Kamala Harris Still Planning Trip to Vietnam Amid Afghanistan Fall

The hits just keep coming for the Biden administration.

As Afghanistan is falling, a plan that Kamala Harris admittedly took part in, she is still planning a trip abroad to Vietnam.

With everything happening, Harris was expected to cancel the trip and help Biden figure out this mess, but that just seemed too much to ask from a VP that has been virtually invisible since taking office.

Bad Timing

One of the key elements that has everyone so stunned is Biden’s comparisons regarding this being his Saigon moment.

Conservative journalists will be lying in wait to get snapshots of Harris on the ground during her trip to liken them to the fall of Saigon.

Fox News called the worst photo op for Democrats since Jane Fonda “donned a helmet there in 1972.”

Last Person in the Room

Joe Biden is taking significant criticism for the debacle in Afghanistan, but Harris is also taking heat.

This would be from her own doing, as she was admittedly one of Biden’s top advisers regarding the withdrawal plan.

During an April interview with CNN, Harris claimed to be the “last person in the room” when Biden committed to the withdrawal.

Her insinuation was clear… she gave him the last opinion on what she should or should not do.

At the time, she undoubtedly thought she would take claim to end the forever war, but it has completely backfired on her.

Now she has to own this disaster as well.

Source: Fox News

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55 Responses

    1. There is no purpose, she just can’t take any more Criticism from American People. This way she can do her fake smile on another Country and act like she is happy to be there. What a piece of work she is. She can’t be trusted to do one darn thing right. So what do you expect from someone who is laughing while Joe inches his way into La la land.

          1. Victoria, why do you feel Francesca was trying to “feel smart?” Do you know what was in her mind and on her heart? Possibly she was only sharing that incorrect English was being used. Nothing more and nothing less. I don’t know and neither do you. Now along those lines I could point out the grammatical error you made but then you would get upset at me as well.

  1. I say they should leave her there just like they left the Americans behind in Afghanistan!!!! This administration has to go !! WTF is it going to take to rid of them ?? An attack on American soil?

      1. Don’t think it will go that far cause theirs going to be another civil war. Other countries are going to help the winning side not the damn fools in office.

    1. I’m sure its in their plan. Now that the Taliban has our equipment that we conveniently “left behind”, they will stroll through our open southern border and make Arizona a staging area.

      1. Pene, the equipment now in the hands of the Taliban is not “our equipment” as it belongs to the Afghanistan government provided through a program called Foreign Military Sales that all of our allies participate in.

    1. I doubt that they got the Popular Vote, Only Obama and Mama know the Truth. Remember this is Obama’s doing this is his third term through Dementia Joe. !!! Are we not lucky or what.

  2. I’m all for it as long as she is abandoned like the Americans have been in Afghanistan!

  3. I always believed that Biden picked her to be his scapegoat. He is the commander and chief that is fully responsible for leaving Americans in harm’s way. The same goes for the border situation. Although there is no way she would be able to handle presidential duties any better than Biden. We are in real trouble.

    1. Obama picked her. Both Biden and Harris are easy for Obama to control. I’m sure Obummer has a full team working on this day and night. Fasten your seat belts Patriots. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  4. This is not believable two buffoons in one administration then #3 Nancy omg!!! A lose lose!!

    What is happening to USA!! Now the laughing stock of the world!

  5. I have lived under at least eight presidents and have never seen such total incompetence in the entire government, starting from the top down. God help us if it gets any worse.

  6. Typical demonrat behaviour! Lie, deny, accuse, deflect, cheat, steal and destroy! Thanks Obama, this is all on YOU and dumbo the clown Biden! Worst presidents ever in our history as a country!

    1. I agree, but chasing him out of the country isn’t the answer. Right now, we have to get our southern border closed or there will surely be bloodshed as the Taliban stream in with no resistance. They are probably doing that right now. Next they will arrive with OUR military weapons that we “conveniently” left behind. And where are all those illegal immigrants that were again “conveniently” placed all over the US in the dead of night. Hummm….. little check points and camps being set up or something else. It’s all too “convenient” from my point of view.

  7. The United States Marshal Service needs to walk into the oval office and place biden in handcuffs then lead out the door the directly driven to Andrews Airforce Base to board Air Force One then the two and half to three hour flight to GITMO where he will spend the rest of is life.

  8. And so the circus that is Kammie continues …. she picks her own causes, and writes her own schedule.

    Seinfeld, you must step aside, Son …. we have found the REAL ” SHOW ABOUT NOTHING “

  9. It has been proven that they did not win the election and you cannot tell me that Nancy Pelosi was elected either since her husband is a major stockholder in the machines that cheated her in
    We are paying alot ofg people alot of money to uphold laws they break daily with no consequense! Billions! mind you! Now trillions! all in offshore accounts!

  10. Harris evidently doesn’t care if she wastes taxpayers money.She should not be allowed to travel after failing to secure the Southern border.No pay for a incomplete job😂When you don’t work in America you don’t get a pay check

  11. this is nothing more than an Obumma third term, he is making all the stupid decision and has these two lackies doing the work. they will be going down as the worst President and Vice in history. Like they stay be careful what you wish for, no going back

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