Late-night Shooting Spree in Colorado Has Officer Fighting for Her Life

A late-night shooting spree in Colorado has yet another officer fighting for her life.

Officers eventually shot the gunman, but not before he took out several victims.

In all, at least four innocents were shot and killed, and at least three were injured, including an officer, with police now searching for more possible victims.

Shooting Spree

The first incident took place in Denver.

Two women lost their lives in that shooting, and one was injured.

In a different location, a second shooting occurred, with one man losing his life.

The final shooting of the night took place in Lakewood, where the police were finally able to put down the shooter, but one more person lost their life in that shooting.

Paul Pazen, the Denver Police chief, stated, “This one individual was responsible for this very violent crime spree that took place this evening.”

He would go on to say that he believed the threat to the community had been resolved.

The alleged gunman exchanged fire with police in Lakewood.

He later fled the scene and arrived at a nearby Hyatt, where he allegedly shot at the clerk.

During this exchange, the officer was shot and injured, then taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Witnesses stated, “We seen (sic) the guy: he was a tall man, blond hair, with a trench coat.

“She yelled at him to ‘put his gun down!’ She yelled, ‘put your gun down’ and he turned around and, like, pulled up the gun and shot her right in front of us, multiple times.”

Authorities have confirmed that the alleged shooter had been shot multiple times.

Although the shooter has reportedly killed in the exchange, authorities have not yet confirmed his death.

Source: Fox News

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7 Responses

  1. Way to go you liberal DA.Put these devils in jail and you would not have these criminals killing innocent people

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  3. I’m with jerry! Put these guys in prison and keep them there. They don’t deserve to be out in public shooting innocents. These idiot governors, politicians & others want to defund the police – sounds like they all have more dollars than sense. Oh, I forgot, they can afford private security. Silly me

  4. I hope that the officer makes it, I am deeply grieved by this latest shooting glad they got the guy

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