more. these demorats are no good just all corrupt. im sick of this adminastration. voting time comes in 2022 kick these corrupt demorats out. vote for republicans all the way.

  2. The Congressional Demwitts are so DUMB it makes me sick ! They are nothing more than LACKIES for Schummer and Pelosi who will only follow THEIR ORDERS but not what THEY “believe” to be the BEST PATH FOR THE COUNTRY! There is not 1 DEMWITT in DC who has the balls to say “THIS IS CRAZY”, except maybe Manchin and the woman from Arizona! Demwitts need to do what they think is RIGHT not FOLLOW crazy Nancy and Schummer! GROW UP!

  3. How can the Secretary of Defense decline to go to the meetings? Who the Hell does he think he is? Sorry, but that alone is grounds for dismissal, stripped of all titles, pension & so forth!

    1. You would think that he would have to be there ! Americans every sight u get on demand this Administration be held accountable for murder and Treason !!!!!

  4. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) …..Said it Correctly……All we ever do is get “LIP…SERVICE”..!! Nothing ever is really getting done. All Congress and Senate can do is sit around and Talk, talk, talk…..Committee Meetings, then an Investigation here or two…….Just a Bunch of Adults looking like a Bunch of Moronic Idiots….and Getting Nothing Done. ! ! ! PLUS, ALL the Money that is Spent with ALL of this Hoop-La. ! ! ! Our Government is just Totally and Mess and a Farce.! !

    1. Agree. But how do you expect all those with their median income upon entry to government service, (and not by working in a business that makes a profit from selling product or providing useful services) become multimillionaires upon leaving?
      They follow the pipers peelousey and schumer because they want the $$$ that comes with every committee appointment, the benefits that come after just one term of service, and all the immunities that come with being a silent fish in the democrat swamp.

      1. the supreme court have to get involved now before we wont have a country. demorats are making me sick.they all need to be impeached. especially joe biden, piglosi, harris, shumer maxine waters and aoc and her mob. were the hell is harris the laughing hyenia while all this mess is going on?

    1. they have gotten away with stealing 2020 what makes you think 2022 will be any different?
      there is only 1 way to remove these anti Americans from office and you know what that is. We gained our freedom in 1776 history does repeat itself.our major enemies are within.

  5. No matter what his excuses are, Miley didn’t follow the chain of command and that is a treasonist act. He should be unhonorably dismissed from the military.

    Kaine must have visited Mexico and purchase a pair of used Cojones!!!!

  7. RESIDENT JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET RESIDENT just from the Time Biden was Fraudulently inserted into office,let alone 40 plus year’s of failure but from that moment Biden and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY have destroyed , corrupted , the laws ,the constitution, everything the united states’ stand’s for ,the lie’s that regurgitate from his and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is horrendous and there’s absolutely no accountability, ethics. Nothing gets done. What’s the use commenting anymore it’s getting to a point I just don’t want to read or watch hearings. When are we going to get some kind of JUSTICE for all of the proven corruption?????

  8. They are all traitors even the ones now trying to save their skins.I think they are seeing the writing on the wall

  9. Americans might not exist the road we’re going down. We don’t have the time too screw around putting up with our failed government. China, they have us in their sites, make no mistake. Major media better start waking up unless they want their new boss’s Chinese? I find it absolutely incredible we have so many ignorant non-common sense people, EVERYWHERE. IS EVERYONE STONED?

  10. I am shocked, just SHOCKED – that any Democrat in my home state would dare contradict their purported “leader,” so-called “leader of the free world!?!” More, please…and while you’re at it, Mr. Kaine, please push back against Mr. Biden’s vaccine mandates, pro-abortion stance (you ARE Catholic, aren’t you? – an…well maybe this is all asking too much. Really, if some in his own party would give Mr. Biden at least some of the fgrief he so well deserves, maybe we’d get somewhere…not holding my breath…

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