Kamala Harris Announces Trip… Only Not to Border

Border crisis, pandemic surge, bad economy…

What is Kamala Harris working on?

Well, she is about to take a trip to Vietnam and Singapore.


One cannot help but wonder where this administration’s priorities are right now in terms of what Kamala Harris is being tasked to do.

Joe keeps putting things on her plate, but she has yet to deliver on anything, and her polling numbers prove it.

After making only one trip to our southern border (in her current role), Harris released her plan to address the root causes of immigration.

It was more or less regurgitation of Joe Biden’s plan from 2015, and it was widely treated as a joke by the media and Republicans.

The White House must have thought the same because Joe introduced his migration plan at the same, redirecting attention away from Harris’ plan to his own.

Rather than continue working on the border issues, where most believe her attention should be focused, Air Force Two is getting fired up for an international trip.

Secretary of State Blinken apparently needs Harris to hold his hand because, amid growing tensions with China, Harris is packing her suitcase for Vietnam and Singapore.

According to her office, Harris’s trip is to “strengthen relationships and expand economic support.”

“Expand economic support,” you know, because the United States has so much money to throw around right now.

But, I guess that is what happens when you botch foreign relations so bad that you have to resort to buying allies.

Harris’ primary spokesperson, Symone Sanders, stated, “President Biden and Vice President Harris have made it a top priority to rebuild our global partnerships and keep our nation secure, and this upcoming visit continues that work – deepening our engagement in Southeast Asia.”

So, don’t worry, because Kamala is on it!

Source: Fox News

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25 Responses

    1. Maybe she’s going to N. Vietnam to seek asylum for her crimes against the Constitution. Makes ya’ wonder, doesn’t it?

  1. Kamala Harris is the most incompetent Vice President ever to hold the office , second only to the former Vice President Joe the buffoon who now is CNN our incompetent Fake president!

    1. I would add quite a bit more negatives, but generally this is well said.
      I just don’t understand why there isn’t any “backdoor” counted on when president and vice president fail.
      In every other post if one “blast it” here we go: “pack it and go”
      Here either one of those two couldn destroy economy, security, welfare of people, anything and everything… still sitting in their soft chairs and accepting respect, compliments, good money…America should change rules in this department.

  2. Harris needs to keep her self here in the US and work on immediately closing the Southern Border. The Illegal’s are making it a ‘Free for All’ situation and depositing Covid in great numbers. Who will pay for All that they need to resettle in the US? The Tax Payers will and our Pleas to Shut the Border has fallen on deaf ears. Come on America we must now Mask Up for what reason? We are being reinjected by by the Illegal’s as they enter and break the Law!!!

    1. We are also being reinfected by those who have had the vaccine, are producing a stronger virus and transmitting it. As Dr. Malone, a real expert has said, they need to stop the vaccines and treat people with safe, effective medications like anti-biotics, ivermectin and hydrochloriquon or this pandemic will be come catastrophic. And why are we asked to mask when it is useless and the illegals are flooding into out country and being transported anywhere and everywhere at the expense of the communities. So how many are having regrets about voting for Biden and now supporting the fraud.

  3. Biden is letting sick people and child molester’s and rapist murdering illegals’ into the USA

  4. Making busy work for Heels Up Harris. She’s pretty much finished all of her coloring books, so instead of ordering more from Amazon, she’s going to take a trip for absolutely no logical reason, other than wasting taxpayer money. It will be kind of a field trip for her and she’s excited to have another job she can blow off!


  6. Maybe viet- cong will show her a cell in dong ho prison for war crimes! Joe gets Gitmo for sure,with hunter.( 10% for the Big Guy”)

  7. We all know how Kamala got to where she is now in her life by sleeping with Willie Wilson California for years she’s waiting for Biden to quit or die she’s a breath away from destroying our country

  8. When Joe Biden standing in front of the Lord head bowed tears streaming down his eyes a huge wet spot on his pants his feet turned in hands behind his back and the Lord says your joe Why Joe did you support the killing of my children And Joe will look up and say Lord many many votes and A ton of lobbyist money and the Lord will turn his head an Joe will stutter into hell

  9. There is no reason to go to Nam or Singapore. They are not our allies and would not offer anything if they where. We lost enough people the last time we were there, so why would we go back. Hey ho, go to the south border and do your job, if you know how to do a job besides ……

  10. We, (USA) need some new leadership all around. this is not the country I grew up in.

  11. Any chance doing something for America instead of to America will ever make a dnc priority list at all?
    Like I always say, when you fail at everything else, run for office!
    Come on dems there aint no snatch worth what they are doing to us! Or is there a special dem price at the pump and the grocery store? Food stamps dont go as far either if your getting it for free!

  12. Joe and Kamala just doing and saying what they are told .I know that doesn’t make you like them any better ..
    Obama in the background giving the orders – finishing the job he started ! Destroying America from within!! !!!
    They are cheaters, liars, and Satan worshipers . They have no morals or integrity, no decency,
    All they have is a heart and soul full of hate!! Have you looked at Nancy Pelosi’s face or Chuck Schumer’s or any of the Democrats for that matter . You don’t see smiles only hate..
    It’s hard to fathom that much hatred.. and for what reason?? They have all this money and are still robbing the people and it still doesn’t make them happy!
    Wonder if they will be happy in Hell serving the devil!!

  13. Agree with all posts! We must demand impeachment of Harris, Biden, Piglosi and schumer! We must take our country out of the hands of the destroyer and put Obama in gitmo where he belongs! Then military tribunal for all of them!

  14. Okay Kammie, first you go to GUATEMALA — to discover the “root causes” ; now you are going to VIETNAM & SINGAPORE to — sayyy whattt ?? — oh, yeah — to “strengthen relationships”. The Guatemalan leader had no idea why you came there. Now these two nations cannot wait for your arrival, so they can hit on you for $$$$$. These two trips are the HIGHLITGHT FEATURES of your lame resume. So you just keep going Lone Ranger in your SHOW ABOUT NOTHING, Girl. We sincerely hope you will get the same reception from the Citizens of these countries as you received in your first VOYAGE !

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