Suicide Bomber Kills At Least 37 at Shiite Mosque in Afghanistan

Earlier today, yet another terror attack occurred in Afghanistan.

This is almost an exact repeat of what occurred last week.

According to local reports, a suicide bomber entered the Fatimiya mosque in Kandahar province, set off the device, killing 37 people and wounding at least 70 others.

More Terror Attacks

One of the worries, when Biden botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, was the possibility of a surge of terrorist activity in Afghanistan.

Sadly, that fear has already become a reality, with two major terror attacks occurring in about a week.

This proves that the Taliban is either incapable or does not want to control terror activity in the country.

These attacks, of course, come after a suicide bomber, which we now know was released from Bagram Air Base, conducted an attack at the Kabul base, killing 13 American troops.

The attack was first reported by the AP based on local reports immediately after the attack.

Video footage had bodies scattered throughout the mosque, with blood everywhere.

It was a horrific site very reminiscent of the attack that took place last week.

The Islamic State has not yet claimed responsibility, but that is almost a given at this point after the last attack and their constant attacks against Shiite Muslims.

This is a developing story, and we will continue to monitor for updates as more information is available.

Source: AP News

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15 Responses

  1. biden made his bed, now let him lay in it. Did he really think that the American people are so dumb that we would believe everything the demorats say and do !!!!

  2. Let them kill each other. That seems to be what these barbarians live for. There’s no redeeming them. Until the botched withdrawal. I never realized that they have a “fighting season”. Other countries have growing seasons, etc. Not in Afghanistan. They obviously place killing ahead of all else.

  3. Biden thinks as long as they are killing each other over there with there culture (beliefs) that is just fine.
    He said it, He wasn’t going to interfere with other countries cultures or way of life or there laws.

  4. Why can2 we uprise nationaly and put these devils out of the Whitehouse.I hope all you idiots that voted for this moron are are seeing what a disaster you have helped to cause

    1. I agree with you Jerry. Every American Patriots need to go to DC and remove the deep state and clean up DC

    1. This, my friends, is not by mistake. Biden and the rest of the far left are destroying our country by design. God Help Us All.

  5. Biden has been the worst president in US history. No one knows the number of Americans and others around the world who has others blood on his hands and don’t you wonder how his wife lives with herself for being the support system that supported his killing of all the people both here and all over the world. When he is dead she will be known as the woman who has the blood of others on her face. I just hope we do not have to sit and watch a state funeral for the killer of all times. I for one hope in this country will show him to be as comparable to Hitler. I just wish the only thing for Hunter is he will no longer have the person a person that cares.

  6. Time to “disinfect” D.C. The roaches are out of control!!🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

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