Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Slams Biden Over Weekend Getaway

While you are reading this, there is a very good chance another major city in Afghanistan is falling to the Taliban.

What is Joe Biden doing?

Well, he is heading back to Delaware, which sent Brian Kilmeade over the edge.

Business as Usual

Joe Biden has spent the majority of his weekends back home in Delaware.

What happens in Delaware, we have no idea, because the White House refuses to release Biden’s visitor logs when he is back home.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently shielded the visitor logs by claiming nobody needs to see when Joe Biden’s grandchildren visit him.

She said nothing of the other family members who could possibly have their business contacts along for the ride, but that is a conversation for another time.

Kilmeade went ballistic over the idea that while troops are headed back to Afghanistan, it is not to engage with the Taliban but merely to facilitate the withdrawal of embassy staff.

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum stated, “There are concerns that the Taliban could take over the capital of Kabul.

“We are learning this afternoon that Kandahar, the second-largest city has fallen. Only Kabul is left. That’s where the U.S. Embassy is.”

Kilmeade responded, “They are going in not to save Kabul but to get our people out. This is one of the ultimate embarrassments of my lifetime.

“Where is the President of the United States? In Delaware.”

You can see the full segment in the video below…

Biden reportedly left Delaware on Friday to continue his vacation at Camp David.

Jen Psaki got cute when asked about the trip, stating, “He likes Camp David.

“It’s a place to be outside, spend time with family, and certainly has beautiful, beautiful scenery there.”

Well, we are glad that while Afghanistan is falling, a migrant surge, a Delta variant surge, among other issues, Joe Biden is able to take it easy and have fun with his family.

Source: Daily Caller

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31 Responses

  1. Of course, the double standard is alive and well. MSM would never question a left leaner, but would have been all over DT!

    1. Why isn’t Biden in Washington in the war room with his “ Generals” Trump would have never left the White House. Trump kept us out of war. Biden had destroyed America in 8 months.

      1. That’s for damn sure! This is exactly what they want….we have to fight back harder than ever before and kick their a$$e$ out of OUR COUNTRY.

  2. What a total waste of flesh that old demented geriatric is. Busy getting people killed all over the world while he “takes it easy”. When the Demoncrats lose their majority it will be IMPEACHMENT TIME!!! And once he’s out of there it will be time to go after him for the multitude of crimes he and his family have committed. Tick tick tick Joey.

  3. There is much more to this than meets the eye. Impeachment needs to be started immediately, at least it will show that the Republicans won’t put up with actions. The longer we wait the RINO’S and Left will keep pulling his string.
    Start now and keep him on the mat until the mid-terms!

    1. The sad thing is that 90% of the Republican Politicians are cowards. I am a Conservative and a HUGE supporter of President Trump but these Republican Politicians, for the most part are useless. If for ONCE they would stand in UNITY if would send a POWERFUL message.

  4. Old Sniffy should be under house arrest in Delaware for the rest of his miserable life.

  5. Dummy joe is doing an awesome job !!!!! Hell, he’s got our southern border wide open and criminals are having the time of their lives !!!!! The Taliban and Al Qaeda have been outfitted with the best American equipment and ammunition our money can buy !!!!! Heck, I bet that he’s got our wonderful FBI infiltrating them and coming up with an extraordinary outrageous attack on Americans !!!!! I hear they (FBI) are notoriously good at these types of missions !!!!!
    Yep old joe the dummy needs a relaxing vacation, because his puppeteers plans are all in motion and AMERICAs destruction is well on its way !!!!! Thanks obumer !!!!

    1. “Well, we are glad that while Afghanistan is falling, a migrant surge, a Delta variant surge, among other issues, Joe Biden is able to take it easy and have fun with his family.” Guess that says it all. What can we do, they have us hogtied and muffled. Don’t ya just love watching him lack-a-daisyily stroll out to his ride. He could care less. We are stuck with this witless numbskull and have no recourse but the mid-terms. Does anyone think they will be unsullied?

  6. I feel the same as the rest of you . But nothing will ever happen to ole’ Joe . Too much money and too well politically connected , a shame , but that is the way it is in the “swamp”. I feel that most of the establishment be tried for treason . They have sold the American people down the tubes to enhance their personal wealth . If that isn’t treasonous acts , then nothing is . We will do well to survive this corrupt administration . And on another note , any politician that calls for the defunding of police and then hires private security , because they feel they are somehow “special” , should be impeached and run out of office .

  7. What the hell is wrong with Biden he and Harris should be in White House working to take care of us American not all these people coming in country with all these sickness so much for taking care of us just remember joe and Harris you are working for us the tax payer and it not your house it’s the People have a nice few day of

  8. Biden needs to be hung for treason, he has opened the doors of our country to terrorists, from the southern border to all borders now that he has released the Taliban and Al Queda to do whatever they want to do to us.

  9. brian is absolutely right. but you know what? i would rather see the moron on vacation then making more mistakes and doing more things wrong. he sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he has no business being president of the united states

    1. You have a point Nancy. Too bad he doesn’t take a 6 month vacation. Can you believe all that has happened to us in 200 days? It’s mind blowing.l

    2. He isn’t the POTUS, Trump won.
      Of course, the lamestream media
      will never admit that nor the big tech
      CEO’s. I will never pray for him because
      he isn’t truly the one in charge. God said
      He was raising up a David, Donald Trump.
      Trump won & he will eventually be back
      on office.

  10. Yes, Joe is the lamest person in the White House ever. He was not voted in. He was placed there by a corrupt government & a lazy Supreme Court that diddles with themselves under there gowns with the lack of sane judgments to make. Unfortunately we are stuck with the pea-brain until he is forced out by vote or impeachment. Either can not come soon enough. Joe will go DOWN in history as the ruination of America. No one other than Obama will come close to his lies & errors.

  11. I am so sick and tired of Biden and the left/socialilst doing whatever they want and to hell with what our country needs. It is their job and they have totally not done one good thing.

  12. Question here . . . if he does get impeached, will Kamala step in as president? We’re then totally screwed, which we were in the beginning of this administration anyway.

  13. everything they do is deliberate..they thrive on dissention, dissention is the tension is what we learn to hate (King’s X)

  14. It is a sad state of affairs when the mainstream news media who are supposed to accurately report on events cover for the DemoRats, Chicken Poop Big Tech owners, and the WOKE corporations. The media will never admit that the country is on the verge of being overran with Covid infected illegals, and all the other crap going on in our nation and the thieves in the White House. Meanwhile the DO NOTHING REPUBLICANS set on their collective butts and watch it happen. People in this country better wake up because what is coming will not pretty.


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