Kyle Rittenhouse Tweet Sends Liberals Right Off the Cliff

With the big debate going on in the country being all about gun control, Kyle Rittenhouse decided to chime in.

Rittenhouse sent out a tweet lauding the fact that a rifle saved his life.

Well, the left just about had a complete meltdown after he sent that tweet out.


We can argue all day if Rittenhouse or any private citizens should have served as security in that situation.

However, the fact of the matter is that local law enforcement was standing down and allowing rioting to go on.

Rittenhouse was not a direct member of that community, but he worked in the area and wanted to do his part to protect those businesses.

I have watched probably 100 videos regarding that night, and I have yet to see an angle where he is the aggressor.

Yet, to see the responses to his tweet, you would think he went in there like the terminator to kill people.

Look at this nonsense…

All those people completely dismiss the fact that rioters attacked Rittenhouse, not the other way around.

They also seem to neglect that businesses and personal property were being burned, destroyed, and looted by the very people that Rittenhouse ended up shooting.

The perception of these people is so distorted… no wonder our country is in the shape it is in today.

Source: Daily Caller

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10 Responses

    1. Definitely “YES”, Kyle. Take those cretins for every last penny they have. s

  1. Please, everyone…. let this one go.
    The outancome is a win for truth and justice.
    Let’s not let them make us take our eye off the ball.
    i.e. all of this has been orchestrated by evil powers. If you want peace, justice, and a strong America, look elsewhere. I isn’t in arguing or defending this case. Kyle is clean and free. Let’s stop looking at the monkee and focus on the real threats. Right in front of us, in plain sight, and they don’t care…. because they think they are invincible.

  2. IT’S pretty obvious that the censors on this site are Liberal Cowards !!!!

  3. it’s time or WAR !!!!! LOCK AND LOAD !!!!! ELIMINATE THE LIBERAL CANCER !!!!!

    1. I agree with you. Let’s give the left what they want! You take my right and what’s mine, you die!

  4. Be true to yourself, don’t let these idiots get to you! Those thugs came out looking and participated in rioting & to hurt people. If the higher ups would have let the police do their job, this would have never taken place. Good luck Kyle.

  5. The solution lies in the ballot box. To make our elections honest requires a lot of eyes (and possibly cameras) on the process. Call your county elections officials and volunteer to be poll-workers. The more the merrier.

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