Kerry Ignores US Slave Labor Stance for Climate Change and…

John Kerry is Joe Biden’s climate czar.

There were already a lot of ears raised when Kerry was given the envoy position due to the fact his wife had ownership in a private jet leasing company.

As it turns out, Kerry is also financially benefiting from Uyghur slave labor, something else he seems to be ignoring during his quest for climate change.

Not My Lane

For any climate deal to work, India and China must be part of the deal.

To work with China, some rather serious issues should be addressed before any deal gets put in place.

At the top of that list is the Chinese use of slave labor by its Uyghur population.

To make matters even worse, slave labor is used in Chinese factories making solar panel parts.

This hits Kerry on both ends.

First, as the climate envoy, it is hard to sell renewable energy when people know the very parts that make it possible are built with slave labor.

Secondly, Kerry has financial investments with companies linked to the manufacturers of these parts.

Point being, he is actually financially benefiting from this slave labor.

Yet, when Kerry was asked if the issue of slave labor would be addressed as part of his talks with the Chinese, he stated, “That’s not my lane here. … My job is to be the climate guy, and stay focused on trying to move the climate agenda forward.”

That response had Republicans outraged.

At the front of the line was Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), who stated, “Kerry has been working against my legislation, and has convinced President Joe Biden to stay silent on the bill.”

A Senate aide added, “What we’ve heard from various folks is that the administration does not want it to pass because it makes things much more difficult to meet their climate objectives.

“Those companies have to prove there’s no slave labor in their supply chain, it’s a very difficult thing to do, the solar industry in particular.

“So we’ve heard that John Kerry is forcefully behind that and potentially some others.”

So, you see, Mr. Kerry, slave labor actually is in your lane because the people of this country would prefer it if our supply chain was not being fulfilled by the Chinese abusing the people of Uyghur.

Source: Breitbart

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22 Responses

  1. john Kerry is, and has always been, a commie sympathizer that hate our United States of America.

    Not only f#@! jo biden, but f#@! all of these democrats!

    1. America is the GREATEST country on Earth.

      Christopher Columbus discovering America was a good thing.

      George Washington was an extraordinary national hero.

      Thomas Jefferson was an extraordinary national hero.

      Abraham Lincoln was an extraordinary national hero.

      Police Officers keep us safe.

      Israel is our friend.

      COVID-19 came from CHINA.

      There is a difference between men and women.

      Critical Race Theory is RACIST. It shouldn’t be taught in schools.


    2. I still can’t believe people still put their head in the sand about the issues of the Democratic Party!!!

    3. That is why we Must get to the polls and vote 100% Republican and force the Democratic party out of office and white house. We need to show them that were tired of their communist ways.

    4. Fire him imidently.
      Better still, put him in Front of an active fireing squadron, and don’t let him leave alive.
      He is a crook and lier, most of all a Trader to America.
      Add Jo Biden, K Harris, N.Pelosi, A. Shift ,and C. Schumer.
      Then just maybe a
      American can make a come back with President Donald J Trump’s leadership. AMEN…..

  2. Your format is cluttered and advertising keeps breaking thought process. A failure not in content but your format for sending it out.

  3. To all democrates, you need to escape this party before its to late. John kerry is an idoit, always has been. Kerry will make a fortune off your misfortune. Thats what the dems want. God will do whatever he wants to this world. Kerry n aoc cant stop it. FJB

  4. Kerry does not have one HONEST bone in his body, and surely no honesty in his brain or heart. Just a real Traitor to America and out for himself and his family only! He was a Traitor in the Vietnam War and should not be allowed to serve in our government or any job/position that requires honesty and integrity.

  5. John Kerry has been a POS from Day ONE. why does he still have ANY power and why does anyone pay any attention to him

  6. The problem with the Electoral College voting system is that it needs to get even more evenly distributed around the country. The left wants to eliminate it entirely, and we all know what would happen if they succeeded in that effort. Let’s go the other way so that, instead of only 50 campaigns (by state) the left has to conduct, we break it down to county elections…. 3,050+ of them. That way their job would be far more difficult for them to process (cheat), and there would be less likelihood that these criminal democrats would be elected/reelected again & again & again.

    1. The only reason any dem gets voted for is because of carreer welfare people. If everyone would work, instead of sucking off of those who do. We could do away with the dems

  7. John Kerry is as worthless as they come. He fits the mold with Biden and Pelosi. He goes to China to help them get on board with climate because he is getting rich off their slave labor so he is in same boat as the Bidens making money off America instead of making us first. He should retire and go back to giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to squirrels and chipmunks…the highlight of his whole existence! What a jerk. BTW I do remember his getting a Purple Heart decoration for the splinter he made sure the corpsman documented for him instead of just pulling it out of his own finger. Looked better on his resume. And then he wondered why the riverboat crews hated him!

  8. Let us not forget when he was in Vietnam, he commanded a unit to “totally” wipe out a village of women and children…something he still has to live with. He should have been court martialed. The sob should be impeached.

  9. Of course Kerry is not going to push China on the slave labor issue he is making to much money to rock that boat

  10. Add to this that China would profit enormously by this “CLIMATE FAKE PANIC” AS NOT ONLY HAVE THEY CORNERED THE MARKET ON SOLAR PANELS, THEY ALSO HAVE CORNERED THE MARKET ON WINDMILLS! Unless there are requirements to have “green” infrastructure made in the US BY US COMPANIES, we will see NO INCREASE IN MANUFACTURING, OWNERSHIP AND MANUFACTURE OF THE REQUIRED REPLACEMENT/MAINTENANCE PARTS, AND A SOLUTION TO OUR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING PROBLEMS, BUT A COUNTRY THAT VIEWS THE US AS AN ENEMY WILL BE IN A POSITION TO HALT ENERGY PRODUCTION IN THE US! In the event one of the reckless military actions China does on a DAILY BASIS here in Asia results in someone pushing a button, all this could go up in smoke! Also, SINCE WHEN DOES CHINA LIVE UP TO THEIR CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENTS? HK was supposed to retain “significant democracy” until 2048, and they certainly didn’t live up to that! The BIDEN TYRANNY, AND THE DEMS, want to simply have us give up OUR rights, so they can surrender to China, and allow them to have GLOBAL DOMINANCE, AVOIDING WAR! They think they are only giving up YOUR rights, NOT THEIRS! The simple fact is the day will come when the government removes THEIR ENTITLED STATUS! A simple fact these liberal radicals don’t understand is “THE MORE POWER YOU GIVE THE STATE, THE MORE THE STATE CAN DO TO YOU!” Read the essay by Albert Jay Nock!

  11. Kerry is a worthless, traitorous SOB. Toss him and Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell (yuh, even him) into a common grave – no headstone. Kerry scratched himself to get bogus Purple Hearts so he could go home and lie to Congress. They’re all evil and unAmerican.

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