LeBron James Fined $15k for ‘Obscene Gesture’

LeBron James is having the meltdown of a lifetime.

When the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict was announced, James went off on social media.

Several days later, he had a couple of fans kicked out of a game against the Pacers for saying something he did not like.

Then James got ejected from a game for hitting another player in the face, drawing blood.

Now he has been fined $15,000 for a lewd gesture after a basket during the Pacers game mentioned above.

What is Going on, LeBron?

The Pacers game had gone into OT and there were only a few minutes left when LeBron lost his cool.

He would not say what the fans said to him, but he was seen pointing at them and eventually, the fans were made to leave…

After a basket was made in that same game, LeBron James went back on defense, grabbing his crotch as he ran down the court.

It was almost like something you would see in a cartoon…

For that little stunt, LeBron was hit with a massive $15,000 fine.

James has proven to be a glass house when it comes to facing criticism, yet he dishes it out all the time.

Not only that, but he also tries to ram his social justice stance down everyone’s throats.

After these latest incidents, perhaps LeBron will finally focus on basketball and keep his mouth shut about everything else.

Source: Daily Caller

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22 Responses

  1. Who in the hell watches the NBA anyway!? Cancel them and China…..problem solved! Get real!

    1. James is nothing more than a talented horrible excuse for a human. Maybe next time a 15 million dollar fine would shake him up!

  2. It’s the jab starting to take affect on him and changing him. This will happen to all who took the jab eventually.

    1. He’s just an ungrateful jerk! He thinks the world owes him because he was born black! Sorry but even in today’s social climate he’s just a loud mouthed jerks arhat needs a wake up call!

  3. Ever since the communist kapernick took a knee, I haven’t had anything to do with the nfl or the nba. As far as I am concerned, james can rot.

  4. The fine should have been fot the amount he recieves for a game i think that is $250.000.00 and a two game suspension. Refs are afraid of him or he would have gotten a technical foul for unsportmans like conduct. $15, 000.00 is a drope in the bucket.

  5. L James is a bad influence on young black boys.pushing racism in the country where everyone has a right to prosper and he mades millions playing with a ball.takes money from china which he supports slave labor making clothing he wears and endorses for fame and fortune. True racist and a hypocrite.he supports the corupt democrats because it fits his demeanor..

  6. TYPICAL, what more should anybody expect from a dam PRIMATE !!!! SEND HIS BLACK A$$ BACK TO AFRICA, WHERE HE BELONGS !!!! DAM IGNORANT JUNGLE BUNNY !!!! F**K JAMES !!!

  7. Here we go again with the CLOWN SHOW 🤡 What does he know about anything? Just play your STUPID GAME and keep your big mouth shut!!

    Admin: you block my post but I see posts that are much worse, NAZIS!!!

  8. Ask LBJ if he learned that behavior from the Families in Akron that helped him get through grade school and high school when his mom was unable snd unstable.! There was a wonderful white family that took him in, loved and supported him. Shame on you LBJ , you are the racist.

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