Leaked Lightfoot Texts Do NOT Paint a Pretty Picture

There is not a conservative in this country that would not like to see Lori Lightfoot removed as the mayor of Chicago.

The city was in bad shape before she became mayor and it has gone considerably downhill since she has been elected.

Now, combative text messages have been leaked between Lightfoot and other city officials that show a dictator-like attitude by the polarizing mayor of Chicago.

Challenging Times

The Chicago Tribune broke the report after it obtained a significant amount of text messages from Lightfoot.

The texts were exchanged with aldermen and other city workers.

When the Tribune initially made its FOIA request, Lightfoot’s staff refused to release the documents, but after a lawsuit was threatened, they complied.

The texts give a far better picture of just how much turmoil is happening in City Hall right now.

In one text, Lightfoot wrote, “It has everything to do with (Fraternal Order of Police president) John Cantazara.

“That racist SOB, trying to prove that he has more power than the black mayor and the black supt.

“And Burke, per usual, found a dumb, dumb person of color to do his bidding. It is classic racial politics.”

In a text threat discussing Byron Sigcho-Lopez, Lightfoot stated, “Shitso is an a——!

“There are no words for that jackass.”

These types of texts continue with numerous other city officials.

When asked about the texts, Lightfoot’s office stated, “The past two years have been some of the most challenging times for local elected leaders.

“Governing is a tough business. Emotions can at times get the best of each of us.

“The mayor is fully focused on working together with (aldermen) and other stakeholders to continue to address the very serious issues that face our city every day.”

Now, let’s be honest… what would the outrage be right now if these texts had come from a Republican, any Republican?

This should be enough to take Lightfoot down, but I just don’t know if anyone in the party will have the courage to do that.

Based on the media’s response to this story thus far, well, let’s just say they are not very interested in it for some reason.

So, we have a mayor who cannot stop crime, belittles staff, including people of color, and it’s no big deal simply because she is a Democrat.

As I stated just the other day, if the people of Chicago re-elect this atrocity in the next election, that city deserves everything it gets on the crime front.

Source: Breitbart

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16 Responses

    1. All dems after 8 years of bo’s treason are now racist creating enemies within the U.S.A. trying to destroy U.S.A’s Freedom, Rights & National Security ! The lori stench of a dem dictator racist creating stench of bo is the norm ! Only cure for dictators is elimination & ASAP isn’t soon enough for justice ! Treason is accurate term for dems !

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  1. lightfoot looks like an old bullhead fish from the forest preserves in chicago! she is a useless pos in politics,letting a great city go to hell,with drugs gangs and gang voilence !another pos democrap !

  2. Well Lightfoot is a democrat and she prefers the women over men (they won’t let me use the proper l word) so she has double protection.

  3. More and more of her constituents are dying. Pretty soon there won’t be anyone left in the city. She is so unqualified to be mayor. Why haven’t they tried to recall her? These people need help because she’s the problem.

  4. I guess Chicago likes their crime ridden city. So if they continue to elect Lighthead and her ilk, that is exactly what they will get…..serious crime. Is the whole of Chicago leftists?

  5. People that voted Lighfoot in must have voted for Biden as well both of them babbling idiots that don’t have the faintest idea on how to govern a town, city, state , or country . Yet they still get re-elected again and again maybe mail in ballots have something to do with it or crooked people counting ballots !

  6. As MAYOR, the cities problems are HERS . . . but she simply REFUSES to act, so the sooner they THROW HER OUT, the “Better” !

  7. Flush these communist democrat pedophile racist woke cult party members down the toilet and deposit them in Afghanistan, a country they love to live under the tally-ban!

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