Kamala Harris Leaves DC for CA, No Explanation Given

Kamala Harris raised a lot of eyebrows early Friday afternoon.

Harris headed to Joint Base Andrews and flew to California.

The trip got everyone’s ears up because it was completely unannounced, and no explanation was given by the White House after she left.

Where Is Kamala?

Once again, the administration is being less than transparent.

It would normally not be a surprise to see Kamala head to California for a weekend.

She and her husband, Doug Emhoff, have a residence in Brentwood, CA, but that is not where she headed.

Instead, Harris landed in Palm Springs around 7:00 p.m.

The mayor of the city, Christy Gilbert, sent out a tweet welcoming Harris, but no details were given…

My best guess here is that Harris was attending a Democrat fundraiser.

Both she and Biden took considerable heat for traveling to CA to help Governor Newsom during the recall election, so it would not be a surprise to see them hide a fundraising appearance considering the multiple crises this administration is facing.

At some point, the details of this trip will get out and I cannot imagine the outrage that will ensue if this was for anything other than an emergency situation.

Source: Fox News

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25 Responses

  1. I sure wish she had LEFT FOR GOOD!! I don’t know about others, but I WISH SHE HAD LEFT FOR GOOD!!

      1. I thought the boarder according to the demos was closed. So why aren’t they stopping the next and past heard of migrants? I for one am pissed about this and tired of the democratic party dissing the American people while we keep footing the bill to be abused. Come on people!! Shame on these American leaders. Let’s get them out!!

          1. That is the problem there is no plan…….I am worried and praying for our country. Reports of more illegals to come and nothing being done by Joe or Kamala to stop them.

        1. Good idea! Why won’t some people that live in Seattle and Tacoma go set up their tents in the politician’s neighborhood!? That would change in a hurry!😂

  2. Just more deceptiveness from the dems. They have to hide what they are doing because the American people would not approve of their actions. So much for the transparency promised by Biden. Another promise broken.

  3. Oh, there will be (what they think will be) a good lie developed by the time she gets on the plane to come back. Then, a week or so later the reason will come out. I wonder why they don’t think of that?
    They are caught each and every time!!

  4. Yes !!😂 she and Willie Brown ! Nasty beast ! If All Americans knew her they would never vote for her !! 👺🤡👺

  5. Perhaps this little junket is a matter of “paybacks” by Governor Gav, to show his appreciation for her help (?) in surviving the recall. I vision a meeting between Gav & Kammie, perhaps in El Cajon, where they will behind closed doors, explore new ” positions and angles ” with one another. Then when she’s had enough, she’ll send him packing, make a token appearance somewhere in the state to justify her being there, then fly back to D.C. so she can plan her next HI PROTOCOL trip to PARTS UNKNOWN. ( Curiosity Question: has this witch EVER followed any directions from her “president” ?? Chances are NO, for she is just vacationing here and there, waiting for his ouster or demise …. so she can waltz into The Oval Office … )

  6. Camel toe Harris is up to something. She is a low life POS and we will find out the truth sooner than later.

  7. This has gone on long enough, they pulled a coo this last election, that’s a criminal offense, in fact its Treason, people are shot because they did something like that. Where are the news papers reporters, all can’t be this dumb to over look something so bad as this last election was.

  8. The Price of Going to The AF base and The $1000s n $1000s, Probably 10s of $1000s ( of OUR Hard Earned Taxes ) For Her Plane…The Costs of Staying in the MOST Lavished Places…The 5 Start Foods…Cars…Secret Services…Aids…Probably Make Up n Other Personal Attendees…You Getting My Drift ???

    ” At some point, the details of this trip will get out and I cannot imagine the outrage that will ensue if this was for anything other than an emergency situation. ” That’s The Point…” Details ” Will Probably Takes Weeks and by Then…It’s Water Under the Bridge.

    And Will She Pay US BACK From the $500,000 She Will Raise ? We ALL KNOW The Answer to That huh…Will That Monies Be Taxed ??? Again, We ALL ALSO KNOW The Answer to That Too…

  9. Someone was moving in on slut Harriss’ corner , the corner of 5th and main . Snake Harris had to defend it so she can continue to ingest spew !!!

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