Kamala Harris Ripped After Confusing ‘Protect the Vaccinated’ Statement

Once again, this administration is using language to promote vaccinations that simply does not make sense.

Kamala Harris, on Sunday, sent out a text that is getting a lot of attention.

In her message, she discussed “protecting the vaccinated,” which immediately brought about significant criticism.

Protecting the Vaccinated?

If you have the vaccine, you are supposed to be protected from the virus.

By all accounts, while there are clearly breakthrough cases, they are limited in number.

Additionally, in the majority of those cases, vaccinated people are not suffering serious symptoms from the virus.

Yet, this is the tweet that Kamala Harris sent out urging people to get the vaccine…

Fox News contributor Joe Concha immediately hit her back, “’Protecting the vaccinated’ is an odd argument since the vaccinated are already, you know, vaccinated. And the vaccine works in keeping one out of the hospital 99.99 percent of the time per the data.”

Here are a few other responses we saw…

It is a tough case to sell a vaccination by telling people that are unvaccinated that they need to protect the vaccinated, especially when there is no data to backup such a claim.

For instance, a recent study found that unvaccinated are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized (7:100,000 v. .7:100,000) and 11 times more likely to die (1.1:100,000: v. .1:100,000) from the Delta variant.

Honestly, even with those numbers tilted toward the unvaccinated in terms of being more at risk, an active mortality rate of well under one percent is not exactly convincing for those that are still hesitant to take the jab, for whatever reason.

So, please, Kamala, explain to us what you really mean about protecting the vaccinated.

Source: Fox News

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10 Responses

    1. She is such a pig. The only thing she knows how to do is go into her office closet, get on her knees and text out, “NOW SERVING NUMBER 4 MILLION 800,000. BE SURE TO BRING LIP BOMB” thats all she knows.

  1. Sorry but the people who took the vaccines are spreading the virus. Not the people who didn’t take the vaccine. Know too many people who got the vaccines now their sick and some have died or crippled from the vaccines. Someone was having twins but lost her babies and one of her tubes. Not taking a vaccine that kills. Give it to joe Biden or Dr Fauci. I bet they never took it.

  2. Committed to wiping out the pandemic .. really?? .. stupid twit needs to STFU add secure the border first .. there idiots are the one’s responsible for this fiasco .. not the unvaccinated .. 😡

  3. I think the fallacy of their dictatorial mandate requiring all Americans to get the vaccine is purely authoritarian given the many thousands of unvaccinated illegals crashing our southern border!! Where is the logic here?? Even Psaki dodged this question today when cornered by a news correspondent, her reply………crickets!

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