Kellyanne Conway Hits Biden on Approval Rating and Problems in White House

Since leaving the Trump administration, former adviser Kellyanne Conway has been very quiet.

Well, she is back, and she just came out swinging at Joe Biden.

Conway drew even more attention to Joe Biden’s sinking approval ratings.

Product of DC

As I have stated previously, far too many people voted personality over policy in the last election.

I have lost count of the number of people that told me they loved Trump’s policies, not his tweets, which was utterly laughable.

They all believed they could push Trump out, let Biden tread water for four years, then get a Republican back in office.

When Republicans lost the Senate, that plan went up in smoke, as Democrats had complete control of Congress.

The only solace is the filibuster, or this country would already be headed down a socialist path.

Today, many of those voters are seeing what is happening and a majority of them have buyer’s remorse, as is evident by Biden’s approval ratings among moderates and independent voters.

Bide has lost 50 percent of his approval among independent voters alone, which is staggering.

Conway discusses this recently on Fox News, in part, stating, “Independents call themselves independent because they’re paying attention to politics, not because they’re not.

“They refuse to declare allegiance to either party. They declare independence from both parties, and they don’t like Washington.

“They don’t like politicians to begin with. And they look at Joe Biden now, and they don’t see someone who’s able to leverage 47 years in Washington.

“They see someone who is a product of 47 years in Washington.”

You can see her full segment in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

  1. Kellyanne is amazing! Such a brilliant woman, and then we look at our horrible VP who has done or said nothing since she’s been in office.

    1. AMEN TO THAT! Kelly is great. Would love to see her in Harris’ place or Biden’s for that matter. It would be nice to see some common sense from the capital.

  2. I am an INDEPENDENT VOTER but I have always supported Trump. Do I believe “everything” he says “NO”, BUT on the IMPORTANT ISSUES I am usually WITH HIM. BUT WHAT THE DEMWITTS have been selling for the last 4 years and what they are selling today, NO WAY! Schools, NO WAY, BIDEN PLANS NO WAY, at least there are more Republicans I “LIKE” and there are so MANY OF THE DEMWITTS I CANNOT “STAND”!

  3. NO one is Home , all out in various places
    1st time in history where we dont really have a president

    you have a villiage idiot , thief, con man, shell of vessel who takes orders from a telaprompter and that from who know s ,

    handlers, CFR , Members of the elite group of mofia members from pelosis group of crime boss.s

  4. Never take the Shot
    Never submit to the crime lords
    Never go along with the crimes against humanity

    YOU will become like them

    liars , thieves , con men who dont know truth

    siered consciences , never able to see truth , never able to see understanding , believing the lie

  5. We have so many intelligent people outside this administration, just can’t understand how they got into office with minimal intelligence (big tech), it’s going to be a tough ongoing negative life for Americans till they get voted out.
    Can’t believe 80 mil people voted for this!!

    1. Neither do the rest of us. That’s why “Lets go Brandon” is so popular. Even the dufus president was chanting this with the crowd. Clueless Joe.

  6. I am like dd, and agree with everything that she and christo had to say. All the democRATS in Washington are nothing but crooks. Biden does just what he is told by a bunch of crooked people who want to destroy this country, Well they are doing a great job of it. Biden needs to go. He needs to be impeached, and put in jail along with all of his other democRATS.

  7. Kellyanne: You were great with DJ Trump. The independents and others showed me how ignorant they were, rather than using common sense in the 2020 Election. Donald Trump is a business man and knows how to put our people back to work, remove the corrupt governments like communist china from control of our country. We desperately need DJ Trump back in order to turn our country around on the right track.

  8. Thank you, Kellyanne! For saying out loud what the news media is too cowardly to print or report. We need to bury the present national news media who have been in midst of constant lies and false information to the American people.

  9. Kelleyanne Conway, wife of George Conway the never Trump swamp creature and leader of a group of perverts?
    Ya, nice attempt to become relevant again.

    George Conway calls for Lincoln Project to be shut down › 2021/02/16 › george-conway-calls…
    Feb 16, 2021 — LP needs to waive the NDAs and come clean,” he said. George T. Conway III, husband of White House Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway …

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