Laura Ingraham Takes Issue with Senator Bill Cassidy Backing Infrastructure Legislation

A group of bipartisan senators has been working feverishly to present a bipartisan infrastructure bill to put on Joe Biden’s desk.

If you read BND regularly, you know I have been against this bill from the outset for one reason… Dems are going to use reconciliation for a much larger infrastructure bill.

All Republicans did by signing off on this bill was to hand Biden and Democrats a huge victory, which is where Ingraham and Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) battle.

You Got Played…

We are all wondering what the GOP gets out of this legislation.

According to Senator Kennedy, passing the smaller bill hurts the chances of the reconciliation package going through.

He seems to have forgotten that the bipartisan bill will never hit the floor in the House until Pelosi gets the bigger package, a fact she has already confirmed.

And, to be clear, nobody here is arguing that an infrastructure package is not needed, because it is.

If this smaller bill were the only bill being passed, most would be behind the legislation.

However, when it is tied to another $3.5 trillion package loaded with Democrat pet projects, why even sit down at the table?

The deal should have required the House to put the legislation on the floor before a quorum is even held regarding the reconciliation package, but that would have required a backbone by Republicans, something most of them lack these days.

This bill is nothing more than a publicity stunt for the Republicans involved and Joe Biden.

You can see Ingraham’s full segment with Senator Cassidy in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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7 Responses

  1. This “infrastructure ” bill will never , as always , get put towards any constructive infrastructure . As always it is just MORE money for the criminal liberal dems & rinos to steal from us taxpaying Americans while we GET NOTHING as usual !

  2. neither one of these bills need to see the light of day if the money for infrastructure that is collected today was used as it should be without the excess overhead and competition of bids was done right we would have great roads and bridges kill all favoritism and graft involved and do it right

  3. Haven’t read the text of the bill yet??
    Are you kidding?

  4. I thought all idiots were democrats. Guess I was wrong. This guy needs to be kicked outof congress.

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