CNN: Kamala Harris Performance on World Stage Was ‘Cringeworthy’

After Kamala Harris took her first trip abroad, the conservative media in this country went ballistic over her horrific performance and defensiveness regarding the border.

We honestly thought the left would jump to her defense, but that is not what is happening here.

It was so bad, in fact, even CNN personalities are calling the performance “cringeworthy.”

Bad Day

Harris had to know she would get somewhat challenged because she has yet to visit the border during this migration surge.

When Lester Holt asked her a question about it, it was pretty much a softball, but she just about lost her mind on him.

The fact she did not have a prepared answer then openly challenged him now has the media that has put her on a pedestal concerned…

What made matters even worse was the Univision exchange, where Harris put her finger up and told the host, “I’m not finished.”

The Washington Post’s Olivier Knox added, “To be clear, she was going to be asked this question and the fact that they didn’t have something better than ‘I haven’t been to Europe’ is fairly notable.”

Harris had a chance to shut this down, but all she has done is add more fuel to a fire that is starting to burn out of control.

Adding her to the ticket was supposed to cement her as the future of the Democrat Party, but it seems more likely now that it will end her political career.

Sources: Breitbart & New York Post

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9 Responses

  1. It’s crazy to get on the supreme Court you have to have all these qualifications and you get drilled by the senators and it’s really tough to make sure that they’re they’re qualified but to be the president or the vice president you don’t need any qualifications you don’t get any senators drilling you about whether you can take care of the country or not he just get placed in in in and get all the nuclear codes given to you without proving it that you’re qualified it’s crazy really

  2. It’s like Nancy pelosi always says just voted in and then we’ll see what’s in it when when it when it when it’s the law then we’ll see what’s in it

  3. She’s avoiding the issue because she has no answer. She knows a crisis is existing there. If she goes to the border, then she has to say it’s critical and if she has to say that, they know they have lost. Good to see at least some in MSM being somewhat bold in their questioning. By the way I haven’t been to Europe either, but then, there is no border issue there. Pitiful answer, very unprepared.

  4. As unqualified as these two are to be President and Vice President, they look as bad as a the people that want to destroy this country, I think you call them TERRORISTS. We know their both Racist.

  5. After watching and listing to Harris, I hope Biden can make it to the four years in office. she is a disaster. Who in their right mind would want her for the VP.

  6. The thought of Harris running in 2024 makes me sick to my stomach. I wish I could hope she would continue with her blunders but it will only hurt the country. 2022 is so important to all of us let’s make it happen.

  7. Its about time the media sees harris as she is and what she and Biden and their cohorts are doing to this beloved country of ours. They are not doing the country any favors by continuing to pay people to stay home and not work. To WORK for what you truly want is the American way not sitting at home and getting handouts ..there are so many jobs available .Americans….make us great again …

  8. It was very clear BEFORE the election that neither Biden or Harris were competent to lead our country, but Obama wanted his third term, and Biden, as his stooge, provided that! Now we see that Obama is again in charge, telling his stooge what to say and do! This farce has to end ASAP, stop Obama and take our country back!

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