Granddaughter of Singer Nina Simone Says Harris ‘Bullied’ Her Mother

A rather serious charge has come from the granddaughter of singer Nina Simone, ReAnna Simone Kelly.

According to Kelly, Kamala Harris has not been kind to her family.

Kelly made some very serious allegations against Harris of bullying and coming “for my family.”

We Need an Explanation

Simone was a singer, songwriter, musician, and civil rights activist who died at the age of 70 in France, for those of you not familiar.

Born in North Carolina, she surely saw her fair share of racism and battles coming up.

Her family surely thought they were past that when Kamala Harris came into their lives.

Kelly ripped Harris, making the announcement on Twitter, stating, “Nina’s granddaughter here. My family doesn’t run her estate anymore. It was taken away from us [and] given to white people.

“Our family name was DRAGGED in the media.

“We get NO royalties, nothing. Wanna hold someone accountable?

“Ask Kamala Harris why she came for my family.”

A 2016 settlement regarding the issue stated, “The Attorney General asserts that [Lisa Simone] Kelly breached her fiduciary duty to the Estate and to the Charitable Trust and wrongfully diverted Estate assets.

“The Attorney General seeks to surcharge Kelly for amounts totaling $5,937,749.42 plus over $2.5 million in interest, which the Attorney General contends is far more than one-half of the Estate’s value during [Lisa Simone] Kelly’s administration of the Estate.”

For someone that pretends to be for both women and people of color, these are pretty damning statements from Kelly.

Now let’s see how the mainstream media reacts and if Harris is put on the spot regarding these allegations.

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

    1. ho-harris is a crook and needs Justice served on her evil actions (that is if there is ANY Justice left in our corrupted courts and Supreme court). She thinks she is EXEMPT of the Law; makes her own laws.

    2. J R, I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that some drunk/drugged driver ran over K%a%m%a%l%a H%a%r%r%i%s. That would be good for the neighborhood, and the drunk could cop a plea and walk…

  1. She won’t have to pay for what she did to them. Themedia will cover for her, as usual! She should be in prison with tbe rest of her ilk with her!

  2. She is an EVIL PERSON. For her she is number 1. Definitely only cares about herself. KARMA TO HO HARRIS BIG TIME👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻…

  3. Makes sense…seeing as Harris is also an accomplice into the murder of Kate Steinle.

  4. I’m thinking Harris has a few tons of dirty laundry that will be surfacing in the days to come. You can’t be a slimebag who openly screws her way to the top without leaving a lot of smoldering wreckage in her wake.

  5. I am not surprised at anything Kamala Harris will do. Her rise professionally
    had nothing to do with her professional abilities but her personal abilities.
    She will step on anyone to get what she wants. Not impressed with this
    creature in the least.

  6. We Reap What We Sow ! Believe Me ! GOD WILL DEAL WITH THIS Woman.. (And I Use That Word LOOSELY).. She Will Be Judged By A FAIR JUDGE ! Never Will He Be Challenged Because He Is ALL AUTHORITY ! She has a chance to repent as we all do ! Will She? I Hope So , But That Is her decision.. God Gives Us All a Free Will in Life .. But She Also HAS SIN TO REPENT, as we all do ! JMHO !

  7. I’m sure the government will manage the money much better psht psht waaaa ha haha ha the government is the absolute worst investment this country has made
    Another real bad investment is this site using Google recaptcha

  8. Sounds like the VP is only a person of color when it suits just her at one time or another and mistreats her own family and destroys to get what she wants!

  9. She is PATHET_C….JUST LIKE THE REST OF OUR GOVERNMENT….with the Mis_rable Democrats trying to run the Country..!!! There is Nothing Good – about Harris…..Or Biden..!!!

  10. Well, dear, u need to get a good lawyer to look into this. Do not bring in “people of color nonsense. The law does not see color it sees weakness. Go all the way after the case, maybe if u ar lucky u may find something that she did wrong then go after her. U never know until u pursue it. Some people can take the law into their hands when they have the power and the money.

  11. Not surprising. Kamala Harris is a petty, nasty, bitter little person. She identifies more with her husband’s family (White) than with her own.

  12. Past time to get rid of joe and the HO…….a racist ANTIAmerican tramt, and she ia part of an ILLEGAL administration…along with pelosi aoc and the three stooges…and don’t forget hussein obama and his husband michael……Just like the UFOs it will come out some day..

  13. Ex call girl harris does not need to be vice president. her and biden both are destroying america. both are racist. i am old enough to remember the racist things biden said years before. harris is just as bad


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